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6 Years of Citizens United


6 Years of Citizens United

Zephyr Teachout

Six years ago today, the Supreme Court issued its ruling in Citizens United vs. FEC. It is not a happy anniversary. I remember waiting for the ruling and opening it up on my computer: when I finally read it, I didn't want to believe that the Court had gone as far as it had and been so careless with our democracy.


Prof. Teachout fights for our constitution and for our democracy. Others fight for the many other issues we all fight for. So far the established status quo in Washington hasn't responded nor intends to if they can avoid doing so. Democracy has become somewhat unpopular these days in the corridors of power and the boardrooms of power. She deserves our thanks.

That said, she also deserves to see Bernie Sanders get elected. We all do. Progressives do anyway. People who believe in democracy and not in the encroaching autocracy of corporate power do. People who are fighting for all the progressive freedom loving democracy loving and humanity and environment loving issues do as well. A Sanders presidency will allow Prof. Teachout's voice to be heard where it isn't being heard right now. A Sanders presidency would allow numerous progressive voices to be heard. America wants to hear them but as yet the game (s) is rigged. It almost seems like it is very nearly too late. It has been a very long time since someone in Washington would even want to hear people like Prof. Teachout nor the many other progressive voices that are being smothered by the political/corporate status quo. It would be a major change to have someone in Washington who wants to hear what the people have to say.

Go Bernie... For all of us.


The whole "legal system" makes democracy impossible, as judges are chosen for partisan reasons, even the Supreme court, and that makes the judgments often completely biased or even based on prejudices or financial incentives. The present SCOTUS group, with the RATS/Kennedy extremists, makes a mockery of legality in may circumstances, and lower courts are often similar.


Did you read Chris Hedges' scathing account of the percentage of cases pleaded out which force innocent people to serve time mostly on threat that if they take their matter to trial and lose, they'll serve yet more time? The entire system has become a fraud, and a big reason for that outcome was the War on Drugs.

By pushing thousands of people into the Criminal Justice system, judges, time slots, and public defenders were absolutely overwhelmed.

The inevitable prison time pushed onto so many persons allowed private firms with lobbying muscle in Washington, D.C. to push through more and more prison building.

This idea of creating a problem to feign a solution... is the basis for the growth of a domestic inmate population and it also explains how the ruse of a war on terrorism created the pretext for an enormously militarized and muscular covert police state.


We agree but then when I get my own country, I intend to do things differently! Lol

Maybe the truth is that no system is perfect but ours which was never perfect to begin with has become way too corrupted. Our Supreme Court dispenses cynicism rather than justice.

My hope is that when Bernie becomes president that he will appoint some great justices to the SC and bring some balance and legal talent to our deficient Supreme Court.