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75 Years On: Reflections and Preflections on Hiroshima

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/07/75-years-reflections-and-preflections-hiroshima

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" But we can transcend it, rise above it, by naming it, acknowledging it, repudiating it, and committing ourselves to a greater expression of the people and society we imagine and hope ourselves to be. It is the only option for a sane, safe, and civilized future. "
I wonder what utopian dream world Mr. Freeman inhabits…Where in the recorded history of mankind has Mr. Freeman’s rosy possibility of transcendence ever been realized? Just look at the present administration for the complete absence of sanity, safety and civilized behavior. Dream on, Mr. Freeman, dream on.

Mungo, you write, “Where in the recorded history of mankind has Mr. Freeman’s rosy possibility of transcendence ever been realized?”

I offer the facts that blacks do not live in chains in our country and more, that women are not property, and that children are not, as a rule, used in child labor.

Cynicism is not sophistication. It is an admission of personal impotence.

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Yes, one small area of social improvement, and yet, white policemen are still killing Black men, usually without recrimination, millions of people in the U.S. have no medical insurance and millions live below the poverty line, hundreds of thousands die in Yemen because America give Saudi Arabia billions in weaponry, The U. S. supports Israel both financially and militarily while it brutalizes and dehumanizes the Palestinians, well one could go on.
We’re talking about the psychology of man, and particularly men of power and wealth across the world, who frankly don’t give a shit about civilized discourse, and if they read your article, would dismiss it with indifference. The fact that, so far, I’m the only respondent to your article in this bastion of liberal thought, should prove to you that you’re as impotent as I am in these matters.
When Israeli’s are criticized for their treatment of Palestinians they cry “Antisemitism”.
When those with rosy Panglossian idealism are criticized they cry “Cynicism”.

Mister Freeman,

First of all, please accept my thanks for this very important and timely article.
I wish everyone in this nation would read it.

It is very troubling to me when I see so many on both the “left” and the “right”
fall into the bottomless pit of cynicism, with little to no understanding of the fact
that incremental progress is still progress. History is rife with examples of
one small spark which rapidly expands into somerhing much larger, leading
to dramaric social and/or insrirtutional change.

“I wish everyone in this nation would read it.” Guess what? They won’t read it and even if they did, half of them wouldn’t understand it, or reject it out of hand.

I would suggest both you and Mr. Freeman read the below article for a very “cynical” and thoroughly realistic appraisal of the America we now live in. The problems we face are so vastly more all- encompassing that they completely dwarf the "incremental progress " that has been made, and if not addressed will soon sweep away those very benefits.

Try reading America’s Death March
by [Chris Hedges] in a recent common dreams post.