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'60 Minutes' Pushes National Security Propaganda To Cast Snowden, Manning As Traitors


'60 Minutes' Pushes National Security Propaganda To Cast Snowden, Manning As Traitors

Kevin Gosztola

The television program, “60 Minutes,” aired a segment on Sunday in which it assassinated the character of Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden, and even went so far as to question their loyalty to America. The two whistleblowers were compared to the Washington Navy Yard shooter, who killed twelve people.


Thankfully, kids don't watch that shit.


► This is the second time 60 Minutes has ripped Snowden for some free news from NSA


That ends any respect I had for '60 Minutes' Too bad Obum has made whistle blowers law breakers destined for prison. America has really gone down the tubes with the so called presidents we've had the misfortune of having in the W.H. over the last decades. Congress certainly hasn't helped. Vote Bernie 2016.


The "libelous media" would be the apt epithet in this instance


I was horrified at the tone and attitude of 60 Minutes. What happened to a respected news summary to end the weekend? Now a trashy rhetorical screed with little credibility...makes the commercials look good, though! Just let them know I won;t be watching!


Read an old Upton Sinclair book titled "The Brass Tack." It is about his struggle with the press of the early 20th century after he published his book "The Jungle". A story about the Chicago meat trust and how they were forcing tainted and rancid meat on the American consumer simply for profit. Sound familiar? In "The Brass Tack" Sinclair documents his fight against what we call the MSM. The press then was bought and sold just as it is today. And he got no further with the fight then as we are now.


One can easily imagine "60 Minutes" in 1954 interviewing Joe McCarthy to spread rumors and fears of widespread Communist influence in the corridors of government, in Hollywood, in academia, destroying thousands of careers and lives. Scott Pelley and his producer lack either intelligence or integrity (or both).


Actually Sinclairs' book (The Jungle) was written to expose the treatment of low paid immigrants in Chicago. The "rancid meat" side story is the one that took off, much to the dismay of Sinclair.


'60 Minutes' is actually an excellent example of how propaganda is framed to make it look like an unbiased expose of a particular incident. In this case, the sponsors of "60 minutes" simply instructed the show to paint Snowden and Manning as traitors and threats to national security. No discussion of 'why' these two brave individuals did what they did. Instead everything was framed in such a way as to redirect the publics attention to the 'grave security threat' posed by fictitious infiltrators rather than actually exposing the government's cover up of crimes against humanity.
You can guarantee that Peter King despises 'Common Dreams' as well. If CD had a higher readership, the government at the urging of corporate America would shut the site down claiming that the site somehow contributes to terrorism. The unfortunate part is that most Americans who watch '60 Minutes', treat the show as sacrosanct and accurate. Lets be thankful that '60 Minutes' hasn't been instructed yet to do a show on 'Common Dreams'!


Let's face it...conventional thinkers just don't get it. Their world is black and white, good versus bad--and they get to define which is which. So they repeat and repeat the same old garbage, never realizing they sound like broken records spewing out dated propaganda.


Mainstream media is "embedded" in the National Security State. Nothing but propaganda and yes, Capitalism destroys everything.


Thank God someone is willing to stand up and protect our war criminals from exposure.

All of Snowden's and Manning's revelations have been a PR nightmare.

Nobody wants to know how the sausage is made, we just want our tasty consumer goods on our plates. We don't want to know how many got ground up to get them to us.

Right on 60 minutes! Keep keeping America strong and uninformed! Ignorance IS bliss!


Sadly, this crony journalism is vilified by the right for not being even more biased. Think, people. Think for yourselves, the last thing they want you to do.


Am I the only one noticing the timing here? Currently, on the cusp of forcing treaties into law that completely violate citizens' rights to petition their own govt., see laws redressed, and protect basic security (safe food, safe environment, safe water, etc.) ... those who KNOW what's going on (Manning, Snowden) and DARE to share it are being heavily demonized.

Why now?

Why push this agenda now?

A sicko like Paul Ryan is going to begin the process of destroying what's left of the so-called Safety Net. TPP and TIPP grant Monsanto control over our food supply. Wars continue on ransacking the public's treasury and spreading bad karma. And amid all this corruption, 60 Minutes places those exposing corruption onto the public gallows?

There is NO question that the mass media is part of the military-media-industrial complex at this time.

There truly ARE natural-born authoritarians. Since following orders and seeking the approval of father figures is natural to them, they want to codify this behavior and impose it onto everyone else. They are suspicious of any real freedoms, spontaneity, creativity, or anything that isn't already stamped with the approval of those same father figures.

A nation under rule by these automatons is a Dead Zone in every possible way.

These people are society's most dangerous and they have a LOT of control at this time.

Their response to Truth (and brave truth tellers) is akin to a vampire slithering away at any threat of exposure to Light.


60 minutes of fascist, imperialist propaganda; the evil empire is vile, and evil to the core!


I am very disturbed of the stance of 60 minutes -- very very unfair to these folks like Manning and Snowden. We need to be vigilant of the work and producers of 60 minutes --


60 minutes program has joined most all the other, "gatepkeeper" programs to shield the power of the American government and who it claims to be it's "enemies". They are a disgrace.
Couple weeks ago Frontline had a program moderated by one of the seemingly "good guys" over the years; about the Syrian mess.
Consistently throughout the program he referred to the Assad government as, "....the regime".......casting for the uninitiated a picture of the Assad government as "illegitimate"....
This is how the major media works....they are the gatekeepers for the information given to the public......if they don't toe the line.....someone eats the dust.
KGO in San Francisco had one of the most outspoken night time hosts of all time; for more than 30 years....during the GW Bush administration he was very vocal on the illegal machinations of the wars.....GW perpetrated....and eventually he was given the boot......
Keith Olberman, a sports announcer for many years had a recent program, "Countdown" on major TV.....he got too hot and close to the political BS in Washington and both GW Bush and Obama machinations....and lots of other, "yellow journalism"....he got the boot......
Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman many years ago published a book and made a documentary:
"The Manufacturing of Consent"....look it up...it's still available......
Goes way back to the initial big push in WW1 (yes, ww1) to propagandize the public against the, "Hun".......
Who controls the press in a democracy controls the people........


I'd like to hear what the stance of the man of integrity in all other topics so far, BERNIE SANDERS, thinks about this hatchet job in two fine American patriots, Snowden, and Manning, and the general all out murder of THE TRUTH. I can remember when I wouldn't miss an episode of 60 Minutes, w/Mike Wallace, Morley Safer, Ed Bradley, and other TRUE INVESTIGATIVE journalists. I wouldn't waste my time anymore; besides, if I want "fiction," I can watch PBS on another channel.
I'd bet a fine sum what Shillary has to say about this: she probably defends the entire falsity of the piece.
I'd also very much like to get a petition going to free Chelsea Manning and to exonerate Snowden from the "he's guilty" lies that Obama stated re Snowden.
Lissen up, fine folks, we have GOT to get BERNIE SANDERS elected to the Presidency. He's not a bought-and-paid-for creepy politician, which, I am sorry to say, is what Obama has turned out to be.


Well friends, that hatchet job on Snowden and Manning is the fascists and their propaganda dinosaur, press protecting their own.

How Orwellian can you get? When two heroes put their lives on the line to protect the American people and they are demonized as TRAITORS and an enemy of the people!


The MSM and programs like 60 minutes are designed to push the narrative of lies, half truths, and arcane obfuscation to keep the American public brainwashed and dummy downed. The new iron curtain is the MSM.