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70 Percent of Americans Think Mueller Should Be Free to Go After Trump's Finances


70 Percent of Americans Think Mueller Should Be Free to Go After Trump's Finances

Jake Johnson, staff writer

President Donald Trump has stated openly that his and his family's finances should be "off limits" to special counsel Robert Mueller—who is investigating possible collusion between Trump's presidential campaign and Russia—but a new poll published Thursday shows that large majority of Americans disagree.


Going after Trump’s finances is key. There is probably some important information in his tax returns which he won’t release but Mueller really needs to see the full picture of his financial dealings with Russia. Trump’s statements on foreign policy suggest that he is actually working on behalf of Russia. Questions will always remain if Mueller cannot seek the information he needs to figure out what has gone on.


Let’s hope that the investigation continues and is not ended by trump et al. And what’s this about trump not wanting to have the next presidential election as scheduled? WTF? Remember how the righties kept saying that Obama would postpone the election? I abhor repubs who are mostly white like me.


Well of course…investigate his finances, his tax returns, his many conflicts of interest domestic and international, including banks/bankers, state trade deals, hotel profits, Russian oligarchs and mob. trumps links and deep financial involvement and conflicts of interest with Russian oligarchs, bankers and the mob (not “the Kremlin” per se) are the story and why trump bends over for those connections - that and the blackmail dirt/revelations they may hold over his head…

And please include the potential/likely/possible true source of the Dem documents, leaked, not hacked! That source may be the Dem staffer Seth Rich dealing with Wikileaks and murdered in an entirely unconnected event.

In a “new twist” Seymour Hersh apparently believes the murder of Rich was unconnected to the document leak and this should be taken seriously in any “Russian hacking” investigation.

“The possible new evidence comes in the form of a leaked audiotape of veteran investigative journalist Seymour Hersh in which Hersh is heard to say that not Russia, but a DNC insider, was the source of the Democratic emails published by WikiLeaks just before the start of the Democratic National Convention”

The take-away is Rich may have in fact been the leaker to Wikileaks and all the media “conspiracy theory” refutations and “debunking” and denials of Rich and connected murder are diversions to maintain the Russia “hacking” linkage/image - stranger things have happened - so who benefits from Russia being the “hacker”, rather than Rich being the leaker for money? - follow the money and political intrigue and who benefits and how…

https://consortiumnews.com/2017/08/08/a-new-twist-in-seth-rich-murder-case/ by Joe Lauria -
“a veteran foreign-affairs journalist. He has written for the Boston Globe, the Sunday Times of London and the Wall Street Journal among other newspapers.”


And the 30% who do not support Mueller investigating DJT’s fiances probably have as much or more to hide in their own finances than the criminal-in-chief. It will be revealed that DJT and his trash tribes business dealings have all been criminal at worst; subversive and furtive at the very least since any of the parties became adults.


What are his ties to interests seeking to drill for oil in the Atlantic and Arctic oceans???

NRDC petition to halt drilling in Arctic and Atlantic
The Trump administration is ignoring public opinion, science, safety and the planet’s future — this time to open huge swaths of the Atlantic and Arctic oceans to offshore drilling. And they may even push to open up the Pacific and the eastern Gulf Coast to drilling.

These are the exact same areas that President Obama put off-limits to drilling just last year. Neither public opinion nor scientific facts have changed since then — the only difference is who’s in the White House.


And it would be DJT’s just due to have his ocean front golf resorts and personal properties awash in crude blackening the beaches lined with bloated, floating marine animals killed by any and all platform explosions and spills. No conscience, no brains, no insight, no intellect, no soul…a veritable empty shell in human form…and that, folks is the current emperor-cum-king of the U.S.


Mueller, if he has any jurisdiction at all, must investigate only matters which touch upon the election and nothing else. This is not supposed to be a fishing expedition, so let’s make sure it doesn’t become one!


God I hope he wasn’t responsible for that bone headed, jack booted thuggery, raid on Manafort. Only an idiot would keep any incriminating evidence in his home. Scrubbing blustering Trump is fair game.


Going after Donald J. Trump…period, including his finances is the key for Mueller’s job. Good work, Robert Mueller–you’re doing great! Keep it up!


An examination of Donald Trump’s finances is vital. If he has any financial entanglement with Russia, whether with private persons or members of Russian government, our national security is compromised. Our Fake President has a history of enhancing his own bottom line at the expense of his business associates’ welfare. How can we know if his decisions are made based on the welfare of our country or of the Trump empire?