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$600 Isn't Nearly Enough—We Need Real Relief

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/25/600-isnt-nearly-enough-we-need-real-relief

Despite what he’s saying now, be prepared for zero relief after Biden takes office. If the Senate doesn’t flip after Jan. 5, they will use that as the excuse for no more stimulus, if it does, there’s always enough DINO’s in the Senate to doom any new legislation, like Manchin.
Neoliberalism is a real bitch.


Medicare for All would be real relief. Here are the corporate leftists who oppose it.




certainly isn’t a government of the people by the people … unless your net worth is north of at least 5 million or something … fucking disgusting


You’re definitely onto something… $5 million sounds about right. 90% of the stocks are owned by 10% of the households, afterall.
Whether a Disrupter Trumpster or a " Status Quo Joe " Bidenista you have to wonder if any of our Fearless Leaders and their Groupies are up to the severe realities present in America in 2021. There’s ample evidence already the correct vote in 2020 was NEITHER. Both are inadequate and old, mostly.


One of the lies told to the Public is that the working class need only buy into the stock market and they can prosper just as the 1 percent do. This is rubbish. When 10 percent of people own 90 percent of all stocks they can manipulate the market at will and the 90 percent owning the rest of those stocks just have to rely on those 10 percent to CARE about what would happen to the 90 percent if they decided to sell those stocks and drop the prices.

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In the last 12 years there’s been $7 Trillion in stock buybacks by Fortune 500 Corps. from some form of gov’t bailout. Loans, cash, tax cuts and whatnot, due to an unforeseen ( A Condi " who could have seen this coming " ) emergency. It’s like they’re on direct dial to the Dept. of the Treasury, or something close or very akin to that {snark}. Who was smart enough to foresee the need for that dedicated phone system? Just wondering.
Meanwhile, the American citizenry has received about 30-35% of that total amount, in the same time period. Are you feeling shortchanged yet?
The Wall St. boys and girls call this exercise " bootstrapping " I believe. Our political class calls it investimg for the long term. Their terms not ours, of course.


Step down to continued collapse…
Collapse: Loss of the foundation. Maybe it’s better to have a phased in collapse than an immediate collapse like the controlled demolition of the Twin Towers and the 3rd building of 9- 11. We have another piece in place to move this controlled-in collapse of the US Economy to be accepted by the many. As the ruling powers do not want to see chaos emerge sooner than necessary. We now have a scape-goat for those claiming to be on the Left, Donald Trump…that will be good for at least 4 yrs, the one to blame for the mess we are in… Think about it: we have a planetary ecological collapse. a global economic collapse…we have a US government that can print, create money at will… And we have a Coronavirus too that is too blame for the mess that we are in…

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$600 was in intentional, overt FU to the American People.
It was the least they could do.


I would submit that those are not ‘Leftists’ they just play one on TV and are simply lying about who they are. Or, self deluded about who they are.

Republicans are running the DP


This is not a solution. They are DISINVESTING IN AMERICA.
They are replacing workers with overseas ones, and disengaging from responsibilities of all kinds, trying to keep it under the radar while staying in charge so they can deliberately screw up.

Instead its the Politicians who SHOULD quit their jobs because they ARE resigning by doing this, but they want to retain control in order to prevent people who WOULD do the jobs. Similarly “Republicans” in all but name are domain-squatting on the Democratic Party name.

Once people are unemployed and homeless their lives disintegrate very quickly. Please stop allowing Republicans to pretend to be Democrats. Especially when they make promises to do things they already have traded away.

is whats preventing any new PUBLIC housing being built with our tax money. Public-private will ALWAYS be way too expensive for poor people, ALWAYS.

It will actually force the current residents out, never to return.

People need jobs to be able to have a life. They are working hard to undermine jobs.


The next one will be lower, you can bet on it.

He was most likely hired to be a scapegoat and diversion. And he has done his acting job well.

