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60,000-Strong Fridays for Future Protest in Hamburg, Germany Prompts Question: 'Where Are You, USA?'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/21/60000-strong-fridays-future-protest-hamburg-germany-prompts-question-where-are-you


What will it take? My humble opinion is that USAmericans have not yet suffered enough. When Katrina hit New Orleans, when Sandy soaked New York’s subways, I thought USAmericans might start to get a clue – to the point of street demos and plans to put government under the control of humans. It freaks me out that there’s this terrible vaping threat to white children M$MBS keeps touting, when nicotine addiction – I hate to say it out loud – is the very least our children have to worry about.

What will it take for USAmericans to truly care for their children, rather than playing out such elaborate pretenses? Is it possible some parents only think they love their own kids, that selfishness blocks their intentional love from realization? I’ve asked why that hamburger, or that European vacation, is more important to you than your kids, and people just can’t take questions like that seriously.


where is america? kept insensate from working 2-3 jobs in the belly of the beast…

hence why all our political organizing and social unrest is largely kept in digit spaces…

we’re all too exhausted, and kept that way purposefully, to engage in the same sorts of movements you see elsewhere.


The saddest thing is that most conservatives in Germany are as left as Bernie Sanders on most issues…climate change, healthcare, labor. But Bernie Sanders is an existential threat to the U.S., right? Okay. The world keeps moving on…Europe, Japan, South Korea, Australia, while we in the U.S. are stuck while believing we are still God’s gift to this earth. SMH.


#Strikewithus April 22-24–Everybody!


They ask: “What is it going to take for the U.S. to rise up like this?” We answer: “Sending His Malignancy The Mad King packing.”


That’s not it. We haven’t been out like THIS since the Civil Rights movement and the Vietnam Protests.


It won’t happen until we’ve hit bottom.
I guess we haven’t - yet.

besides, it’s cold out /s


I remember a history professor years ago describing how massive uprising doesn’t really take place, as people tend to think, during severe oppression, but rather during times of heightened expectations. So perhaps this is asymptomatic of just how poorly the U.S. is doing in relation to all these issues Bernie has taken on, and with respect to the total dysfunction of our government and elections. The American People are so utterly repressed and that controlled and put down.

He pointed, among other examples, to the Vietnam era of protests which was a time many Americans were doing better economically, although there was the draft and the harder realities of war being shown on TV, which they now hide.

Think there’s some truth to what he was saying, including when you consider the weakening of unions in the U.S. compared to Europe. Something Bernie is trying to strengthen.

Also, the Montreal student organizers, when talking about the difference between the U.S.and Canada pointed to their student unions which they said are much more political. And notice, too, their student debt load is not as bad as the U.S. but they were out very militantly in the streets in massive numbers, also suggesting the role of greater expectation. As I recall, they won their demands or most of them.


Add to that mix the utter failure of the M$M to mention protests or the overwhelming evidence of regional climate changes, the idiot who kissed ass for “the Presidential Medal of Freedom” on conservative radio, our failing educational system and the “we just don’t care crowd”. Where’s Amerika? It’s a rudderless piece of hubris sinking in a sea of toxic swamp water.


Yes, it looks like we “ USAmericans have not yet suffered enough”.

But the other extreme limiting factor to big demonstrations is the closing of the ‘resistandprotest’ data base which used to provide a very easy to use, National, state, “Issues”, and dates data base for political demonstrations protests etc. and was very useful for building protest marches,

The ‘resistandprotest’ data base died or was sabotaged at the end of 2018.

Does anyone know if a good demonstration/ protest data base has replaced ‘resistandprotest’ ?.???


Quote, “For almost one and half years young people have been striking from school all over the world,” she said.
“The world is failing on ensuring us a future. And I honestly don’t understand how the people in power can continue like now. How they can look their children in the eyes while they are stealing their future?” she asked.
“We are facing an existential crisis,” said Thunberg, “but we must keep on pushing.” Unquote,
So, in her own words, “for one and half years now”, and what has it achieved ??? Besides our youth becoming more and more paranoid and fearfull of their future ?


Think about how many decades were spent building this state of pollution of our air, water and soil where we breathe, eat and drink?

Then read some history and consider how long it will take to reverse the for profit world that cares nothing about about the citizens or the earth.

