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6 Ways Government Is Going After Environmental Activists


6 Ways Government Is Going After Environmental Activists

Jenna Bitar

Thanks in large part to the indigenous-led mass mobilization at Standing Rock, there has been a major shift in public awareness and celebrity support for environmental activism. In turn, the government has gone to new lengths to suppress and criminalize this brand of activism.


FFS government, just cut to the chase, call them insurgents, and send in your drones.


The Constitution is only on our side if a judge rules that it is. There is little to stop a judge from ruling in favor of the corporations that fund their campaigns, even if the ruling is in obvious contradiction to the Bill of Rights. Warrantless wiretapping? Asset forfeiture? The bill that allows a president to have any American, anywhere in the world, seized and held forever without charges, just by alleging (to whom, I wonder) that they may be connected to terrorism…these are all quite obviously direct assaults on the Constitution, yet they go on. But SOME judges will not go along with this sort of thing, and the courts are still our best bastion, the place where the last little residue of democracy inheres–the ruling of the SCOTUS ensure that only a tiny minority of our elected officials will put their constituents’ interests before those of their funders, which means the legislative and executive branches are lost ot us. No, a big Democrat sweep in November won’t help significantly–this all started well before Trump’s election. Unfortunately, our survival–given the environmental assaults blind corporate machines demand–requires a revolution, Nothing less will get us to where we actually HAVE Constitutional rights.


In many countries environmental activist are getting killed but things haven’t gotten that bad in the US yet. Clearly more aggressive type of environmental actions put people at risk. Probably the vast amount of environmental activists are not putting themselves in any kind of jeopardy but some are and this is a concern. In many states there is a lot of opposition to environmentalists and this gives the state government a free hand to pass onerous laws. Environmentalists need to fight to get rid of laws that cross the line such as labeling actions as terrorism when there is no intent to terrorize. With Trump as president and Sessions as attorney general environmentalists activists have must assess the situation carefully and make difficult decisions about what actions to take and what actions to avoid.


If you’re gonna use the tactics of domestic terrorists like Bundy or the white supremacists, you’re terrorists just like they are. You don’t get a mulligan because you’re on the left or you’re really really certain it’s OK because you’re for ‘justice’.

Some of the things on this list, like 1st amendment violating speech or investigative restrictions are indeed wrong. But labeling violence and destruction fpr a cause as part of domestic terrorism is entirely legit, and applies to anyone regardless of politics who uses or espouses those methods.