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7 Democrats in Congress Join Massive Progressive Coalition Demanding People's Bailout for COVID-19 Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/24/7-democrats-congress-join-massive-progressive-coalition-demanding-peoples-bailout

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“Our people were already struggling, and we refuse to die just to save Wall Street.”
—Kaniela Ing, People’s Action

It is way past time that WALL STREET DIED TO SAVE US!


“I’d rather have
My country die for me.”
–Grace Slick


Rest assured the neo-liberal policy of ensuring the rich get richer while claiming that this wealth will be trickled downwards to the masses as Corporations use the money to retain workers or expand will be the recipe followed.

it should be ever more apparent that a “Peoples economy” (Read Socialism) would handle this crisis far better then a “Wall Street” economy . (Read Capitalism).

Capitalism can not solve this issue. Its only interest is in accruing Capital in the pockets of the few.


The Indigenous Environmental Network has released statement encouraging support of the #peoplesbailout. The IEN has also issued a COVID 19 Statement:

Help build broad based coalition for We The People

7 whole democrats, I’m so relieved now.
We need a 2nd party NOW.


Diane Feinstein could support it. She sold off her stocks, so she’s safe.

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I wont hold my breath, will you? :)))

The top 1% got their $2Trillion. It’s time the 99% get their $Trillions.

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Grace was right on target!

the disgusting Arthur Laffer fed that trickle down shite to Ronnie and we’ve been on that road ever since .

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excellent proposal

Hey there, Scout. Get out and take it to the street right now. That could land you a night in jail, for starters, then a $1200 fine and up to 30 days in the calaboose. Upon conviction, of course.
I think during times like this representative gov’t is a great thing. Driving to Washington, D.C. is something we Westerners are very jealous of the lucky *Easterners. Protesting is like falling out of truck for most of you. We have to travel 3500 miles for a redress of grievances. Life isn’t fair.

  • I support moving our nation’s Congressional deliberative bodies, buildings and supporting staffs, etc. to somewhere like Kansas City, Mo. or Omaha, Nebraska. Much closer for all the citizenry to visit and personally petition. Leave the rest of it on the East Coast.

"No man is an Island. He’s a peninsula!"
After Bathing At Baxter’s

sorry - I had to.


It doesn’t matter what we want. Haven’t you seen the reports?
"demanding’ anything from Washington is pointless unless we back it up - some how

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Yea, exactly so.
We need a 2nd Party before we start worrying about 3rd


Cronyism is alive and well!