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70,000 Moderate Fighters in Syria? It’s Another Cameron Photoshop


70,000 Moderate Fighters in Syria? It’s Another Cameron Photoshop

Robert Fisk

Not since Hitler ordered General Walther Wenck to send his non-existent 12th Army to rescue him from the Red Army in Berlin has a European leader believed in military fantasies as PR Dave Cameron did last week. Telling the House of Commons about the 70,000 “moderate” fighters deployed in Syria was not just lying in the sense that Tony Blair lied – because Blair persuaded himself to believe in his own dishonesty – but something approaching burlesque. It was whimsy – ridiculous, comic, grotesque, ludicrous. It came close to a unique form of tragic pantomime.


This is a great article. As usual, Robert Fisk is very insightful with cogent arguments. He is a treasure with all his years of experience in the Middle East. I hope Common Dreams makes him a regular contributer.


Catherine Austin Fitts interviewed on Greg Hunter's show explained that ISIS funding CAN be tracked. The FBI along with other covert agencies have the means to do so. The fact that nothing has been done to cut their financial lines means that they are either being encouraged to enact the carnage, or what they are doing is part of a larger goal: that of using Terror to continue to eviscerate all sovereign forms of civil Liberties.

Therefore, a statement like this--in being so sure that ISIS is the command behind the carnage is not looking as deeply into matters as it might. And as to the use of the term "moderate rebels," that was precisely the term used by Allen Dulles to convince the Nuremberg Court (and any subsequent framework for legal redress) to allow former Nazis to return to elite positions in Germany after W.W. II. Calling Nazi war criminals "moderates" worked as well 70 years ago as it may today... since the same liars are still in decorated military uniform calling the international shots.

Those who make killing their business find common cause with others equally committed to the same martial codus: that the ends (violent) justify the means:

On Isis: "To achieve this, it must implicate hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslim refugees in its atrocities. It must force our EU nations to introduce States of Emergency, suspend civil liberties, raid the homes of Muslims. It wishes to destroy the European Union itself. It wishes to strike at the heart of the European ideal by liquidating the very foundation of the union: by persuading us to tear up the Schengen agreement and to close our frontiers."


If you click on his photo you can access all 110 of Fisk's articles that Common Dreams has run.


I seem to recall a time when spewing such lies on the floor of a House of Commons would require the MP to resign.

So much for the conservative POV, eh?

Not that it matters much, I seem to recall that I've also heard some stories that the Russians have bombed all of the 'moderate' fighters there anyhow.

Maybe I should stop trusting my memory though, it seems to get me in trouble.


It beggars credulity to observe how the current Prime Minister can stand in the House of Commons and spout more of the malarkey that got Britain into a couple of failed wars. Obviously the members who bought that BS, have been replaced by a new generation who haven't developed a resistance to it.

Where is AMWAY when you need to make all your dreams come true?