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65 years after Brown v. Board of Education, We Risk Going Backward


65 years after Brown v. Board of Education, We Risk Going Backward

Jesse Jackson

This week marks the 65th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, the unanimous Supreme Court decision that outlawed apartheid in America, declaring segregated schools “inherently unequal” and unconstitutional.

Today, the common sense of the Brown decision is under attack. For nearly three decades, our schools have been re-segregating, reversing the progress made under Brown, reflecting the deep racial and economic segregation of our communities. Worse, several of Donald Trump’s nominees to the federal courts refuse even to endorse Brown as unassailable law.


Policy in the US around Brown v BOE was a slap in the face to the racist majority and we’ve paid the price since Nixon pulled the Southern Strategy with Strom Thurmond. Public education has been on a downhill slide since Brown v BOE, with private schools sprouting in every church in the country - which brought about the possibility of theocracy, as represented by VP Pence.

War on Iran is to do what the Armageddon zealots want, and Trump, through idiotic John Bolton, wants to give them. The US military are not postmodern Crusaders, and the suicide rate for people forced to fight a war to make Revelations come true so Jesus will come again - to rule His kingdom - will go off the charts. With groups like Full Quiver, the Armageddon zealots could supply the cannon fodder for a New Crusade on heretical Muslims. What we have now is vets from the War on Terror that turned into a war for money, like every other war the US has fought (research it, if you don’t believe me), committing suicide in VA parking lots, about twenty per week.

Two million Americans went to war in Vietnam for political control of Vietnam’s oil, tin, and rubber. The Pentagon Papers verified this fact. A quarter of a million Vietnam vets had committed suicide by 1990. Vietnam vets - especially Black Vietnam vets - were, at one time, the largest population in US prisons. Who wants to die for a country that does that?

The unsaid purpose of private schools was to deny resources to public schools and “dumb down” the folks who attended those schools, so things like the War on Terror could further enrich the “rich and wellborn” placed in power over everyone else by The Constitution (read The Federalist Papers), which was written by a capitalist protecting his investment in slaves, President to be James Madison. Four of the first five Presidents owned slaves.

In other words, The Constitution is as profound a racist document as it’s possible to imagine. Brown v BOE did not amend the racism out of the governing document of the US. The “rich and wellborn” given power by The Constitution were racists, or the sort of people who don’t speak up when they see evil, so we have a culture of those who look away.

Racism is as American as apple pie, momma, and Veterans Memorial Cemeteries.

We’re going backward, and that’s why. Racists are the backbone of the power system in the US. Why does the government attack Black activists who just want enough money to feed, clothe, shelter, and educate their kids? This country would deny Black people this basic social support.

So neoliberals learned to steal the funding for social programs under cover of US foreign policy then brought that knowledge home, after they had it down to policy they could enact and government that would back it up. Thank you, Milton Friedman.

And 75% of US children are raised in poverty, because only “bleeding heart liberals” funded children who didn’t live in their household.

How much more backward can we go? The Constitution supports plantations powered by slaves.

It’s time to see through the convincing illusions of the racist oligarchy in power over everyone else in the USA - and the entire life system along with it. Converting life into profit.

Converting life into profit. That’s the business of America, the core of the USA, what everything else is made to support. Converting life into profit. There’s no profit to be made from the Paris Agreements. There’s no profit to be made from educating women and minorities - when oligarchs are the 1% or the 1%. Converting life into profit.

We’ve been going backward since the democratic Articles of Confederation were trashed for the racist Constitution. Because the Articles of Confederation didn’t focus on converting life into profit, and was in the process of outlawing slavery. The Constitution does, and will, support racism until the evil piece of moral trash is history. The racism is written into the document so deeply that it can’t be made humane, let alone life supporting for anyone but well off whites. Everyone else is one missed payday from living on the street, if they aren’t already.

We’re going to kill the targets chosen by racist billionaires to convert human life into profit for the Military Industrial Complex? Don’t we have to be pretty damn ignorant to do that? A sizeable part of the military is poor people looking for regular meals for their kids. Why is this okay? Why is this okay? Answer that within the ballpark of moral honesty and the US makes perfect sense. You just don’t want to know it, and in the US, the first right is the right to willful ignorance, so you don’t have to know it, and, even if you know it, you don’t have to do anything about it You can just look away. If you do anything about it, the power of the state will resist your efforts.

Is there anything below the moral backward of this?

Oh, my family settled Maryland and guarded the Oglethorpe Community from its rightful owners, I’m a sixth generation Texan, and I have three mental illnesses from serving profit in Vietnam so some assholes can privatize the VA Medical System out from under me.

How backward can backward go?


An excellent post. Those that continue to put their faith in the US Constitution have to be made aware of what that document in fact about and whose interests it served. It was a property rights document cementing the power of the 1 percent into perpetuity. The “Declaration of Independence” was much the same.

That parts of it could be made to work on the behalf of the people was NOT because that the intent of those that put those words to paper. It was because the PEOPLE demanded this.


California is very economically segregated, not explicitly racially segregated. My understanding of Brown vs Board of Education is that it referred to racial segregation only.

The economic segregation actually works against richer neighborhoods. Teachers can’t afford to move near those areas and typically have longer commutes to work there. The richer neighborhoods have a higher incidence of nepotism in hiring teachers if those teachers managed to move into town in earlier days when there was less income inequality and less inflated house prices. Richer neighborhoods often have to supplement their child’s education with paid tutors or educated at-home parents.

Busing kids from poorer neighborhoods to richer neighborhoods might expose them to smarter kids but not necessarily smarter teachers and it won’t pay for extra tutoring or create the economic advantage of an educated at-home parent.

In fact, “differentiated learning” is promoted in richer neighborhoods to suggest that kids learn at different speeds and that being in a classroom with kids learning at similar speeds will allow the teacher to teach better at the speed kids can follow.

Do you just bus the brightest students from poorer neighborhoods to richer neighborhoods? Wouldn’t that create a vacuum in poorer neighborhoods that make their schools even worse?

There are a lot of Catch-22s in this space.