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70% of Americans Think Congress Should Probe Sexual Assault Allegations Against Trump


Yeah, especially Pence… I can’t wait until that POS gets hit about his unctuous hand where it didn’t belong…and it’s a’comin’. No one can be as holy as he claims to be while he holds on to “mother.”


The Democratic vs. Republican opposition is nothing but a “good cop, bad cop” routine. Both serve plutocracy.


The way I understand it is oligarchy is rule by wealthy families.
Plutocracy is rule by wealthy individuals.


Then 70% of Americans should vote Democrat. No chance with GOP in majority. Zero.


You are probably correct. A few rich bastards, whatever the term. Not democracy.


I think it generally means rule by the few. The wealthy part is more associated with plutocracy. An oligarchy, for instance, can consist of military leaders.


Whatever the name, part of the issue is that no person of power is held responsible for breaking the laws in the constitution. In essence we are living under either a royalty or a despot since our politicians are above the law. The public need to take some responsibility for their worship of the rich and famous. The brainwashing induced by mass media is active participation not passive. It is true that schools no longer teach critical thinking but people come on WAKE UP