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70% of Americans Think Congress Should Probe Sexual Assault Allegations Against Trump


70% of Americans Think Congress Should Probe Sexual Assault Allegations Against Trump

Jon Queally, staff writer

Quinnipiac poll shows overwhelming support for lawmakers to open official inquiry into women who have accused president of unwanted sexual advances


Yes, Congress should probe these allegations against Trump. Why don’t they…?? They’re all very moral people who have taken an oath and have only the best interest of their citizens in mind, right…??


As someone noted in another article, Dems in Congress called for Conyers to resign and are calling for Franken to resign, but, from what I can tell, are completely mute on Trump. Huh?


Seriously, what difference does it make if Trump made unwanted sexual advances? None. We already know he’s a lech, just as we already know many powerful men are leches.

Maybe instead of encouraging Congress to do more grandstanding about unwanted sexual advances, we should insist that they work on real problems, like stopping the devastating Budget Bill, saving net neutrality, providing universal healthcare, stopping Trump from starting WWIII, etc. You know, stuff that matters.


US public opinion doesn’t amount to much. A majority supported the 2003 Iraq invasion only to later realize it was a “mistake” or immoral. And although a majority has supported health care reform for years, it didn’t result in the public option or anything more beneficial like single payer.


:slight_smile: You’re a funny guy, thanks for making me smile. Needed it!


Yup. It has been well-documented we do not live in a democracy. What the majority of citizens want to see enacted - is not. What a tiny cabal of wealthy elites want enacted - is. The actual form of government we have is Oligarchy. But we keep voting religiously for Pepsi or Coke every 2-4 years - gotta maintain the appearance that we have a democracy. So very, very important, appearances…


Waiting for a those senators who called for Al Franken to resign to move similarly against trump. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. What a bunch of hypocrites. By seeking Franken’s resignation and not calling for trump’s, these peoples’ actions raise the issue of their motivation.


Trump may be hauled into court pretty soon:


How much did Mercer pay recent ‘allegators’ for their allegations? Is there a statute of limitations on sexual allegations? Does Bannon or do the elite oligarchs have anything to do with the sexual allegations? Once Moore gets …or doesn’t get… elected will this epidemic of harassment allegations subside? What do allegations and ratings have in common? Exactly how ‘dirty’ is the politics in the USA? Is it worth saving if it’s rotten to the core?


Go Summer!


Love to see 3 more "sub"polls - (my guesses)

  1. Poll of all American women (85%)
  2. Poll of Republican women (65%)
  3. Poll of Democratic women (95%)


I agree. I saw a bumper sticker that said: Dems and Republicans- same shit, different piles. The word democracy is said all the time, even by teachers and politicians, who should know better. Technically, we have a constitutional republic. But I think de facto we have a plutocracy, ie rulers of wealth, who rule on behalf of the wealthy (corporations, individuals, the military industry, etc.). Wouldn’t you agree more with this label than oligarchy? My understanding of oligarchy is that it’s rule by the few, I think by aristocrats of some fashion.


Looking at the poll, I notice a discrepancy.

The question in aggregate says 70% say Trump should be investigated. BUT when you look at the Registered Voters:
a) 67% say he should be investigated; then when you look at it by group, 39% of republicans, 86% of democrats and 66% of independents agree.

Statistics say the only way the average can be 67%, when 2 of the groups are below the average (one significantly so…) is if the percentage of democrats is dramatically overweighted in the survey population…

Also, it’s interesting to note that there’s no definition of “sexual assault” and the percentage of democrats who say they’ve been assaulted is more than 50% higher than republicans or independents. I’ll wager there’s a significant difference in what the different groups consider constitutes “sexual assault”.

I’m inclined to take the whole survey with a grain of salt…


Gillibrand and McCaskill are up for re-election in 2018…nothing like creating a campaign slogan for future use.

This entire harassment band wagon needs to go away…our nation is on the brink of disaster and these “colleagues” are making noise about Senator Franken. Meanwhile, an deranged demagogue is destroying our planet along with anything and everything he touches.

70% of Americans is a stretch. More like 35% most of whom occupy the simpleton demographic. Probing sexual assault allegations is spitting into the wind…nothing will be gained while the world population potentially faces a nuclear winter and loss of life.


Not true. Democrats do currently have about a 7 to 10 point advantage on the party affiliation question across multiple polling companies and this poll seems to be right in that range.

Not true. The question read “Have you ever been sexually assaulted, meaning someone touched you in an inappropriate, sexual manner without your consent, or not?”

Again not true. The percentages are 27% Rep, 43% Dem, and 33% Ind which is actually extremely balanced - (I’m guessing you are also making the mistake of not taking into account the gender differences in party identifications)


I completely disagree. I find it to be integral to the most important positive development of the Trump Presidency - namely the general feeling that speaking up as part of the resistance to the patriarchal, xenophobic, racist, imperialistic, inequitable economic order is important.


YUP we have an ugly culture of sexual games from the afternoon soaps to miss swishy in yoga tights to male testosterone junkies. Sin? From child-rearing to male-female dominance. Hey, folks, we are marching headlong into a nuclear war and we are obsessed with little boys in men’s bodies playing doctor nurse? It belongs in child rearing class and psychology couch. How about a few shows with the goofball Dr, Phil? Women, in general, will not win this stupid game. When the carnival show is over things will only get worse. Some bimbo will file a false claim and the thing will blow up. That fifteen minutes of fame is so seductive as to be an obsession.


A 7 - 10 point advantage over the republicans is not sufficient to account for that much of a shift. Most accounts say that independents are a plurality with democrats having a 7 point advantage. If one takes the most common 31% dem / 24% rep / 42% ind, one gets 62%,overweighted Democrat…

“inappropriate sexual manner” is a subjective definition. One person might consider a pat on the shoulder suggestive, another not so.

Finally, 43% is 159% of 27% and 130% of 33%. those are pretty wide margins of difference… I’m always willing to stand corrected, but in the link I did not see any differentiation in sex and party affiliation.


0.2(0.39)+0.3(0.86)+0.5(0.66) rounds to 0.67

…and 43% is 100%% is 100% of 43% (I have no idea why you added the 100% there to make it look like a bigger difference) or why you would look at the ratio of the percentages. The data should be equivalent evidence if you looked at the percent respondents who say they have not been “Assaulted” those numbers are 70% Rep 57% Dem and 63% Ind. The Gender effect probably accounts for about half of those differences so the party differences are surprisingly small.