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70+ Climate Journalists Pen Open Letter Condemning Barrett for Enabling the 'Ecological Crisis of Our Times'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/25/70-climate-journalists-pen-open-letter-condemning-barrett-enabling-ecological-crisis


All true enough, and every photo shows her crazy eyes. Sadly, it is we the people who have allowed our governance to be so distorted and slanted to the extreme right.
In 2016 almost half the electorate did not bother to vote. This is important because every poll ever taken shows that, on the issues, the majority is progressive.
Thus , by not participating we allow the highly motivated radical right to gain an advantage they normally should never have.
So, to all those who , somehow, ignore the blatant proof of Trump’s insanity these last almost four years, and gripe that Biden is not left leaning enough for you so you do not intend to vote, you are responsible for the privatization of social security, the ending of medicare, the cancellation of the ACA throwing at least 20 million out of their health care, the continuation of the stranglehold of the corporate and the wealthy over our governance.


I hate to break the news to these folks, but Barrett, and her handlers, don’t care. You see, her handlers, America’s upper, upper crust, already have their bunkers ready. And as for Barrett, well, she genuinely believes that the end of days are upon us.
In the end, there is no reasoning with these people. They are despicable wealthy buffoons. They know that the earth is warming out of control. The wealthy are so arrogant as to believe that they are immune from its ravages. The pious believe it’s one of the seven seals that will be broken before the apocalypse as foretold in Revelation. They actually welcome it.
That what we’re dealing with.


Ms Barret is another of those on the far right that promotes logical fallacies. She claims that AGW is still very much under debate as there legions of scientists that disagree with suggestion that human activity can cause Climate change.

These people will often cite petitions signed by “30000 scientists in disagreement”. The problem is these 30000 scientists are not climate scientists. They can be astronomers or Physicists. They can be molecular biologists or metallurgists. As such their OPINIONS have nothing to do with Climate Science as they are not versed in that field.

Just because I might be a horse jockey and win a triple crown, I am not suddenly an expert on hockey.


We are dealing with the bannon/conway/mercer et al bag of hyper-polarization of things not thought about. Disinformation serves ONE purpose: to eroticise societal activity rather than inform it; in fact to guarantee that activity is misinformed. The PTB ‘coined’ (note the descriptive) the term “information age” in the 70s (?), developed its premises, and has now weaponized it. The reach of such forms of manipulation swing back and forth to hypnotize entire sectors of society into thinking themselves “unworthy”; witnesses of the end times and contributing to one of the most salacious instances of self fulfilling prophesies ever perpetrated.


It would be interesting to check the backgrounds, education and employment - they might also be product research lab employees for corporations - which raises the question, what exactly is the accepted definition of “scientist” … someone who has a masters in lab technology for instance?


As I have said many times on Common Dreas we are going through the Overhaul of humanity.

What that means is we will eventually Overhaul all of our dysfunctional institutions because they do not represent who we are as a collective called humanity. There will be so much that comes to the surface at this time .

We will literally re-present ourselves as universal humans .
Homous Universalis. Literally new humans with expanded conciousness and putting in place what works for the highest good of all.
Not just for a small percentage either religious institutions or the rich and powerful. 1% as some have called them.

Time to Awaken The Species .
Curse the darkness not, but allow your light to shine through the darkness.


You don’t really need science to appreciate what’s happening to our planet:





Just as an example of that “Scientists” in Alberta claimed the Wolf population was threatening the existence of the Caribou herds in North East Alberta. They claimed this justified a culling of the population of wolves.

They did not mention the fact that this was where all of the Tar sands mega projects are and that these projects were destroying Caribou habitat. Where the Caribou could use deep woods to hide from wolves they can no longer do that and wolves could now roam deforested areas to more easily hunt down their prey. This in turn allowed wolf populations to grow which means more Caribou killed.

The person reading the words of these “scientists” would conclude the diminishing Caribou herds coupled with exploding Wolf populations have nothing to do with what humans are doing.


Three uber-right-wing installations in 3 years to SCOTUS IS STACKING THE COURT.

If Biden wins and doesn’t respond in kind, what then?


From her first day showing up in the Rose Garden with her entire brood and herself mask-less, along with nearly every person attending also mask-less, she showed her disrespect, disregard, and utter disdain for the safety of others. She has no business on our Supreme Court after showing her true nature.


So does Pence and too many others to name here. If one is so stupid that they really believe in the RAPTURE AND ARE IN POSITIONS OF POLITICAL POWER! I would say they are right…the end days are upon us!


One important detail left out of your otherwise perceptive comment; they are in the extreme minority and thus can be defeated.


Pardon me for saying so, but I have to question the intelligence of an entity whose “Intelligent Design” plan includes an “End Times” provision.


Yes this separation of understanding and individualism is humanitys number one problem.

What is humanity trying to do as a collective ?


Does seem somewhat counter-productive.


Unsure as to which “scientists” were involved in that decision in Canada but to besmirch all scientists to make a political point seems absurdist.

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I think you give them far less credit than they have earned. They have, quite literally, helped control political discourse in this nation since the rise of the Christian Coalition almost 50 years ago.
At the end of every day, almost 25% of US adults believe this sky daddy/end of days/apocalypse nonsense. And they vote.


There a reason “scientists” placed in brackets.

This hardly besmirches all scientists. I was referring to specific ones such as those that claim AGW does not exist.


When these scientists contradict the claims being made by 500 scientists about Climate change, they are not besmirching all science. They are questioning the expertise of those in question when it comes to climate change.

Here just one paragraph from the rebuttal.

I categorized all 506 signatories according to their self-identified field of expertise. Only 10 identified as climate scientists, and 4 identified as meteorologists. (Together, that’s 2.8% of the total.) Signatories in totally unrelated academic fields (for example, psychology, philosophy, archaeology, and law) outnumbered climate scientists by two to one.

Now to that Wolf kill in Alberta. Any that doubt that “Scientists” will not consider who is paying them to do their studies is beyond naive. There was a professor in Florida who claimed himself as an independent researcher with no ties to Monsanto who was claiming products made by the same were not harmful to the environment. It was later revealed he was coordinating his responses directly with researchers at Monsanto.

A person claiming to be an independent researcher in Texas claimed there no evidence that fracking could pollute groundwater supplies. It was found he was receiving funds directly from the Fracking industry.

The researchers in Alberta are employed by the Government of Alberta and that Government does all it can to promote more production of tar sands oil. They will weed out researchers that suggest those Tarsands plants wreaking havoc on habitat the underlying culprit.

Trump does this very thing down in the USA.


We ‘allowed’ all three. We ‘allowed’ . . . We ‘allowed’. . . We ‘allowed’. . . Everything that the fascists of this ‘administration’ have done, and are still doing, we deserve what we have ‘allowed’, and are still continuing to ‘allow’ - Right?