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60+ Groups Demand Senate Pass Sanders Amendment to Slash 'Out of Control' Pentagon Budget by $74 Billion

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/30/60-groups-demand-senate-pass-sanders-amendment-slash-out-control-pentagon-budget-74


I think the use of the word “Slash” in the headline is a serious mistake. It is important for social justice progressives to demand more and be consistent. Cutting the Pentagon budget by 25% would be a significant cut, and by 33% would be a more of a “slash.” Lee’s house proposal of 50%, now that’s talking “slash.” A 10% trim is a start, and being so small and modest, it’s defeat will reveal the bipartisan devotion to the militarized war-state of most Senators (and help identify those Senators decent enough to vote for such a small reduction).


Another aspect of this weaponization is that transnational-scale capitalism is itself a predatory weapon that permeates ALL ASPECTS OF LIFE with its buying of “representation”, seeding of violence and distortion of human/natural balances to fit its delusional constructs. The latter is VERY important to recognize. It is NOT a “system” as we witness throughout history. It is a PARASITE on functional systems leaving only the remnants necessary for its knuckle dragging jaw flapping menaces to be dragged forward.

Look at “advertising” and the ‘statistics’ now permeating societal governance systems. They are shredded by these claws of manipulation. The construct has become ultimately utterly dependent on its capacity to ‘disappear’ entire aspects of life. The Chicago school saw to that. Milton Friedman and their ilk should be burned effigy or held up as the late-stage culprits refining the ‘externalization’ (don’t think about an elephant) of all reality except extraction.

Prime examples are mining operations, say, palm oil plantations, eucalyptus plantations for f!!%% paper that have decimated water tables when they could have developed recycling operations for their resources. These are insensate vampires - the original models for 20th century monster culture in “entertainment” which fast became “infotainment” which fast got bought by what? Taadaa… the corporations that hold the financial strings to the “banks” in today’s cesspool passing itself off as an “economy”. You cannot make this $hit up.

Look at institutionalized education and the legacy of the person appointed to lead: the daughter of the parasitic pyramid schme that robbed millions for tripe : Devos. The method with which her ilk made their fortunes? A painfully simple methodology illustrated by the mathematical technique known as the Sierpinski triangle. Watch it motion here:


I called both my senators on this one. As usual, Barbara Lee is on it.

The Pentagon is long overdue for relying on just a bake sale.

And their presence indicative of a species and a civilization unskilled in the fine art of diplomacy. State sanctioned murder an indicator of an inability to rise to higher levels of mental, emotional and spiritual functioning.


The pentagon cannot account for its trillions of dollars in taxpayers money, by that standard any other government office would lose its funding.


Everyone wants to cut military spending.
As long as it shuts down military spending in someone else’s district.

So the MIC does the smart thing: They put their “jobs programs” in every district, and every county.

My state is no exception, and I highly doubt that Senator Gary Peters (D-MI (centrist as hell)), locked in an election race against a military man, is going to vote to cut jobs in this economic environment – the MIC has him, and us, by the balls:



mytwords, my advice to you based on your name would be to use the mytword EMPIRE instead of the vague, gutless, and nothingberger words, “militarist war-state”.


In the Slick Willie era/error, this dumb and toothless comment was common propagandist BS:

“It’s the economy, stupid”

But now, when we know what is effin us the only essential and effective invective is:

“It’s the EMPIRE, stupids.”

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What happened to the 21 trillion the Pentagon lost? 21 Trillion in ten years. Gone! The Pentagon was audited this year and failed!

The Blues
We get black and blue
Old hips
And the whip!

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The Pentagon. Our giant sucking sound of tax dollars disappearing before our eyes.

Other large totalitarian countries show off their smaller millitaries, we seem to hide ours somewhat.

So, the flailing and failing Empire can’t even enforce social distancing on beach bunnies and beachcombers. Or, induce them by $25.00 mail-in fines, to wear a $1.00 mask in public. But, it wants to pass a budget giving a bunch of medal- bedazzled fumble-fxcks $741 Billion dollars in 2021. You can’t make this crap up!
No wonder they want people to stay home, have GrubHub deliver and eat beaucoup bags of chips and Cheetos. That way the newest crop of couch potates can get their heads filled, by MSM propaganda, with more junk food about ( possible/maybe/no proof ) Russian bounties on U. S. troops in Afghanistan.
It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so damn deadly serious. And, so damn irresponsible and deadly for 50 million citizens or so, too.
A $74 Billion ask should really be about a $125 Billion demand for 2021. That’s actually a # some, not entirely insane, military budget analysts think is the right target ( about $615-618 Billion dollars ).
Neither Ol’Joe Biden ( My Time ) or Dumpster Divin’ Donnie can pour piss out of a boot without a registered CNA’s assist. They’re just not up to the task of saying, " No way, that’s a dead on arrival budget request. Here’s my #s, instead. "
Against these two nincompoops you’d think we poor voters would be offered another choice in this free-market ( ha, ha, ha ) but highly politicalized economy. You’d be wrong, and might possibly be, dead wrong.

Americans like most of Bernie’s ideas, but let’s elect Biden. Hmmm …


This move is long overdue. Next year should have a further 10% reduction and so on until sanity returns to Congress (will that ever happen?).

The security state has to be dismantled for the Pentagon to be recreated and they work for the bankers and their Fed Reserve. Many have tried and many have died, including kennedy trying to destroy the Fed and break America from the grip of European bankers. Lincoln also assassinated before the Fed created in 1913. The Pentagon is just a tool in their shed because they make our money. They control 80 percent of all economic income on Earth.
The CIA works for bankers who harvest poppies. They do not destroy them. The CIA trained the Taliban to kill Russians, who morphed into al Quaeda or ISIS or your Muslim extremist flavor of the day. It is a New World Order of betrayal but the fist step back to some sanity is to defeat Trump then the Citibank DNC. The European bankers always invested in American failure because they didn’t want our financial empire to better their own so they control our money and control us, the Fed. They divide and conquer America, they all want us divided to fight while they rob the planet. Have a nice fourth and remember the soldiers sent to die by the Pentagon in our name. peace.

Start with the !ost military money on pa!!ets !eft in Iraq return that first-----then cut the 4 bi!!ion to Israe!, Raise corporate taxes to match whatever the overpaid CEOs are getting and cut at !east 25% from the mi!itary every year unti! the amount reaches a sane eve!—and STOP giving away your over!ow military equipment to po!ice departments. Cut the pay of the guys with a!! the meda!s on their chests—and increase the soldiers pay-----and then with that saved money—put it into Medicare For A!! and the GREEN New Dea!----Then maybe America can craw! out of the stupidity pit that it’s been !iving in since President Reagan. : )