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70 Years After Bombing of Hiroshima, Calls to Abolish Nuclear Weapons


Yunzer, you and I are never going to agree on this issue. To you, all alternatives are frozen at their current level, so there is no hope until we all glow in the dark (joke) and that the only hope is nuclear ways to boil water. I’m sure there are things being worked on in the nuclear field. I wouldn’t trust what is being developed today, unless it could be rendered harmless and safe. Fusion, especially cold fusion that worked and was stable could provide an answer. Currently, fusion either fizzles out or goes boom, so I won’t hold my breath. The best fusion reactor with the most stable (not perfectly stable, of course) delivery is 93 million miles away, which is perfect.

  • As I said before, I think the Big Four are all a disaster, happening or in the making. People can learn to live with less, or at least with less convenience. Education is needed, not propaganda and psyops to make us conform. People have to look at what is happening and try to improve the efficiency, develop storage for dark days and night time.
  • Instead of pouring another trillion dollars into making bigger and better nuclear weapons, why not invest some of that into developing alternatives and improving efficiency? Into making better insulated homes that need less energy to stay warm or cool. There is a technique for collecting and storing heat in the Summer and Fall that will keep a home warm all Winter, for instance. None of the Big Four needed.
  • There are a lot of people working on solutions. Many are held back because there isn’t enough money to even build working models. Some of that trillion would help here, too.
  • So to answer the last part of your answer, if research were to discover a nuclear power source that was safe and foolproof (aye, there’s the rub) and would not leave behind a quarter millennium’s worth of radioactive waste to be guarded and stored, then perhaps it would make sense. So far, no luck.


That’s a good link, thank you.

  • Small story you might get a chuckle out of.
  • I was at sea in an old schooner south of the Marshall Islands in 1991. On 24 December, I went below to listen to my short wave and get some music. Nice concert on Radio Moscow. At the end, the announcer came on, saying, “And now the news. President Gorbachev has announced his retirement and the formal dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics at noon tomorrow.”
  • I returned to the deck and said, “Guys, you’re not going to believe what I just heard!”


I wrote the poem below on the 60th anniversary of VJ Day. Now, ten years later, the situation has only worsened. More wars, more hunger, more death and homelessness around the world.

AUGUST 15, 1945 and the world war was finally over! Six years of battle and slaughter had finally ended and the world could once again look forward to living at peace. Unfortunately, the nuclear dragon had been unleashed on a nation that was actually trying to surrender. History is being rewritten daily to show that isn’t so, but the old records remain, here and there.
	*  Non-the-less, the war was over and the world rejoiced, then began in on the cold war and the many other “little” wars that have gone on to the present, squandering lives and resources, to feed the vanity and desires of various self styled leaders and politicians and enrich the arms manufacturers.

**VJ Day plus 60**

15 August, 1945 and the world went wild!
The insanity that had begun in 1939 was over.
Imperial Japan had surrendered, its one wish granted.
Few knew it had been trying to surrender for months,
Asking only to keep its Emperor, but no one would listen.
Except a small group who wondered why.

We had a lesson to teach, to Japan and the world at large.
16 July, 1945, in the American desert, Trinity was detonated.
Far more powerful than expected, the superweapon worked!
Horrified, many scientists said, “It must never be used.”
The war department said, “Just what we need.”
Intelligence said, “They’re trying to surrender.”

“Bomb an offshore deserted island,” the scientists said.
“Maybe it won’t go off,” the military said, “we’d look foolish.”
“Destroying a city without warning is barbaric,” said the diplomats.
“They really want to surrender,” said intelligence.
“We’ll call the city a military target,” said Truman,
“The Russians will get a big surprise.”

6 August 1945, an elderly gardener looked up from his spade
Admiring the silver plane flying far above.
His shadow remains etched in the concrete wall behind him.
Schoolchildren, housewives, tradesmen
Blown to rags of flesh or vaporized, the lucky ones.
Thousands of others doomed to slow death and disease.

“They keep asking for someone to take their surrender,” said intelligence,
“Can’t we at least talk to them?”
“They have to be taught a lesson and the world must see our power,”
Said the military,” Besides, we have to test the second bomb.”
And so the wheels were set in motion for the second demonstration
Of Hell on earth.

9 August 1945, above the city of Kokura, the Gods of Chance roll the dice.
A hundred thousand or more go about their business,
Unsuspecting of the doom flying above the thick cloud cover.
In Nagasaki, the people enjoyed the sunshine as the cloud cover broke.
“Secondary target is clear,” and their world suddenly ended in fire and shock
And radiation sleeting through their bodies.

“Now let them surrender,” said the military, “The test is completed.”
Two cities vaporized, two hundred thousand dead,
Survivors to suffer, some for days, some for decades,
And the nuclear arms race begun.
“By golly, we sure showed them!”
“We’ll let them keep their Emperor.”

15 August, 1945 and the world went wild!
The end of the war and of war itself!
There was dancing in the streets and love in the parks,
The blackouts ended in the streets and the homes.
Japan and Germany licked their wounds,
In Washington and the Kremlin, midnight oil was burning.

15 August 2005, nations have risen and fallen;
War and genocide again ravage the world.
Treaties made by thoughtful men have been discarded
In the name of profit and greed; nuclear horror again hovers
Over a world exhausted by war, famine and disease.
Only the aging survivors remember the bloody lesson, taught so long ago.

Steve Osborn    
15 August 2005
Now it is 15 August 2015, *a decade later*. Millions more dead in our endlessly expanding wars with the world. Apparently no lessons learned.
*  War and endless greed is *not* the answer!