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6 Reasons Not to Reboot the Cold War

6 Reasons Not to Reboot the Cold War

Miriam Pemberton

The Pentagon budget the Obama administration unveiled this week calls for quadrupling spending on efforts to counter Russia.

The money would move more troops, tanks, and artillery into position near the Russia border. This last Obama budget would also fund another installment in a $1 trillion and 30-year plan to “modernize” our nuclear arsenal with new land-based missiles, bombers, and submarines.

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Except for the last sentence point number one just isn’t true. It has been repeated over and over again until even intelligent and serious observers believe it but it just isn’t true.



Why on Earth would Putin want another cold war? This an invention. It a fiction advanced by people who simply unable to accept the fact that the USA IS the bad guy here.

There one overriding reason to restart the Cold war as far as the powers that run the USA are concerned.

It cancels out all of the reasons NOT to start one.

There is MONEY to be made and more wealth to be transferred from the many to the few with a new cold war.


There is only ONE genuine test of leadership today, and that is putting down arms–in the form of endless streams of weaponry (too much of it “tried out” on live populations) to join hands with the best and brightest thinkers in other nations to work out ways to offset climate chaos.

There are many prophecies of UTTER destruction. Sadly, an entire religious theology has been built up to JUSTIFY the destruction of the biosphere. It’s termed “End Times.” So rather than see in the withering weather patterns a positive call TO action, a sizable number of persons instead just wish to sit back and “observe this Reality TV show” and do nothing… content that it is God’s will rather than MAN kind’s folly.

Those of us who view life through the lens of spirituality and recognize the ongoing nature of soul development (via reincarnation), understand that each person–and this admonishment OF COURSE applies to those in empowered or leadership roles most–will have to answer for what he or she did, endorsed, believed in, and even worked to counter.

The folly (if it comes to that) that the sitting President of what had been the richest nation in the world would use that embarrassment of riches TO destroy at precisely the hour when working with other thinkers to SAVE the world is sounding, is so great a sin against humanity and nature as to go beyond what words can describe.

It is thundering lunacy added to crimes (already committed and now being premeditated) to build up yet more weapons when the state of the earth is already breaking down. THAT is the great threat… rather than trying to beat the old war drums.

Remember: the same maniacs who weren’t satisfied with the conclusion of WW II and went on to create an entire Deep State Labyrinth based upon the bogus Soviet threat may have died, but they certainly left their legacy and ideology essentially etched into policy… if not stone.

This M.A.D.ness must be stopped… or it will put a stop to all sentient life.


Because you are a deep thinker, I don’t usually point out your spelling errors (which are many). But I think this one HAS to be fixed. I realize it may be a typo. But why don’t posters read their own comments and edit out the mistakes?

BTW: I don’t think the money argument is solid any longer. If 68 families own half the world’s wealth, then when is enough, enough?

I think the reason for reenacting the Cold War contains bits of the following:

  1. Male machismo–as in seeing the world through a prism of supreme dominator and everyone else (including every other nation) a “loser.”

  2. Religious delusion: Those who believe that a War for End Times is part of a prophecy based on determining “the true god.” (Think of Eric Prince, General Boykin and the infusion of MANY Christian chaplains into the U.S. military)

  3. The elites’ decision to drastically reduce the world’s population. (While the maniacs appear to be playing with plagues–Ebola to Zita–war is the more efficient mass death delivery system if that is the ends their means seek to justify)

  4. Basic sadism. Some maniacs love war and as Chris Hedges once remarked, for this ilk, “War is the force that gives THEIR lives meaning.”

  5. The Military Industrial Complex has become an untethered beast. Since its only rationale (especially now when it’s aiming at more than half the existing U.S. budget) is terror to justify its own raison d’etre, it must spread terror to justify its own existence.

Truly, the MIC is THE CANCER that is attacking all sentient life and that delineation spans the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom, and human kingdom.

To those of us beginning to take this idea of DISCLOSURE seriously, as Dr. Steven Greer points out–why should the only point of contact between our space brothers and sisters and human beings BE the military? Do military upper echelon maniacal fools represent all that’s good or true about human beings? In their lust for gaining the most advanced weapon systems (like little boys showing off the latest toys with their peers) what would they sacrifice in the way of humanity’s safety?

There are lots of elderly pilots and military men who have lost their loved ones and now, with no threat to these individuals… they are coming forward. Roswell DID happen and the seizure of alien craft didn’t go to the U.S. military directly. It went to private entities like Raytheon.

