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600+ Groups Warn 'Unprecedented' Wave of Corporate Lawsuits Could Imperil Global Fight Against Covid-19

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/08/600-groups-warn-unprecedented-wave-corporate-lawsuits-could-imperil-global-fight


To win in any such suit the foreign investor should have to prove that the government action complained of was an attempt to preference locals over foreign competitors. If that requirement is not in any ISDS free trade agreement, then to me, that fact should be considered strong evidence way beyond the incompetence of our negotiators and politicians, into their corruption.


ISDS and similar “free trade” deals have at their core a strategy to remove uncertainty from investment decisions. But capitalist dogma tells us that a return on investment is the reward for undertaking risk. So I have to ask: if investors are shielded from risk by such laws, how and why are they able to claim any rewards?

Just a hint as to what’s coming in the USA. If there is to be another direct cash stipend sent out to taxpayers before the end of summer it will be in exchange for TOTAL corporate immunity from any and all Covid related lawsuits, and probably total immunity for everything else.
At the end of this, you will not be able to sue a corporation ever again. For anything.


In fact corporations will be able to sue you for any form of defiance to their wants.

CEO’s will start mysteriously dying


Yet more conclusive evidence of our Masters’ genocidal intent.

How many more for-profit murders and atrocities will it take to awaken the Moronic Majority from its craven submissiveness?

Knowing too damn well the extent to which its individual and collective mentality has been utterly destroyed – scraped of any ability for rational thought by the (incurable) brain damage inflicted on us by our Masters’ relentless propagandizing and conditioning – I cannot but conclude the answer is “never.”


You get what you vote for.

Sometimes we have a choice that’s not between two evils. We were offered the chance for a real change in direction by Bernie Sanders, and we denied him, twice.

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