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'$600 Is Not Enough,' Say Progressives as Congressional Leaders Reach Covid Relief Deal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/20/600-not-enough-say-progressives-congressional-leaders-reach-covid-relief-deal


What a slap in the face to those suffering.


No, it’s not. And they were going to make a deal with no dollars earlier in the week. And Trump is still making everyone look bad (except the handful of actual but impotent “progressives” calling for a more serious infusion among us plebs). 2k or he doesn’t sign it?

Which, by the way, he has threatened. So don’t start checking those direct deposits just yet. I mean, we may have to wait for that car repair or 2/3 of next months rent.

I despise every molecule of this vile government.


Trump needs to be pushed to veto this piece of crap. People on Twitter need to implore him to reject this. Make those assholes stay in Washington over Xmas or go back home to some very, very pissed off people. If your hungry, take food from any big box store with it on the shelf. If your homeless, find empty housing and move in. As George Carlin said, “They don’t give a f*ck about you.” What happened to the general strike that was being planned if Trump got elected? Seems like it is still needed, now more than ever.


“Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) said that while he intends to vote yes on the package…” Chickenshit, gutless fauxgressive like the lot of them.


Russia, if your listen, there are still billions of dollars out there that we would be very interested in receiving.

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Many people owe 6 months in rent. $600 is an insult. Many of the lost jobs may never come back.
The unemployed need at least $1,200 per month for at least a year.


Gotta love bipartisanship. This is the deal that Congressional leadership and the "problem-solvers’ caucus lead us to. Weak tea that does not come close to getting the job done.


He’s not chickenshit, and I was very critical of just-take-the-deal Ro back in October when he wanted to approve a deal that would have undermined itself via limiting corporate liability (in a lot of states, it is very difficult to get unemployment insurance if you are fired). This deal was not negotiated among Democrats, it was negotiated with people who would not be negotiating at all if not for the Georgia election. From what I’ve read so far, Toomey’s wreck-the-Fed’s-emergency-lending proposal is completely watered down and McConnell’s proposal to limit corporate liability is as well. Democrats gave up some business tax breaks, like doubling lunch expense write offs, but they got almost everything else they wanted, though not as much money for it as desired.

While it would be great to have more, the unemployment extension is needed badly. After the Georgia election, Republicans are unlikely to lift a finger; they haven’t done anything since Spring. So not ideal at all, not even close, but there may nothing more coming.


We gonna “heal the nation,” dawg, and that means we gonna capitulate on every left solution and adopt every right wing shit idea till the cows come home.


McConnell proves himself to be an asshole by delaying aid for so long, and then admitting that what they had to report was something the nation “needed” for a very long time. He and his comrades in Congress are despicable. Nancy responsible for her own delay, and Chuck for putting Manchin as the negotiator also show themselves to be enemies of the People.


I heard not long ago that the average back-rent owed by those facing eviction is around $6,000. So, they will receive one-tenth of what is needed. All that stimulates is my gag reflex.


It still isnt clear but the article below seems to say that the payout would be $600 per person PLUS rent help PLUS school funds PLUS some childcare direct to family payment plus some other stuff.


I commented on that earlier too. It’s not as generous a bill as the one in spring, but it will help. And, it’s not just $600, per reporting. That’s a bit misleading. That $600 is in addition to UI. Here’s an economist on the numbers for those interested:


Roughly 85% wage replacement for average unemployed workers. Turn on your rightwing radio talkers, they aren’t going to be happy. “Undeserving” folks will be getting money.

Of course it’s not enough. It’s another deliberate INSULT from a 2-faced Business Congress, all of whom are laughing at you, up their wealthy sleeves.


Rent? Isn’t that covered by Housing Benefit, as mine is? Oh, I forgot. You live in the brutal USA, while I’m here in the UK.


The people who really pull the strings saw how well they made out in 2008 so they want to do that again and again and … Taking the opportunity handed to them to tear down the economy so they can restructure it is my guess as to what this is all about. They don’t want us to survive, They want us needy and beaten. Personally,I think they’re grossly miscalculating.


What good is a tax credit when you’re unemployed? The cruelty and inhumanity of these people (?) is morally reprehensible and criminal.


Brutal. Yes, that’s the word.


When the shooting starts we’ll be shooting at each other instead of the guilty.