These entities HAVE free energy and flight systems that don’t require fuel.

MUCH is not being revealed that would save the life of humanity.

Generally too hard to do on an iphone. Also too hard to see as you get only a wee bit of what you posted on the screen. Trying to pick that area on the screen where the typo made with a fingertip is a pain.

A lot of times I will go back and correct those errors later when i get access to a real computer. I happen to be back on one now.

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Well see with money comes power to those that have it and with lack of money among those that do not have it comes even more power for those that have it.

It simply entrenches that dominator model.

There are a number of banks and economists that are calling for the elimination of money in the form of paper currencies. They are suggesting that all such "currency’ be kept as entries on a computer screen. They claim this will prevent fraud and help lead to economic growth.

It in fact just another means by which those in power can exert CONTROL.

If anything you purchase in life must be done through technology then the peoples access to the same can be shut off and on at any time and every transaction made tracked for those Databases.

Negative interest rates are coming to many Countries. This allows banks and the Government to simply take money from your bank account in some sort of fee so as to ensure banks profitability. There a concern that this would lead to people withdrawing their deposits in the form of cash and storing it under their mattress. Eliminating paper currency would rid them of that risk.

Ultimately while they want ever more wealth , it is absolute and God like power they in fact seek, over all of us and as you well now, the national Security state also gives them the ammunition and the tools to monitor our each and every move. Resistance is not to be tolerated.


Reagan once boasted that we caused the Soviet Union’s collapse by their trying to keep up with the military costs of the cold war.

Putin is saying … that’s a great idea!!!

Who says, and in what way?

Yes but do look at how Governments are responding to bitcoin.

They will try to exert their authority over the same at the behest of the banker class who need to ensure they control all currencies. Right now they are aware of the existence of the same and will “tolerate” it but once it becomes a threat to the system all bets are off.


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"It’s what Putin wants. As the Russian economy squeezes the lives of Russian citizens ever tighter … "

… or its what an imaginary Putin created by endless demonisation in our propaganda would do and would want. And sadly, the author pushes the propaganda quite hard.

It very much reminds me of George W Bush’s "Why do they hate us? because “they hate our freedoms.”


To counter Russia? What on earth is Russia doing that requires countering?

The F-35ing madmen in the White House and Pentagon need shipping to another planet, preferably well beyond the Solar System.

USA, fix your own lead water pipes first! Maybe that’s the problem with the USA; chronic low level lead poisoning from lead water pipes leading to Caligula-style moments of grandeur. Certainly, the race for the job of POTUS has produced some seriously megalomaniac self-deluded types in what is a horse-race for the wealthy. The water in Vermont must be lead-free however.



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The Plutocrats have run out of people to fleece. Since Capitalism must always grow and the population has already gone to 2 incomes, debt from homes, credit cards,education and health insurance the only place to “grow” i.e. profit is military spending and the TPP.
Wouldn’t it be nice if the war profiteers focused on rebuilding America. There is profit in that PLUS Americans would be working, saving and best of all spending.
We just need to get these interest groups like fossil fuel and defense focusing on another profitable venture that helps ALL of us.


I was about to post a similar comment. Money represents power. It is like an addiction to some of these people - they can never have enough to satisfy them.


Why indeed? Sad to see such a strange offensive statement, when we can all see that Russia has diplomatic skills, leaders and diplomats who are thoughtful, well versed in the facts, and try to avoid conflict and offensive behavior, completely unlike the USA.


In 1962 when the Soviet Union sent a missile to Cuba the United States went bonkers. Yet we take it as a given that we are entitled to ring Russia with NATO bases. What hypocrisy!!


Unfortunately leadership of the Empire acts exactly as if it had bo$$e$ to obey to, the ones contributing the most to the election of the leadership for their own good, greed and unsatisfiable love for money and accompanying power. Uncontrolled/uncontrollable capitalism is to be blamed, especially since the ones using it excessively, dangerously, for their own good only are now classified as psychopaths and/or sociopaths. Who, in his or her right mind, should accept to follow any agenda by any psycho/sociopath that would destroy democracy, and possibly the whole humankind, and all living organisms, plants, animals on this only planet. The most surprising if not unbelievable notion in the psycho/sociopaths’ very agressive/dangerous behaviour is that they seem to believe that they will survive their triggered WWIII. Big stupid mistake if they believe this notion, as their most sophisticated and expensive underground bunkers will only give them a few weeks, maybe months, more to live compared to the world population, as deadly nuclear radiation can last for thousands of years…