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600+ Arrests in Nation's Captial Aimed at Rapidly 'Shifting Political Weather'



I don't understand why they are getting arrested Are they protesting outside of the "protest zones?"


I don't believe any celebrities were arrested which probably explains the dearth of news coverage in the MSM. They need some big names to be taken away in a paddy wagon to get more air time which seems largely devoted these days to arcane rules on how Republicans choose a nominee for president.



The United States has criticized Russia for arresting dozens of political protesters over the New Year's weekend.

State Department spokesman Philip Crowley stressed "the importance of embracing and protecting universal values, including freedom of expression and assembly."

Just one of what are literally hundreds and more examples of the US Government condemning arrests of protestors in other countries. It seems to me that "protesting" is now monetized as the groups the US Government suggests allowed free reign to protest tend to receive funds from the NED. In other words if you protest and not being paid for it the protest is not a legitimate exercise in free assembly. Freedom is not free!


Next time we should arrive wearing minuteman costumes carrying muskets. Maybe that will get their attention. I seem to recall a gun-packing Tea Party event that made headlines everywhere several years back.

But you're right on Riz, we have to be our own media, and we have the tools to do it.


They are protesting unpermitted perhaps, or off the sidewalks. There intent is to get arrested. But you can't get the media's attention unless there's blood or violence or literally millions in the street.


Which is why there's a need to expose internationally the role of the MSM in the West. Take the matter to the UN and/or contact foreign news agencies, feed them photos of the demos, etc. Hitting on this indirect censorship of news alone would reveal the emptiness of Empire's "freedom and democracy" and "human rights" soundbites and make nonsensical its excuses for foreign interventions.


Still a world leader; the united states of hypocrisy reigns #1 in lying!
Its time for the fall of the imperialist amerikan empire!


"democracy: a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives."

This isn't what people have been calling for. Post-Clinton liberals have redefined low wage workers as the "poor," and disappeared the poor entirely. We know that not everyone is able to work (health, etc.), and that there aren't jobs for all, and we don't regard them as a part of "We the People."
Today, our poor have no representation whatsoever in government, no voice in the public forum. They can vote, but no candidate actually represents them. They live in the same nation as middle class America, but they do not live in a democracy.


Most of us can't afford it, and can't risk taking the time off from work.


How do we fight back against the corporate state when nearly all of us are dependent on it for our survival? They provide the overwhelming majority of jobs, and we have no mercy on the jobless.


It's civil disobedience.


Quit, reading, listening to or watching MSM!! Do not participate in any way with MSM. Why would any intelligent or savy person listen to "fluff" or manipulated propaganda? We need to convince others to do the same. Contribute to your favorite online news sites. Let's not lose those.


Political revolution doesn't come cheap, nor is it easy. Take a vacation and show up. See you there!


Dependency is a terrible state of existance.


The political weather will shift when the population really realize the real scam on the American populace is the private Federal Reserve.

Why does the USA pay compound interest to privatists of Private Sector Privatism when the USA has unlimited public collateral, USA National public wealth and USA National labor, Latent Supply and Demand, to fund a USA Public Money Supply that is not indentured to privatists of the Private Sector of Privatism to pay compound interest for money to fund the USA Government?

Privatists of Private Sector Privatism initiated and institutionalized a Criminal Scheme to obtain compound interest on the USA National Debt that goes all the way back in time to June 5, 1890 and before, and was addressed by John Sherman on the Floor of the U.S. Senate, an institutionalized Criminal Scheme of Privatism's Private Sector to obtain compound interest on the USA National Debt by creating USA National Debt when USA National Debt was unnecessary, USA National Debt was, is and continues to be unnecessary, due to the fact that the USA had, has and continues to have unlimited Public Collateral, USA National Public Wealth and USA National Labor, Latent Supply and Demand, to fund a USA Public Money Supply that is not indentured to privatists of the Private Sector of Privatism to pay compound interest for money to fund the USA Government; the USA Government did not, has not and does not require Private Sector Debt because the USA Government has unlimited Public collateral.