Consider how slow and difficult change is made.

Take action to assist your community instead of watching TV


It looks like the problem is the worship of the God that other human beings told you to worship,(for propaganda purposes) rather that the living God that is at the core of life itself.


I am becoming more and more convinced that the most important… the most essential thing is the media serving as the arm of the oligarchy but not as the voice of the people. The media may interview some people but they pick and choose who gets to say what. The ‘man on the street’ type of random interview has become too risky these days. The media of oligarchy does not want certain views to get on TV so live random interviews are way too risky. We all decry the silent treatment Bernie and Liz are getting but we seemingly have grown used to that type of thing as if it is normal. But we should be outraged. Opponents of Bernie and Liz should be outraged along with their supporters. Our media is no longer reporting as much as they are manipulating opinions. For so long, our media remained silent on climate change. The result was that for many Americans, climate change doesn’t exist. Right now the media keeps telling us that most Americans don’t want a socialist (not even a democratic socialist) yet polls don’t show that. If Bernie was acceptable to the oligarchy then his lead would be described as unstoppable, growing in strength and supported by all walks of the public…all of which are actually true.

The media is America’s voice but our media has nothing to say. Our media should be thought of as an occupying force that tells us what it wants us to think by telling us that that is what we are already thinking even when most of us don’t think that way. It is a very powerful but subtle form of manipulation and… of control.

Leave out what you don’t want people to talk about as much as possible and present things you want people to believe as if it was already accepted as a fact. It works… doesn’t it?


Thank you, Reberto, for speaking truth. In my own moral epistemology I find that God person a source of so many difficulties, I prefer a Buddhist path – either out of intellectual rigor or laziness, I’m not sure which.

Arne Naess’ vision of deep ecology – the core principle – is that Life on Earth is intrinsically valuable – to itself. That to filter all judgements through what we think is good for only humans is to continually injure ourselves with reductionistic moral blinders. That is deep indeed.

After Naess, shallow thinkers hijacked the movement going by that name, when Bill Devall (a prominent compiler) advocated closing borders to human migration. On a whole Earth, where no physical or biological entities respect artificial borders, how did national boundaries come to be regarded as deep? It’s inexcusable that Trump’s xenophobia has weird allies in some deep ecologists.


But such control is so easily escaped: Just turn off the goddam agitprop machine. We’re left with the question why people don’t have enough self-respect to resist manipulation. The Sanders groundswell is exactly that, for many. Seeds of resistance are out there. How to water them?

I think we’re too hurried and tweetified. With so many crazy ideas floating around, my sanity strategy has been investigating the history of important ideas, Good ideas like woman suffrage and the abolition of slavery, bad ideas like white supremacy and eternal growth, and just plain thorny ideas like the nature of truth (and whether Truth should be capitalized). I wouldn’t expect to get much help with any of this from “the media” – that’s where the idea (I think it’s a good idea) of sitting down to read a book comes in.

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I think saying turn it off is absurd. I chose to not have a tv (I had one but I never turned it on for several years). Nevertheless I listened to the radio. NPR shows were on for several hours every day. I went online and read two or three newspapers everyday. The manipulation by our media is incessant and for most people, the idea of not turning on TV is not realistic.

Americans have the world’s most sophisticated media. We do. We also get conditioned by it. Our TV’s get us to buy things. Whether it is the constant barrage of fast food commercials or some talking head telling us that we feel a certain way based on polls, we get conditioned.

We also get conditioned not to think about the radically changing climate. We also get conditioned to accept the corrupted form of government in Washington. as if that were normal. Trump’s acquittal with no witness testimony etc. we get told that the Repubs could do that. We get told that one man Mitch McConnell can decide what he wants to happen as if he were the law. Our media told us and we believe whatever it says and disbelieve whatever it doesn’t say.


Agreed completely and have since GWB thought the media needed broken up. It is a travesty that six conglomerates/corporations own most of the sources of our news or at least national news on TV and cable.

They only represents the interests of themselves and their cronies. Stopped donating to NPR in early 2000’s as it became corporate stooges. Very Sad.

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There has been a big change in NPR since those days. It is very much corporatized rather than public. Politically corporate but culturally public radio.