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7 Hard Rounds of Questions for John Stumpf, Wells Fargo CEO


7 Hard Rounds of Questions for John Stumpf, Wells Fargo CEO

Richard Eskow

“There was no incentive to do bad things,” said Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf, after his bank was hit with $190 million in fines and restitution because employees fraudulently opened more than 2 million accounts over a five-year period without customers’ knowledge or consent.

Then he sent an email to bank customers saying he had changed the employees’ incentive plan “to insure that (employees) are compensated on what matters most.”


John Stumpf: "Now go forth and bring me back as many scalps as you can. I am sure no one will be hurt in the process."

For the love of money is the root of all evil.


I guess those are 'hard' questions. They are certainly obvious questions. My question would be:

Given the fact that Wells Fargo, under your management, has been fined several times over the past few years for fraudulent practices, give us one good reason why we shouldn't throw your ass in jail.


Given their history. their crimes are more than ethical oversights to supplement a normally legitimate business, they are a modus operandi from which we should conclude that Wells Fargo is in fact an illegitimate business, which should be shut down in consequence of racketeering charges, and their assets should be seized by the government and directed toward debt relief and social services.


Stumpf is a fool. Exactly the kind of person that the oligarchy wants in charge of most money making corporations.

Carrie Tolstedt is a criminal. Was she a criminal when she was hired? Or did she become a criminal as she rose through the ranks?


In a recent interview William Black suggested fraud the basis of ALL banking profits.

The stuff that is revealed is the tip of the iceberg.

Perhaps they do not want to jail these guys because it means every banker will go to jail.


Watch your back Lizzie. The elites do not take kindly to rebellion. Stay safe.


His name gives it away. I suggested William K. Black for AG if Bernie was the nominee. I guess it's old news now.