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70 US Mayors Issue Scathing Letter Demanding Trump USDA Call Off Effort to Strip Food Stamps From 3 Million People

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/22/70-us-mayors-issue-scathing-letter-demanding-trump-usda-call-effort-strip-food

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I swear, this administration has lost it’s collective mind.

Can we please just remove them all?


We shouldn’t even be having this discussion! In the so-called Greatest Country in the World™, where trillions of tax dollars are spent on things that kill other people, where we produce enough food to feed everybody quite well, hunger should be a non-issue. Food, like water, air, health care, is a human right, not a commodity to be traded and sold to enrich already rich people. No one should be hungry. I supported four other people this past year when their food stamp money ran out before the next payment. I made sure they had basics-bread, milk, eggs, oatmeal. And I’m on a fixed income as well!!


Hello PonyBoy, You forget that you are dealing with psychopaths, sociopaths, sexual predators and generally insane. They don’t give a shit about any of us. Probably they would comment in private that the number of people kicked off the program is way too small. At least double the 3 million or so is what they desire for this go around and many more in the succeeding rounds of elimination those that need this and other programs. The same as the elimination of voters who are now ineligible to vote.


Welcome to the fall of the US Empire. As the leaders continue to conquer, or actually, try to, conquer other lands we are suffocating from within. All Empires fall in roughly the same manner. A cabal of emperor(s), in this case the two political parties, get infected with megalomania and want to take over the world. Money is everything. Accumulate as much as possible. Screw everyone in the process. It never ends well. The rot spreads until the inevitable and collapse ensues. Sorry. Peace


Despicable. Trump wants to starve people, yet he’s okay on spending 738 billion on “defense” spending. And most Dems in Congress are to blame as well. Whenever a military spending bill comes along, they should demand full funding of social programs first.


As I suggested previously, along with any scathing letters should be a law suit. If trump can stall by using the courts on every issue, then anything he proposes should have to go through the same process. No more mandates from this sick thug can go unchallenged.


A percentage of decrease in military spending must be done on a scheduled basis.
Besides that, what does trump care about 70 mayors or 700 mayors. He regularly shits on whole countries.

The USDA has lost its direction; directed by a pathological trump functionary, Sonny Purdue, just like all the rest of trumps odious cabinet, dedicated to undermine America and American families - all those in want, struggling just to survive in the vulture capitalist world!

The next action needs to be the dissolution, the extinction of, the USDA Wildlife Services department - the “killer department” that exterminates wildlife or all sorts all over America.with annual budget of $121 million supposedly but likely higher.

“The Department of Agriculture needs to get out of the wildlife-slaughter business,” said Adkins. “Wolves, bears and other carnivores help keep the natural balance of their ecosystems. Our government kills off the predators, such as coyotes, and then kills off their prey — like prairie dogs — in an absurd, pointless cycle of violence.”

"Wildlife Services is a strategically misnamed federal program within the USDA that wastes millions of dollars each year killing wild animals with traps, snares, poisons, gas, and aerial gunning at the request of corporate agriculture and the hunting lobby. According to their official reports, they have slaughtered over 34 million animals in the last decade. Even worse, we’ve had whistleblowers tell us repeatedly that Wildlife Services’ real kill numbers are significantly higher, just not reported.

In 2018 alone they claim to have killed 2.6 million animals, including 1.5 million native wildlife species. These kills include the following vital native predators:

*** 68,186 coyotes (plus unknown # of pups in 361 destroyed dens)**
*** 1,002 bobcats**
*** 375 mountain lions (cougars)**
*** 338 bears**
*** 357 wolves.**


Speciecide by any measure! End the slaughter!

Made the needed addition to your comment.

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We all know that, but I was thinking in terms of what could be possible.
I get it though, I would like my tax dollars adjusted to my war attitudes.
We can get by with half the military spending. It’s the black ops and secret spending projects that really screw us badly.
The American people get virtually nothing for the largest part of our budget.


I’m sorry Casey, I just found out that one of my best friends in the world has passed.

I agree with your comment. I’m not up to elaborating on this topic today.

Thank you for your comment.

Pony Boy, my condolences to you regarding your friend, I had to rush my dear old friend to Emergency 2 day’s ago as he was struggling with several health issues, the Drs.told him all they could do for him was offer assisted suicide…it felt like the world tilted slightly under my feet, and it hasn’t righted itself yet. But I was honored to be able to call him a friend and know him, I brought him home this afternoon to be in his own house so he can go in peace, sometimes life really sucks. Take care of yourself, friend.

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No food stamps for the needy, but trumps runs up a bill to taxpayers for over 100 million for his golf habit…WTF?

If you cut off Food Stamps to working poor and cut illegal refugees, American Capitalism will collapse.

I’m sorry for your loss, PonyBoy. Life is too hard and too short.

For years I have thought the two most dangerous departments are The Department of Justice and the Department of Agriculture. Both the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Justice seem hell bent on policies that reek of child abuse. You have to have contact with indigent persons to know the smoke and mirrors of these departments policies. If you think the system (our tax dollars/ our tithing) is nurturing then we too are a victim of smoke and mirrors. This is why we could impeach President Trump. Look collectively at the abuse of children going on in this administration. President Trump’s leadership of systemic child abuse. Impeach President Trump for child abuse.

Only 70 mayors in the entire country? There are 3,400+ counties in the US and 80,000+ local governments. Normally, they should all be up in arms.

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We have been asking that question since trump’s picks went beyond untrustworthy retired generals, almost from day one beginning with Flynn.
Yes PB, trimming the branches is a poor substitute when the tree is diseased and dying. Removal is the only effective way to deal with this abomination.

Child abuse AND kidnapping.
Is trump’s alternative to food stamps robbing 7-11’s? Stealing from your neighbors, panhandling, starving to death, before or after your children, or just check out?