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7 Questions About the Syria Airstrikes That Aren’t Being Asked


7 Questions About the Syria Airstrikes That Aren’t Being Asked

Richard Eskow

Mission accomplished,” says the President. What, exactly, was the mission? And what exactly was accomplished?

Donald Trump is being mocked for using this phrase in a tweet to praise what he claims was a “perfectly executed” airstrike against chemical weapons facilities in Syria. This recalls George W. Bush’s egregious evocation of the phrase in 2003 to claim an early end to the U.S. entanglement in Iraq, which is still ongoing fifteen years later.


Composite, but incomplete, answer to the seven questions:

-oil and pipeline routes to be seized and secured
-continued construction of bases around Russia
-play realtor for the Greater Israel project
-apathy and gullibility of most Americans
-disregard for (non financial) life on earth


Yes. And let’s not forget the urgent need to get Mueller/Comey/Stormy off the front page, however temporarily.


“Mission Distraction Accomplished.”

"Murder, Destruction, and Human Suffering as well. American Military at Work.


Genocide in process in the Middle East


I posted this oped from rt.com on another of CD’s Syrian articles also:https://www.rt.com/op-ed/424186-us-allies-syria-lie/

It explains why Russia predicted a faux chemical attack. There was discussion of a video some homes whose basements had exploded, where the people were taken to the hospital. People came into the hospital and threw water over everyone. That was the chemical attack video, prepared earlier.


Question No. 8: How many innocent men, women, and children were killed by the air strikes Trump is responsible for coordinating?


The forces behind the government and the forces behind the MSM are one and the same.

Might as well face it, we live in a plutocracy bordering on oligarchy.




I wonder if Dennis Muilenburg or Marilyn Hewson hold press conferences announcing “mission accomplished” when they visit the bank.

I intentionally leave out their titles to highlight the fact that many of the people behind the war crimes go un-named, un-noticed and (obviously) un-punished.


Sky News cuts off the former commander of British Armed Forces Jonathan Shaw over Syria.


Thanks for that example of attempted “news” propaganda. Sky News? BS! The clear censorship from that blonde bimbo (and her bosses) tells the tale of this charade! A manufactured incident or false-flag op to justify the war crime by trump & co - shift forcus from his crimes and cover-ups. pathetic.

The attack was a prop for the orange twit-head (and his bimbos). The timing was to prevent independent OPCW analysis of the supposed chlorine “gas attack” claimed as the rationale.

The Barzeh Research and Development facility targeted was civilian according to workers claims, creating antivenin for scorpions and snakes, of which there are numerous very deadly species in that area of the world. Who knows the real reason. The facility had been inspected by the OPCW recently and deemed NOT a chemical weapons facility.

Was this attack by trump and bolton (and Israel) and their pathetic lackeys in GB and France, a trump-led (Bolton) jerk-off and crime as most everything else the moron touches? The answer is yes…


And then there’s this information from _Human rights investigations_who claim their mission goal as
“evidence-based, independent and rigorous investigation of human rights abuses” using Human Rights Law as its basis.

Here is their take on the trump GB French attack,.and more from the same source


Some of us have know that these Gas attacks in Syria. Where false flag attacks that where orchestrated by the US and Coalition of the killing. That is why they never provide legitimate evidence. Or in this recent attack. Allow UN inspectors who where on the ground in Syria. To conduct a full investigation and present evidence to the UN.


Most pertinent, I figure, was the timing to forego reasonable investigation of alleged chemical weapons production and which would’ve revealed actual production of pharmaceuticals, and/or specific chemical storage. It’s somewhat reminiscent of Bill Clinton’s bombardment of a pharmaceutical factory in Africa, and, bombardment of Yemen which destroyed humanitarian facilities.


Question 9 - How much did this little show cost in real dollars?


Trump does whatever the triple entente(Egypt, Israel, and Saudi Arabia) want in the M.E.


It’s just not Israel, there is a triple entente their of Egypt, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, and they are the ones that want Assad out. And they know how to pump up Trumps ego, but face it no matter what party is in power the triple entente will get their way with U.S. foreign policy.


Can’t find a quote for the Friday the 13th bombing - but here is an estimate for daily costs of both US and Russia. Sick beyond words. Estimates seem to range in the area of .5$bilion


America hasn’t accomplished any mission of significance in 70-years except turning the world on fire, raping the environment, creating millions of refugees and sucking up almost all the worlds wealth.