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7 Charts Show the Socialist Hellscape America Would Be Under Bernie Sanders


7 Charts Show the Socialist Hellscape America Would Be Under Bernie Sanders

Zeeshan Aleem

Earlier this month on ABC's This Week, host George Stephanopoulos asked Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) whether he actually believed a self-described socialist could be elected president of the United States. Sanders suggested that if more Americans were acquainted with the quality of life in countries in Scandinavia, they wouldn't be frightened by the label.


Ha ha, you so funny!


As long as the narrative in the US continues to be that somehow our system is the ideal that must be emulated by others, facts and figures will never convince the faithful. We know what we believe,, so don't confuse us with the facts!


too too subtle


Oh we can but hope - Bernie would make a really wonderful President - but not if those a***oles are still in control of Congress & the Senate - what are the American people thinking - they vote over abortion and religion and utter nonsense which has nothing to do with the economy and their real fate in the world. Hysteria drives the masses, and until they wake up and realize they are being manipulated right out of their own rights, things will just keep getting worse !
Bernie or Elizabeth Warren would be great (or even both!) - WAKE UP USA !!!


Absolutely loved it. the satire that creeps up on you is the best kind!


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Bernie is better than most, but he apparently wants to bomb Quebec. He supports basing "F-35" Cold War bombers in Vermont.


Looks like paras 1-6 don't do much for #7. You'd expect a bigger difference.


Yes indeed, and you would find that the USA has the highest mean ratio of household income divided by the cost of living. No question. We can calculated it by dividing total income by total living costs. Go ahead now, and feel great about that.

And here is the apparent paradox for those who do not understand what is meant by mean : The USA would have one of the lowest typical ratios. The 1%, having 64% of the income, and the top 10% having 85% of the income bring the mean right up.


I don't see why more people don't see the spiral down that is building to a completely fascist future. The republicans of our nation don't see their war on Women, controlling them like slaves, with a violent fundamentlist view towards children not seen except in the victorian era, the extreme hawklike on wars, and fearful of stranges and anyone or anything not like themselves as a threat.
Bernie would be a Real Change. people are frightened, t-baggers especially, of the word Socialism as an evil thing.
I like to point out things like hi ways and bridges,, post office, firemen and police, and so many other things provided under the government tell them that that those ideas Are socialism.


Therein lies a problem. Though the power of the Executive has continued to expand, the President is neither a dictator or a magician. Hopefully Sanders and the reality created by capitalism would have long coattails bringing more sanity to Congress.

Another Executive tool that Obama had but, being phoney corporate scum, cast aside is the American People. He could revive the "Fireside Chat" and use the internet to mobilize millions around issues to push congress and make things happen that would otherwise be unlikely. This is an important era where reality is setting in and consciousness is changing. We can seize the time, unite, and push for progress or we can give in to the cynicism and hopelessness we are sold and prepare for the worst.


Chart #5. America would just wallow in poverty. The Legatum Prosperity Index

This chart shows the US as #1 in health care.

The WHO in 2000 (the last year they ranked countries on health care - I wonder why they quit) ranked the US at #37. Has US health care improved so dramatically since 2000?


Good question, so I checked it out. The "health" measurement includes a number of factors including infant mortality rates, life expectancy, immunization levels, incidences of TB, sanitation, satisfaction of care, death from respiratory diseases, undernourishment, well-rested, and finally expenditure per person. Our problem isn't so much quality of care or bad outcomes as much as it is access. It does make one wonder why a chart measuring prosperity places the US in first position in healthcare when millions of Americans have no access, and many millions more can't afford to get sick, even with subsidized health insurance.


I think it is a bit naive to believe that simply adopting the same tax/fiscal and social policies of Scandinavian countries will bring about the same outcomes. There is a big difference between America and Scandinavia socially as Scandinavian countries are very homogeneous countries with a greater sense of being one people and everyone contributing to the common good whereas in America there is more of a sense of being out for one's own good and screw everyone else.


The satire is a bit misleading at first glance.


As an American it is my God-given right to be poor, ignorant, sick, and miserable, and no damned commie is going to change my mind.


This is great. I hope all of America catches on. Bernie Sanders for President 2016.


Where did Aleem dredge up the "Legatum Prosperity Index"? Looks like random dart throwing was used to set the data. Also, try murder rate instead of homicide rate in Norway and see what one gets, and I assume that the data for "Life Satisfaction" was part of the joke.

Get the percentage data from a credible cross-section of USAins for those who can identify on a map the location of all three Scandinavian countries cited? That will help to show where one of the real problems of the population of the US lies - rank intellectual indolence and self-contented ignorance.


The zealots' strategy with all fact based arguments is the crafty omission of inconvenient facts. As is the case with this hellscape. Scandinavia is a hellish place to be stuck if what you seek is advancing your place in life, starting and building a wildly successful business, a measurably better life for your kids. But note that the author of this portrayal Scanditopia conveniently leaves all those measures out of his assessments. Also nowhere is total tax rates on compared. In Scanditopianthe total tax rate is about 85% of individuals annual earnings. In the US it's about 45%.

Taxes punish the activities taxed and cause decisions to be made to avoid being taxed. I.e. if you want to impede the tobacco industry, tax it. Makes you think about the graduated 50-80% income taxes in Scanditopia. Why punish people for earning more, ie working harder? What is the result - people stop working harder. Yes, we have to pay for social services, but the more you put that cost on a large number of preordained groups, be it smokers or high earners or gay couples or medical devices or people who own locomotives, the more you punish everyone. That is the hellscape, the real hellscape, of socialism. Imagine being where you are in life knowing that the harder you work the more the state will take from you. That there is just no way to get ahead. That's Scanditopia. I want no part of it.