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'$600 Is a Joke': Embracing Push for $2,000 Checks, Georgia Senate Candidates Ossoff and Warnock Pressure GOP Opponents

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/23/600-joke-embracing-push-2000-checks-georgia-senate-candidates-ossoff-and-warnock

Loeffler & Perdue belong in stocks (not the Wall Street kind) on the Georgia Statehouse until January 5, 2021!

this is the best message these two can run. stay away from anything else. no id politics, nothin’. Straight up class war can win this thing.


We recurrently see credit for devilishly devious three-dimensional chess machinations behind Orangeman’s latest eruption, as ungovernable whirlygig USA blows hither and yon. Rarely do we see the most obvious explanation tendered: He’s totally lost it – really off his rocker now. They haven’t even managed to trot out McInanity to explain what the hell is supposed to be going on, with this one. They’ve got a ranting, unpredictable infant on their hands. Did Orangeman just decide to lose Georgia?

Not exactly. Our infant of infinite ickiness wants back into the center of attention, so he’s throwing the requisite tantrum. Can anyone flag down this unguided missile before it blows up the Republicans?

Boy’s Gone Crazy (Was Not Was)

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if there’s one predictable feature to the Trump Craze-o-Matic, it’s his burning need to payback what he sees as disloyalty. And given that his madness–and QAnon and OAN–have convinced him he’s won a phantom election, anyone contraindicating that viewpoint is subject to wrath.

I think this is partly Trump returning the kick to the nutsack for Mitch having the audacity to concede the election on behalf of the GOP. In fairness, Trump has wanted a higher cash payout for some time now, but that’s more a function of how I think he views his base.

I think Trump doesn’t see voters. I think he sees fans. And I also think, like any narcissist, he wants to make his fans happy as much as he feels able to. And the amusing thing here is that he stillhas some leverage left in this: the prospect of a pocket veto has to be tearing the GOP up, because it might sink both GA candidates.

Trump might be crazy, stupid, all of these things. But he still has sharp political and survival instincts. And it has to be some sort of irony that all of his worst traits may come out now to help out a ton of people at the bottom of American life.

One of the strangest games of political “chicken” I’ve ever seen.


If the two democrats win there would be more pressure on Democrats to produce. Part of a real hate for Democrats today is that they really did not produce when they had total control Obamas first two years.

People are not going to let Biden return to the good old days.

And progressives should really develope a strong presence in Calif before Republicans catch on how bad this state is run.

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Make the national news and give your lousy 600$ stimulus to the democratic candidates and win the senate for the democrats. I would rather starve then support any more of these republican senators stopping $2000 paychecks with there Senate majority.