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Yes-Each president brings a different flavor of diversion…
Trump-Chaos and Distraction; Love-Hate Idol. Q-anon phenom.
Obama: Hope & change…
Bush Jr. …Incompetence.
Bill Clinton… slick willy… & Hillary, too…
…and so forth…

Autonomous cars are going to bring reduced mobility for the poor, sooner than people think, because the cost of the system will be used to justify making highways and even streets into toll roads which will require a positive balance in a bank account and allow a fine level of location tracking. Industry is so excited about being able to sell many drivers brand new cars that they wont care about the existing cars being take off the roads or of how that will marginalize a country already being split by widening and deepening class barriers.

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A quote from the Columbia University Poverty Center report " Monthly poverty rates in the United States during COVID-19" — “Moreover, the CARES Act’s stimulus checks and unemployment benefits lifted more than 18 million people out of poverty in April, but this number fell to around 4 million people in August and September after the expiration of the CARES Act’s $600 per week unemployment supplement.” -------- We need a detailed and documented article on the effect of the CARES Act, and the actual need for relief. This article is mostly complaint without much substance. The CARES Act provided $600 per week in addition to about $330 in state UI relief, making for a weekly income of $930, which is a yearly equivalent of $48,320, per worker. Most of the laid-off workers from the Covid emergency were low income workers earning around $19,000 a year, and replacing 80% of their income would be a check for $300 per week. That is insufficient, but it’s also what this article recommends, meaning it is not well-grounded in facts. ------- If 15% of the nation are in poverty, as Columbia states, that’s 49.2 million. If CARES lifts 18 million out of poverty that reduces the poverty rate from 15% to 9.4%. Is that correct? But by September the CARES had lifted only 4 million, of the 18 million lifted from poverty, and some 14 million returned to poverty. The details of the income distribution structure needs elaboration, detail, clarity. The underlying problem is not stimulus and relief but lousy wages. The lower-earning half of U.S. workers, about 84 million workers, earn around $1.3 trillion per year, says the Social Security Administration report on wage income for 2019, and do the division, that averages to $15,476 per year per worker, just barely above the yearly wages of a minimum wage earner at $7.25 per hour working 2080 hours per year. — SSA report: ****
– ssa (dot) gov/cgi-bin/netcomp.cgi?year=2019 — The lousy economy provides lousy wages for most workers. That’s the problem. !!! Economics Without Greed, Part Two, my blog.

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Been saying this from the get go! He was especially useful for promoting the “Russia/Putin” is the enemy line. America wasn’t ready for WWIII in 2016 and this is why Trump was allowed to win.

Step One: see how people ignore the plight of blacks, Palestinians and other dispossessed groups.

Step Two: Kill 3,000 and use it to ignite wars that kill hundreds of thousands. See if anyone notices that you have also created a police state at home in the meantime.

Step Three: Kill 300K plus by ignoring a proper response to the pandemic and see if the people stay passive. Will they still play LOTE? Sadly we have!

Step Four…if this works, they are ready to kill millions at a time…even in the USA if they think it will achieve their world hegemony. WAKE UP. Some of us have been right for decades but people aren’t listening. This is pretty much you last chance. Biden’s been telling us what is in store at least since 2008 if you have been paying attention. If you still don’t believe it, consider who was put in his cabinet.

NO MORE EXCUSES for Pelosi, Biden or even the Squad. #FORCETHEVOTEM4A

This was obvious with the introduction of electronic toll collecting…that also conveniently monitors your movements

Anyone notice how powerless the President is------he is screaming he won the election and everyone ignores him??? He wants $2000. check for the American people and his party ignore him???

Who votes for these Republicans—they take 1/3 of your paycheck and when times are tough they give you the finger.

But hey right now Gavin Newsom is stealing my pension—maybe he needed to pay for that bottle of wine----but then my little pension would never cover the price of the bottle of wine would it Gavin? How many kids on the street going hungry Gov. Newsom? ASSHOLE!