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7 Pointed Questions for Corporate Media About Their Anti-Progressive Biases

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/20/7-pointed-questions-corporate-media-about-their-anti-progressive-biases


8.- "Have you no sense of morals or ethics?"


Stooges for The Corporotocracy; and MSM Neos of all stripes, take the 5th on your ? The 50-60% most effected by their willful blindness and treachery, want to drink a 5th, every time they see these laxative peddlers on the TEEVEE.
BTW-Do they still bottle and sell Night Train? How about Everclear? How about Potosi or Kingsbury Beers?
It’s got to be something really cheap for the correct pairing to go along with Mika & Joe, and other assorted toadies, like Wolf Blitzer.

This is one of the BEST and MOST IMPORTANT articles I’ve read in a long time.
Wonder if it will appear in ant corporate media venues? s/

“Or do those who own or run corporate media (and corporate Democrats) have a different worry—that Sanders will win the general election, shake up the system, and take away some of their wealth and power?”



Corporate media is in the business of selling ads. That’s how they make money. At this point, any American that still hasn’t figured this out isn’t especially redeemable.


Why do you express surprise that the corporate media is not on your side?

As @drone1066 so astutely pointed out, corporate media is in the business of selling ads. Ads are not, as a rule, paid for by Progressives. There is an old rule - “He who pays the piper calls the tune.” If progressives expect the MSM to dance to their tune, they need to purchase the piper.

Or find other means of getting their message out.

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Or smart and awake enough to chew gum and walk and VOTE!

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I wrote a comment or three about Bernie missing his opportunity to take CNN to task during last week’s debate. I don’t know WTF he’s waiting for – as Jeff Cohen makes clear, every time the mainstream media is allowed to frame the issues, the left misses a chance to throw reality in their faces.


FYI- I think it’s fiddler and not piper.

All excellent points Jeff!

It’s clearly propaganda when no corporate media journalists push the woman “identity politics” button as though they really care about women or even getting a woman in the White House. If they really cared about women, they’d be asking Biden regularly about his support for Clinton’s hugely anti-women bill “ending welfare as we knew it.” by slapping a five-year lifetime cap on receipt of Aid to Families with Dependent Children. Biden was a key backer of that horrific bill hurting mostly single mothers and their children.
I’d also point out that Sanders, who speaks about everything from ending Israel’s expansion into the West Bank, opposing the closing off of Gaza, and ending US wars (mostly in the Middle East), who calls (finally, this year!) for significantly cutting the US military budget, for the Green New Deal and a major attack on climate change, etc., is portrayed mostly in the MSM as a “Johnny One Note” calling for breaking up the banks and taxing the rich and the corporations. Yes he does say that, but he says a whole lot more, which gets ignored.

Dave Lindorff
founding editor of ThisCantBeHiappening!


I would love for Biden to be questioned on the AFDC issue too. Hillary got a little push back in 2016. That was one of the most cynical, horrific
“Reforms” ever passed. On every level this was a mean, vicious policy that continues today.

Bernie 2020


How bout, “White Lightning?”

Corporate run?. Profit run health system is better


Google is your friend
About 2,160,000 results (0.68 seconds)

h t t p s://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/dictionary/english/he-who-pays-the-piper-calls-the-tune

There has been an interesting progression here, though I suppose the base word progress makes that sound too optimistic. In '88 or '89, when Herman and Chomsky published Manufacturing Consent, that would have been around 100% strictly correct.

In the intervening decades,. a different one of the 5 filters (owners, advertisers, sources, audience, ideology) has gained influence: sources.

By the early millennium, selling ads was not covering the expenses of what investigative reporting stsill was being done. Along the model of CNN’s so-called “embedded” reporters in the earlier Gulf War, media “teamed with” sources to accomplish a production that the sources wanted in return for information and reduced expense. Of course,. this is just the sort of accord that lends itself to (mostly) domestic psyops and large corporations with PR problems.

So, while the news industry was corrupt before and after, going into the 90s, the corruption afterwards has been more effectively directed outside the news industry proper.

To give an example, the in-staff argument around the release of The Pentagon Papers sort of ran towards patriotism and fear of coercion on the one hand, and a fear of losing audience by being caught in corruption on the other.

It is difficult to imagine any current MSM-style production making a similar decision. The US can persecute Julian Assange with nothing but cheerleading in the domestic commercial media, and reporters caught taking dictation from one camp of a major political party are not fired, let alone jailed for deliberate fraud.

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True, but he who does not pay the fiddler will have to pay the piper.

Must be a Jethro Tull song you can dance to. Not for those who aren’t good at improvisation while extremely high.
16th Century music from the fief.
Fiddle tunes from The Hawk & The Hacksaw more to my footwork’s liking.
Think I’ll just sit this one out.


I stand accused, and plead guilty. But it is a lot of fun!

Ahhh… Thick… As a Brick.


Even worse… it’s bagpipers…

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Still have the album and possibly the concert ticket stubs. Not saying where the rest of the evening went.