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60 Minutes Stands With Secret Keepers Against Those Who Expose Them


60 Minutes Stands With Secret Keepers Against Those Who Expose Them

Jim Naureckas

The lead of Scott Pelley’s 60 Minutes report (11/8/15) on security clearances said it all:

The fugitive Edward Snowden, convicted spy Chelsea Manning and mass murderer Aaron Alexis all had one thing in common, US government security clearances which they turned into weapons.


This is J. Edgar Hoover's dream come true. Edward Murrow must be turning over in his grave.

According to studies where subjects were asked to administer (what they took for) electric shocks to individuals who produced wrong answers, even when the amperage went to dangerous levels, many continued to administer these shocks. (Studies were done by Stanley Milgram.)

Researchers deduced that many people will follow orders even when those orders produce discernible harm or pain to other persons.

The curious mind probes further. Why is this so?

My answer is patriarchy and its worship of the all-knowing father figure.

From the time a child is born (presuming they are born into a typical 2-parent family... which is no longer the norm), they will see the mother generally succumbing to the father and in Conservative households, the father's word taken for law. Obedience is deeply conditioned as a result.

In schools, usually a male principal wields authority over mostly female teachers.

In the military, commands move on down the line from the macho decorated war hero commander to the boys positioned there both for economic necessity AND to prove their manhood (within a society quite conditioned to militarism, itself, or what I brand as "Mars rules.")

In the business/job world, this same pattern of (male) authority calling the shots is pervasive.

When so much centers on following leaders, and this protocol is even more pronounced within patriarchal houses of worship, most people will demonstrate how well they have been conditioned to following authority.

Thus this is less a problem of human nature as much as it is a problem of human conditioning.

I find it mortifying that these so-called journalists are so blatantly exposing their inner J. Edgar Hoovers... and that they would hold up the skull of those who have more bravery, courage, and respect for the ideals this nation was founded upon in their fists, than these automatons have in their entire souls.

But here's the thing: We ARE in a time of lock-down. If the permitting of torture, the false case for aggressive wars, the likely false flag, and the muscular force of the surveillance state don't convince people that this is indeed the case, they are delusional.

Thus it makes sense that anyone with a seat in media or a prized column in a major newspaper is going to show their fealty to today's Fourth Reich. These maniacs WANT a New World Order based on absolute centralized control and by making laws that eviscerate the sovereignty of nations (TPP and TIPP), they are advancing that aim.

Already a handful of bankers control U.S. funds; and a handful of pharmaceutical companies control medicine; and a handful of broadcast companies own and control media, and a handful of agricultural entities control far too much of the nation's food supply.

That is the protocol.

In times like this when one watches those who have the witness of history as their guide still repeat the most damning of human acts... it's good to believe in Universal Justice, i.e. the law of karma. Everyone will have to answer for their acts in accord with that Universal Law.

Snowden, Assange, Manning, Drake, Kiriakou... and others are on the side of the angels. Their Light is a blessing to a world shrouded in the darkness of dark powers who take themselves for omnipotent. They are not. The foundations upon which their temples to themselves were built are crumbling. Earth Mother is active in this great dissolution.

Watch for falling debris.


US security clearances which they turned into weapons?

Well, if one takes the above quote out of context, it makes some sense because Snowden and Manning used their security clearances as weapons to protect the people of the US. But to equate the mass murderer Aaron Alexis to two heroes and to paint Snowden and Manning with the same brush as a mass murderer, by Scott Pelly, reeks of yellow journalism and corporate propaganda to brainwash the masses. But that is nothing new! The MSM is full of highly paid sycophants like Scott Kelley, Bill O' Reilly ad nauseum. .


When I read this piece waves of nausea overcame me!
I used to work in the news department of a CBS affiliate back in the mid-1970's, when news still meant something and journalism was a proud and independent profession--where we reporters still stood up to management and the sales department. This was the network of Murrow, Cronkite, and Rather. For nostalgia's sake, I tune in to CBS for a quick headline and to observe what passes for "current events," usually to the exclusion of the other networks. No more!
Mr. Pelley, you have committed an unpardonable sin not only against the watch-dog principles of the fourth estate, but to the oath of public service your network took when it was granted its FCC license, not to mention wasting your First Amendment right to question the official narrative, sir. This piece carved itself a low point in steno-journalism...
I will make sure not to tune you or CBS in. Ever! And I vow to ask others to boycott every sponsor of this anti-Constitutional piece.
We witness tragedy when the law becomes a political weapon. It breaks ones heart when our Constitutionally-protected free press not only meekly condones it but attempts to legitimize it on national television!
Be well.


The Milgram studies were tragically flawed and misrepresented according to this artcile.

It makes for a very interesting read and a whole set of different conclusions than what has been accepted by that same mainstream media.

At the same time other articles writing on the flawed nature of Milgrams studies arrive at entirely different conclusions. This suggests to me that when it comes to "human nature" and the human mind the scientific method is in itself flawed and many of those "scientists" design experiments that will verify what they BELIEVE the outcome should be.


Another fine program falls to oligarchy onslaught.


media is criminally complicit in treason torture and war crimes.

we the people, we the pawns.


Well said socrates2.


Who knew 60 Minutes was still on the air?


I suppose it's time to hold every president criminally responsible for every leak that comes from their administrations! Just as the Obama administration should also be held criminally responsible for every bankster and business type that wasn't prosecuted for their involvement in the 2008 economic meltdown! To hell with the US justice system,citizen tribunals would bring justice back to this country. Just think of the public spectacle, convicted banksters and hedge fund managers being thrown from the top of the New York Stock Exchange building! As far as the people at 60 minutes are concerned, drop them off in Northern Syria with pictures of the prophet glued to their clothing! I'm sure that ISIS will provide us with video of their demise! There has got to be consequences for breach of trust in this country!


Even if that particular study was flawed, in any historical display of lots of men in uniforms all marching in straight rows, it's obvious that the penchant for "just following orders" holds appeal (or some kind of psychological compulsion) in a major segment of the population... a fact that is, as I explained, a natural byproduct of Patriarchy and its father-knows-best forms of top-down command and control.


What more proof does one need that the Fourth Estate are a dinosaur media and have become nothing but a propaganda mouthpiece and fawning parasites for the fascist war mongering State?


Oh there no doubt of that but the numbers that submit mindless to authority are far fewer then was suggested by the study. This in and of itself is part of that meme we speak of with the word "we".

Those in power want us to believe that the Natural state of humans is of a mindless surrender to authority. When they advance numbers like Milgram suggested (that being 65 percent were of this sort) then they help create the perception that a person just following orders is just doing "what humans do". This is in the part of that process Chomsky alludes to in "Manufacturing Consent."

What I think happens is more a group dynamic than that of individuals all mindlessly following an authority figure meaning the people wanting to be seen as part of the group tell themsleves "this is how we are supposed to behave". This becomes a self reinforcing loop as others in the group behave the same way. This dynamic is used by that Patriarchy to ensure obedience by the constant issuance of propoganda by the state through such studies and through the media and movies that defines "how humans are supposed to act". Men are more prone to such stuff IMHO because boys are divorced from their emotions at a very young age so lose that as a tool to combat such social pressure.