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7 Top NRC Experts Break Ranks to Warn of Critical Danger at Aging Nuke Plants


7 Top NRC Experts Break Ranks to Warn of Critical Danger at Aging Nuke Plants

Harvey Wasserman

Seven top Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) experts have taken the brave rare step of publicly filing an independent finding warning that nearly every U.S. atomic reactor has a generic safety flaw that could spark a disaster.

The warning mocks the latest industry push to keep America’s remaining 99 nukes from being shut by popular demand, by their essential unprofitability, or, more seriously, by the kind of engineering collapse against which the NRC experts are now warning.


"The NRC’s income is based on revenues from operating reactors, meaning shutting one runs counter to its financial interests..."

"Dave, I'll not open the pod doors." --HAL 9000


Nuclear energy and nuclear weapons are the flip sides of the same coin.


In Florida on Biscayne Bay, on the San Andreas Fault in CA, and on the beautiful Hudson River, aged nuke plants threaten our entire nation and millions!

The Indian Point nuke facility has been leaking for years - it is called "the most dangerous nuke plant in the US", but our so-called leaders continue to stick their heads in the sand, or hold their hands out serving the nuke industry and provide cover for their lies rather than protect our nation and people. CUOMO, close Indian Point NOW! And immediate clean-up, NOT 60 years from shut-down as the industry wants with "SAFSTOR"!
The industry is planning to stick the public with clean-up and restoration costs for their deadly failing plants! Clean-ups after shut-down are our fight into the future!

"Entergy: Nuke plant closing costs not covered past 60 years"
"An Entergy Corp. official said Wednesday the company is offering no guarantees it will pay to decommission its retired Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant if the job’s still not done by the end of a 60-year period.
Entergy Vice President Michael Twomey told members of two Vermont legislative committees that if decommissioning isn’t done by the end of the period, known in the nuclear industry as “SAFSTOR,” he expects there would be litigation, with the state and Entergy taking different positions."


"Now, however, seven top NRC experts have gone public with a warning that 98 of the 99 nukes still operating in the U.S. suffer from a serious cooling system defect that threatens every one of them."

Waiting to see how the forum's pro-nuke power shills spin the above!


At first I misread your post as saying "... flip sides of the same con."

Full points for the imaginary pun. :wink:


If the forum's pro nuke power shills are socially responsible they would say, yeah, fix it, we want our nukes to be safe.

They would also point out that it happened 13 times in the last 14 years and other safety features mitigated the problem.


When regulators have to appeal for help outside the agency for a threat to public health the agency won't acknowledge, it's time to say the NRC isn't just ineffective, it's counterproductive.