The making and enforcing of institutionalized criminal legislated law and order has empowered a Privatist Scheme of USA National Debt that by way of compound interest on unnecessary USA National Debt has indentured the Public Sector of the USA to the Private Sector of the USA unnecessarily by way of compound interest payments by the Public Sector to the Private Sector on an unnecessary National Debt.

Again, the USA always has had unlimited public collateral to fund USA public currency. The USA Private Sector, Privatists of Privatism have engineered USA Law and Order to require the USA Government to "Borrow Money" from the USA Private Sector and pay compound interest to the Private Sector, principal and interest, that has now mushroomed into a Nineteen Trillion Dollar National Debt. During the time that privatists of the Private Sector engineered and effected the Nineteen Trillion Dollar USA National Debt, the USA had unlimited USA public collateral to fund a USA Public Money Supply, a USA Public Money Supply not indentured to privatists of the Private Sector of Privatism to pay compound interest for money to fund the USA Government.

Is the USA population as a whole expected to be responsible for the making and enforcing of unnecessary institutionalized Criminal legislated law and order by privatists of the Private Sector of Privatism in the USA that by compound interest on a USA Nineteen Trillion Dollar National Debt obligates the entire population to pay for debt they did not need. The USA population as a whole have had, and continue to have unlimited public collateral, USA National Public Wealth and USA National Labor, Latent Supply and Demand, to fund a USA Public Money Supply that is NOT indentured to privatists of the Private Sector of Privatism to pay compound interest for money to fund the USA Government and therefore did not, do not, and will not require DEBT.

It is time for a change.

It is time for an end to Privatism and Privatist Parasites that worm their way into govrnment and infest the institutionalized making and enforcing of legislated law and order for self serving benefit of privatism.

It is time for the American People to "WAKE UP!!!"

The American People have been charged Nineteen Trillion Dollars Principle and Interest by Privatists on loans that the American People did not need and loans for which the American People had the collateral to fund the American People's own Public Money Supply, so that the necessity of borrowing money from the Private Sector was an unnecessary obscenity.

It is time for the American People to WAKE UP and realize the American People's best interest is not the greedy self interest of the Private Sector that indentured the American People unnecessarily to an obscenity of Nineteen Trillion Dollars of unnecessary Principle and Compound Interest as USA National Debt.


While accurate to a point , the establishment of the Federal Reserve bank was not the start of this, it was merely the next stage in an ongoing process

After the Civil War the US government was broke. Lincoln's attempts to establish the US currency as of the type you outlined ended with his assassination.

The US government went to the European bankers for loans ,those bankers already controlling most of Europe. Those bankers dictated terms which the Government accepted which in time lead to the creation of the Federal Reserve.

Other National banks such as ours here in Canada fell under that same control in the early 1970's under various international agreements that were signed at the time.

Over the past few years virtually all countries that had independent national banks have fallen , these generally to coups orchestrated by the Western powers or by outright military invasion.

Yeltsin in Russia all but surrendered the control of Russia's national Bank to Western interests and the Western media turned him into some sort of hero. Putin was initially welcomed by those same Western governments when he came to power.

Putin announced after some few years that Russia would seek to reassert control over that bank and from that point on the Western media claimed he a despot and a tyrant.

Generally the way these guys work to gain their power over a nations currency is through Wars and Militarism. The Civil War in the USA, the next two Wars after that in the way of WW1 and WW2 and the Vietnam war all lead to further control over the currency and banking systems.


"After the Civil War the US government was broke." SuspiraDeProfundis 04-15-16 11:17 PM

The nation was not broke. You have false certainty of a privatist scam. The USA was never broke. The USA had an entire continent full of Capital Assets that encompassed the entire Periodic Chart of the Elements, and still does as collateral to enable a USA Public Money Supply.

