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7 Not-So-Subtle Messages Congress Is Sending With Its Tax Plans


7 Not-So-Subtle Messages Congress Is Sending With Its Tax Plans

Mark Trahant

The two tax bills define what's important to a society. Or more to the point, who's not important.


Eloquent run-down - thank you Mark Trahant.
I’d add that the university/college system was one of the first essential societal systems that the 1% wrapped in plastic (another metaphor for debt) in it’s march toward globalization. Even more than its corporate quantitative buyout - en mass - of department chairs, research departments and researchers, was its qualitative smudging and fudging in a “knowledge-based” society. the conflation of BASIC RESEARCH with applied research in the popular imagination is something I hope a respected journalist will study and analyze. Who owns the patentable research? three guesses. Yuppers, debt as control system is a doozey. Just ask the Milton Friedman #! acolytes. What an unbelievable crock of defecation that gang has uncorked. They ought to be hung by their short hairs over the rotisserie (another metaphor for the redundant and now exponential nature of the multi-systemic cycles they put into play) of their own fueling.

Some of the most salient critique for understanding what is actually at play is written by indigenous researchers and journalists over the past 50 years. Do they get a hearing? is the redundant question.

Some worth reading for a start:
An Indigenous Peoples History of the United States -(priiceless in tandem with Zinn)
Pagans in the Promised Land
In the Courts of the Conquerors

I promise you - you will not be disappointed!
The horizon we need to be able to orient to requires lots of love and effort.


I’m no economist! But I’m pretty good at spotting lies and these newest musings from the Fed Steve Mnunchin are real whoppers. I’ve yet to see any benefit to workers when taxes are reduced for business, never, and we’ve been under this delusional system since started in the 70’s and given speed, crack, and steroids by Reagan in the 80’s. All I’ve seen is a bigger shift of taxes on workers and less accountability by businesses. In fact they do all they can to screw anybody that has anything to do with them from the government, taxes, on down to the sweatshops in third word countries. They still want more. The insane military is the other. Do Americans realize that over 50% of their taxes go toward killing women, children and civilians the world over. Or that instead of using the military to rebuild Puerto Rico there’s three carrier groups surrounding N Korea. What a waste of real manpower and resources. This just keeps getting better an’ better and if I stop writing I’ll lose it altogether and spend the rest of my days in the loony bin.


Congressional Democrats should not participate in this farce. NO TAX CUTS WITHOUT FULL DISCLOSURE OF PRESIDENT TRUMP’S TAX RETURNS!

The only Trump tax return released to date showed that but for the Alternative Minimum Tax provision of the IRS Code, Trump would have paid virtually no tax.

Therefore, this tax bill eliminates the AMT.

We’ll never know what other provisions of this bill are written to benefit the person who signs it into law unless we have access to his returns.

This bill has been drafted by one party without a single public hearing. It is not a valid legislative effort; it should not be treated as one. Congressional Democrats need to BOYCOTT ALL ROLLCALL VOTES.

Democrats: Stay away from the Senate floor. Give the Republicans the rope to hang themselves (metaphorically, of course).


It chaps my ass to read that the Arctic National wildlife bill to open ANWR for exploration, exploitation and drilling is attached to this tax legislation- Just A carrot on A stick for A would be down vote from an Alaska Senator…