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7 Reasons to Scrap the $1 Billion Aid Package to Central America


7 Reasons to Scrap the $1 Billion Aid Package to Central America

US Social Scientists Group

This summer, Congress will decide whether to support the $1 billion aid package to Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras. Prompted by the surge of children and family to the US’s southern border last year, the “Strategy for Engagement in Central America” aims to attack the ‘root causes’ of unauthorized migration.

Promoted by Vice-President Biden, the plan has been endorsed by commentators across the political spectrum.


“…public health, public education, small farmers and small businesses” are exactley the things that corporate America will fight tooth and nail to prevent. Biden, a long time corporate fundamentalist, is looking at this “aid package” as a chance to secure a comfy, private sector job after 2016. Instead of disarming Central America, the U.S. will ‘upgrade’ their armaments so that the reigns of terror can continue uninterupted. Any other “aid” is nothing than smoke and mirrors for D.C.'s corporate puppet masters. It would be cheaper to give every Central American a job for life rather than pay the costs of military hardware, reinforcing and expanding Homeland Insecurity and the privatized Border Services, but that does nothing to increase the corporate bottom line. Aid packages like this shouldn’t just be automatically rejected, but the people who craft such evil legislation, must be immediately removed from office.


Save a billion and just legalize drugs.


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Terrific article!

One thing about colonialism in the form of contemporary corporations’ imperial ambitions is how little the modus operandi alters. From nation to nation, decade to decade, the same lies are told and the same corrupt political “leaders” selected. Preferably, they are those willing to take personal graft while selling out their own lands, natural resources, and people. John Perkins laid out the entire operation and its logic in case after case in his important book, “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.”

The list compiled by those dedicated public servants, sociologists and educators who have witnessed what’s already been done to much of South and Central America is totally accurate. The problem is that the usurpers of power are on a global rampage.

While it’s construed as a conspiracy theory, too many policy indicators lean towards a covert objective based on reducing the global population.

Note the parallels:

  1. So many young males shot down in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen under the pretense that they are enemy combatants
  2. Too many young Black American males gunned down or incarcerated

And this, taken from the article:

“The aid package promises $220 million for ‘citizen security.’ This is a euphemism for targeting urban street gangs. However, there is abundant evidence that national security forces lump violent gang members and (innocent) poor urban youth together as targets. They have effectively declared war on their own teenagers. No wonder this is the primary demographic fleeing violence and poverty by heading north.”

Apparently, there is a stated aim/intention/protocol to eliminate a segment of youth so that they will not be able to procreate.

U.S. foreign policy under the direction of pro-war, sociopathic deep state operators is nothing short of Satanic… evil, incarnate.


All true. Joe Biden is the smiley face on a secret police torturer’s mask. There’s been a renewed interest by U.S. Catholics in S. America since their church is losing so much ground and followers ( money ) elsewhere. Opus Dei is linked to right wing paramilitary groups in these countries, of course. They call peasants and small landowners Marxists to justify their real motives; killing and stealing property for their rotten, sick buddies. Old Spanish Crusaders whose families emgirated and very weird dudes, like " Smilin’ Joe " Biden and Bill Donohue, are paid liars for front groups like the Catholic League and Opus Dei. To think these bullshit artists are anywhere near women and young children, or write bills funding the people who are, should frighten everyone concerned about the average citizens living in Central America.