Supply and Demand, the Latent Wealth of the USA as a Nation and the Latent Labor of the USA as a Nation, the Public Collateral of the USA as a Nation has NEVER, EVER, been insufficient to enable a USA Public Money Supply.

The SCAM of privatists and privatism is that of engineering artificial scarcity of gold, separate and apart from the latent wealth of the USA as a nation, and using engineered artificial scarcity of gold as a ploy to enable debt to the Private Sector, rather than to use the entire spectrum of the wealth of the USA as a nation that is the Latent Wealth of the USA as a Nation that is "Supply" together with Latent Labor of the USA as a Nation as "Demand" to enable a USA Public Money Supply.

Again, you have "false certainty" of a Privatist Scam. The USA was NEVER broke. The USA had, has and continues to have an entire continent full of Capital Assets that encompass the entire Periodic Chart of the Elements to enable a USA Public Money Supply.



if the US was never broke it would not have to borrow money off France. This in 1800 to pay for the Revolutionary war.


Here another article on the matter this in the prelude to the Civil war.

By early 1861 even before the Civil War commenced, the federal government was effectively broke and had virtually no market for the securities it attempted to sell to finance its operations. When in late 1860 the government could sell bonds, it sometimes needed to pay 12 percent interest. Historian Jane Flaherty wrote: “Bad luck, fiscal imprudence, and political stalemate created this imbalance.” 25 Financial historian Albert Sidney Bowles wrote: “The credit of the government had been undermined by the preceding administration. The revenues had withered away without concern, the public indebtedness had been increased, and money could be borrowed only at very high rates. When Congress met in December 1860, ‘the treasury was empty – bankrupt. There was no money to pay the public creditors, who were then pressing for payment.

Note in the article they were paying interest rates as high as 36 percent. This latter article than goes into great detaila s to how Lincoln tried to finance the war with much of the monies borrowed at interest from Private banks.

After the war the US Government than went to Europe to borrow yet more money.

In the 1970s the USA in effect defaulted on its debt by unilaterally taking the US dollar off the Gold Standard.

Your arguments about the Capital assets of the Country are irrelevant given the USA was always co-opted by the Private banking system.

I am not stating the USA can not create a Public money supply anymore then Canada can not. I am saying this is NOT what they did. They relied on private bankers instead and this predates 1913 and even you alluded to that in your post. Canada could and did create its own money supply from its own National Bank , even as they sometimes borrowed (they too always worried about inflation) yet this all but ended around the same time the US took the dollar off the Gold Standard.

This act led to inflation as the US priniting presses were running full tilt. The international bankers claimed this demonstrated that A Government bank always printing currency would always lead to hyperinflation and they used that meme to suggest Countries borrow monies off Private investors.

This is a list of US Government defaults from its founding. Now I am not a Libertarian but the Mises organization is one of those groups most opposed to the Federal bank. If you do not like this as a source there many others.


One more time. This did not START with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 although that act did surrender yet more power to Private banks nor do I advocate for Private banker control over the same. It my belief the entire banking system needs to be nationalized. I am simply pointing out how that private banking system takes control of Countries.

There a video on the internet that "all wars are bankers wars" . I tend to be in agreement with that opinion.

Now back to your point on the Capital assets of a country and its labor and the ability of a Government to issue currency against the same. I happen to believe that is they way Countries should function and how they should operate from a fiscal standpoint. I think it wrong that revenues raised are used to pay interest to private investors. It makes no sense.

The roots of this banker countrol over a nations finances go way back in time. While not as familiar with the banking systems outside Western Europe during the past Centuries (which was subsequently transferred to the new world) , bankers were always co-opting a Countries Sovereignity via loans. It a systemic problem with the banking system itself and with that the notion of "fractional reserve banking" where the same money could be loaned out multiple times at interest.


If Bernie loses because of super delegates then he should make clear then he will not support a party that does not respect the wishes of its members. Run as an independent. $27 was not contributed to allow Hillary to do Wall Streets bidding.