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6 Reasons Why HUD Deserves a Leader Who Is Actually Qualified for the Job


6 Reasons Why HUD Deserves a Leader Who Is Actually Qualified for the Job

Michela Zonta, Sarah Edelman

Earlier this month, when rumors of erstwhile presidential candidate Ben Carson’s role in a future Trump administration started flying, Carson made it clear that he wasn’t interested in an agency appointment. In the words of his business manager, “Dr. Carson feels he has no government experience, he’s never run a federal agency. The last thing he would want to do was take a position that could cripple the presidency.”

A lot can change in a month.


But, he did talk with a poor person once, so that does make him qualified to run the government agency.


This appointment, like Trump's others, is no mistake. To "drown government in the bathtub" and gift the uber-wealthy even more wealth and power over peoples lives than they've already stolen from society around the globe, is Trumps MO and often stated goal (and goal of those who influence him - "it's no trick to feed fish to a seal").
Trumps stated goals are to reduce many taxes for the wealthy and corporations, regardless his "populist" blather and lies. Inheritance taxes, now with an exclusion over $5.4 million, would be eliminated entirely creating more and wealthier dynasties of greed; corporate tax rate, now 35% reduced drastically giving more power to dominate government protections for the vulnerable and environment; an income rate now just under 40% for the top rate further reduced - Trump & Co wants to reduce or eliminate all "burdens" on the 1%, making wealth inequality in America even more extreme, especially for the poor and fast-vanishing middle classes.

For every dollar the uber-wealthy and corporations evade, a dollar will come out of the pockets of the most vulnerable & 99% in one way or another! Such is the goal of the likes of the Trumps of the world - a pathology of greed and self-interest at the expense of everything and everyone else! The people of the world maintained under Vulture Capitalism (and "democracy" - the most easily manipulated/controlled system) as wage and interest slaves for those who control vast wealth living lives of obscene wealth & ease, while most struggle just to survive, like parasites on societies!

Ben Carson, like Trump himself, is a cog in the wheel of the domination, and corrupt future direction, of our world by great wealth, "growth" and profits above all else - even our Mother Earth's ability to exist!


I'm wondering if they are advertising Trump water fortified with estrogen and sundry chemicals.


I was always told not to drink the water when visiting third world nations. Today I tell people not to drink the water in the US. Trump eliminating corporate taxes won't help that situation.


I thought it was because he stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night.


All of Trump's decisions will make sense if you assume that it is always going to be about the money for him. He is becoming president in order to make more money, to become the world's first trillionaire.

Trump is shrewd and putting the clueless Dr. Carson in charge of HUD makes perfect sense if he is planning to use the agency to funnel billions into the pockets of his family and friends. The agency has always been a good source of patronage in construction, and will be even more lucrative now. And when a fall guy is needed later on, Carson will ideal. The same applies to Chao, the wife of McConnell, who will handle the diversion of funds marked for transportation. Being Chinese will make her an easy patsy when the time comes, and will drag down McConnell when he forgets his place.


I'm afraid you may be correct in the particulars. It seems the one thing DJT knows about being President is the outdated notion that the federal bureaucracy is mostly a place to hand out patronage. And the big lesson he learned from the slum-lord business he inherited from his father was to price yourself out of that market. He doesn't want to go back there, so he's fine with wrecking HUD. The Carson nomination may also be a whipping-boy to distract the Senate from the Chaos and Mattises.

The real, one and only reason why Carson is so wrong for HUD, however, is that the American people deserve a government that works for all of us. Whether or not we have ever lived in a housing project, we all rely on this department to serve our fellow citizens in ways we cannot. And to nominate a man of such arrogance, and such ignorance of how any federal department runs, is just insulting.

To @Emphyrio's unusually cogent argument, I would only observe that it's not about "wealth" inequality or "income" inequality, but about the difference between lives focused on their wealth and those who must focus on income.


I live in HUD subsidized housing. I pay 30% of my income for rent. The rest is handled via a complicated state/fed formula. i couldn't live much of anywhere on what I get from SS and have some but not enough savings to maybe keep my car running and get xmas and birthday presents for my grandchildren. His antipathy to help will be a disaster for many young and old.