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72% of Democrats Say Opposing Trump Isn't Enough, Want Congressional Candidates to Push Progressive Agenda


72% of Democrats Say Opposing Trump Isn't Enough, Want Congressional Candidates to Push Progressive Agenda

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Amid congressional primary races and ahead of the November 6 election, new survey results indicate that a large majority of Democratic voters believe that promoting a "progressive agenda" should be the top priority of any Democrat running for Congress.


This was also the case in 2016.

Until Democratic Party Establishment leaders are changed, with their “Corporate Rule” devotion, nothing will change.

Money Corrupts.


A more useful survey would ask corporate and oligarch donors to the Democratic party what they think.

Cuz that’s what actually matters.


Well the numbers sound right. Will the Democrats listen? Not just no, but hell no.


The DP establishment represents big-money and profits above the people, progressive issues, and truth. Nothing will change as PonyBoy writes until there is a great purge and radical change to what the myth of the party was and has become - in spades! The party once upon a time did more or less sometimes represent the 99%, unions, workers, the poor and vulnerable, environment and the “little people” - that ended for certain with the Clintons and Obama selling out the last remnants of FDR & Eleanor, Huey Long, Adlai Stevenson, Jack and Bobby and Martin to serve themselves and corporate/banker/wall street/war machine corruption, usury and screw the “little people” culminating with the “nomination”/planned coronation of Clinton II…blame everyone except yourself and your corrupt co-conspirators and the evil systems that have America by the throat!

…The party sellout swine must be removed or we are done as even the shadow of a free republic or “democracy”

The Chris Hedges essay “The Coming Collapse” lays it out pretty damn well! Tragically no one in power will do a damn thing to change the corrupt status quo…and the beat goes on


The day after the election I said that the Dems need to start putting up candidates in the Sanders mold. That is exactly why Trump got elected, by promising to change the system (MAGA & hope and change) that never seems to get changed no matter who or what. Voters are crying, screaming that they want Medicare for all, EFCA, heads of the big banks JAILED and not just fined, The Dems better heed what their voters want or forget the “blue wave”. I am thinking of staying home in Nov just because of the way the DNC and Dem party are reacting.


Agreed. This poll is a good illustration of the Gilens and Page study which concluded that the business of Congress has almost nothing to do with what the people say they want. “Citizens United” is just another symptom of the cancer of money in American politics. Old DINO-saur party “leaders” like Schumer, Pelosi and Feinstein are just fine with things the way they are and the corporate media is also just fine with this idiocy.
Jimmy Carter said years ago that “we do not have a functioning democracy anymore”. I don’t see it changing in the foreseeable future, either. Too many political whores in Washington, DeCeit who dance to the “Potomac Two-Step”.


Here’s a progressive position for general consideration: overturning Buckley V. Valeo and Citizens United, by any means necessary.

Money is NOT speech.
Corporations are NOT people.

And, while we’re on the subject, capitalism is NOT democracy.


I hear your frustration—in fact I share it—but I would urge you to vote Green, independent or write-in, rather than abstain. Every uncast vote is taken as a vote for the status quo.


72% of democrats (and !00% D leaning Independents) want Congressional candidates to push Progressive Agenda.
The 1% want democrats to maintain the status quo.
Is there any doubt which way the Vichy democrats will go?


I ran as a Green party candidate in 2004 on a State Ballot AND voted for Jill Stein in 2012 & 2016. I firmly believe we are done, and the time is NOW to find a country that suits your needs and bail.


I love the photo you use with Clinton speaking at a Walmart gathering. How appropriate to show her earlier roots as a corporate enabler of that appalling and ruthless organization. What is the difference between Clinton and Sanders? After our “election” Sanders wrote a book on what we need to do now that Trump and his right-wingers are in power and he continued to try and inspire the many, many people who entered politics (many as candidates) as a result of his campaign. It looks like Hillary is still whining and looking for excuses as to why she didn’t win. After all, wasn’t it “her turn”? Yeah, the Electoral College sucks and we have to get rid of it but Clinton was the reason why so many people stayed home. She came off as a pandering phony and a a perfect symbol of white privilege. Her comment about the “basketful of deplorables” was one of the stupidest things she ever said.
So, now it is “socilalists”? Please. Hillary you OWN this debacle. Suck it up and move on, preferably not in government.


This poll shows the power that Sanders continues to have, but does not choose to use effectively, IMO. He endorses liberals who are anything but progressive and “progressives” who remain silent on international issues or support the status quo with slight modifications. Worse, he remains silent - or comes into too late - for real progressives, especially on the state level where real progressives are winning in the primaries. He could assign staff to build a website to give endorsements – or more importantly – non-endorsements to the majority of Dems who are garbage candidates for the status quo and/or DINOs.


The great George Carlin agreed with you, Patricia. Two years before he died he was interviewed and when they started talking about the the U.S. he said simply - “This country is finished.” I also think sometimes that we are just going through the motions of being a democratic republic and a just society worth living in and working for. I’m also thinking of moving elsewhere.


PS: The attached piece is clearly a hit-job on Nina Turner (who has made some really serious errors, but is trying to take Our Revolution in a progressive direction with full frontal assaults on the Dem Party – both its faux-progressives and DINOS(AURS). However, it does show an abundance of caution by Sanders himself and IMO an unwillingness to “be all he can be.” The Bernie moment is fizzling into irrelevance.


Yup. The DNC would rather try to appeal to republican voters than their own base. Let’s revive Pigasus, and run him/her for president with the slogan “A pig you CAN put lipstick on.”


Green is Love.

Love of People.

Love of Planet.


It’s not so much changing the hopeless leaders as it is making the party an actual democratic party – beholden to, funded by, and run by the membership. I, for one, don’t see that ever happening




AMEN!!   Dump Dirty Debbie and the Stupor-Delegates!!

GEE, what a BIG surprise!   Just Say NUTS! to Nancy!!

It’s way past time for Dems to Punt Pelosi and the PlutocRats!!