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6 Reasons for Hope in Trump Times


6 Reasons for Hope in Trump Times

Robert Reich

In these darkest of days, here’s what gives me hope:

First, Donald Trump has been a giant wake-up call that we can’t take democracy for granted. The young people of America get this. I’ve been teaching for 40 years and I don’t recall a generation as committed to social justice, reforming this country, and making it work for all and not just a few.

Look at those kids in Parkland, Florida. Or the millions more who are getting involved in their communities and in politics. They are America’s future, and they won’t give up.


Optimism is needed for activism. The internet has made it possible even for those with limited ability to participate in activism by getting in involved with call banking and texting from home and of course signing the endless petitions and emails to people in government. And it has also made it easy to find local rallies and marches to participate in. And even to host these type of activities. All of this should create a trend toward more democracy to counter the right’s move away from democracy. One reason for optimism is that polls suggest that people leaning left comprise about 55% of the population. So the numbers are there. It is a matter of turning those numbers into into meaningful actions such as activism and showing up to vote on election day.


I agree about the younger voters, there participation is very promising, but a central coordinator is badly needed to organize all of the different groups.
After watching the recent actions of Emily’s list, I have no faith in the women they are running. Everyone they have supported so far that I can see, has been a right leaning Dem. They’ve given even more support if their running against a progressive.


One of my reasons for hope is not mentioned by Reich, not surprisingly, and that is, some of those women winning elections are Socialists!–The fact that the younger generation does not react to “socialism” as a scare-tactic word, which the right has used for ages, gives hope that the discourse may begin to flow–Also I read Reich’s '92 work and nowhere in that book did the future Secretary of Labor mention–Labor!


Unfortunately, the system is rigged to be fragile. The banking oligarchy lets us win a few to keep the pot from boiling over, but it will still rule by propaganda and political bribery. Until the people rip the system away from its greedy hands, we will remain its slaves in a make believe democracy.


Each time hair trump opens his mouth I am beginning to cheer. The guy is more unhinged each day, shows his stupidity, lack of humanity, ethics, morality and empathy. His lies are boundless and endless. The same holds for the congressional Rpubs. I hope and believe that more young people will not only vote but get their peers to vote; that perhaps 6-10 republican Senators will finally vote for their children and the future of our nation and world and actually take action to rid this scourge called trump. The nation will return the House of Reps to Dem rule in 2018 and in 2020 not only run trump out of town but vanquish and destroy the R party and their paymasters (eliminate Koch, Adelson and billionaire dominance for good) and Dems and the people of America will be on a new path of healing, trust and transparency. We will force the Dems to do what’s best for our people and all of humanity and life. They must reject control by Wall St. and Corporates or they will then earn the same fate as trump and the r’s. Time for massive change to the low carbon clean energy economy and future. Life depends on this.


The “banking oligarchy” is the 8000 pound gorilla. But the MSM gives no more coverage to the banksters scams than it gives to Israel’s scams. A sketch of relevant banking history is in “War Profiteers and Israel’s Bank” at http://warprofiteerstory.blogspot.com


My sentiments more or less. Except so many Democrats are talking about the Russians. Scott Pruit, Steve Minuchin, that cracker Jeff Sessions and all the Goldman Sachs people in his administration are not Russian. Neither is the Australian reptile who bears the largest blame for foisting him on us and of course the Koch brothers. Democrats need to focus on domestic enemies instead of foreign scapegoating; a scam as old as politics itself and largely the product of the Hillary campaign. A scam she and friends are keeping alive to avoid admitting what a vile corrupt war criminal and influence peddler she is; and what a stupid campaign she ran.