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60 Percent Drop in Fines Shows Corporate Polluters Have Little to Fear From Trump


60 Percent Drop in Fines Shows Corporate Polluters Have Little to Fear From Trump

Julia Conley, staff writer

An environmental watchdog group said Thursday that the Trump administration has so far shown little interest in holding companies accountable for polluting the environment, compared with President Donald Trump's recent predecessors.


You know it’s really bad when the Trump administration levies fewer fines than the Bush II one did, which leaves the corporate hoodlums to continue to plunder the wallets and murder Earth all in the name of the almighty profit god. Some days reading Common Dreams is depressing to say the least. However, I continue to post writings on other sites even if they think I’m a troll, I keep my sanity that way.


Yuppers, It’s a knock, knock joke kind of day… they still believe in …
whose there?


Well I’m not shocked or surprised. I’m not sure when it started but big dog gave his puppet masters control. Then george the lesser keep the ball rolling. Then obomber helped the puppet masters and not the citizens. Then now the trumpster has taken it to the next step a little fine or no fine at all.

I’ll continue to vote progressive/green.


Once a corporation is permitted to do a legal activity regulatory law is set in place to prevent that corporation from putting into the public air, water, or where ever they can, toxic pollutants. Fines set to punish a corporation are for breaking the regulation not for polluting and damaging the health of the public. To the corporation a fine for poisoning the public is just the cost of doing business.

The way forward to stop pollution is to not give permits for polluting industries. There would then be no pollution. Should a corporation attempt to operate without a permit they can be stopped from criminal behavior and have property seized and management arrested and confined.


Yes. Continue to believe the nonsense that there is no difference between the EPA and other critical federal regulatory agencies under Obama and under Trump. I have worked for a federal regulatory agency agency under Bush, Obama and Trump and I can assure you that there is an enormous difference.


the most important issue for our times is how do you break the power of big business and their collusion with government


Making America Great Again–
just don’t drink the water or breathe the air