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8 Election Day Victories That Spell Good News for Democrats and the Progressive Grassroots


8 Election Day Victories That Spell Good News for Democrats and the Progressive Grassroots

Common Dreams staff

A year after Trump's win, Tuesday's election showed that progressive organizing in 2017 has paid off across the country


Excellent news. Let’s keep going!


breathing a little easier this a.m. - now on to the real stuff - getting rid of all white patriarchs who think they can do what ever they damn please where women and the rest of us are concerned. We have a brief opening of the crack - let’s break thru and truly bring the changes we have all wanted for so long. thanx to all who are on the frontlines of this most important struggle for justice for all.


So Democrats won in D-leaning precincts within D-leaning states?

Color me unimpressed.


And please, no DNC, Blue Dog neoliberals allowed to ride on the coattails of Progressive Democrats to continue to rule the party.

Direct Democracy


We are way beyond the platform offered by the neoliberal Clintonites and Sanders’ crowd, ideas of $15 minimum wage, universal health care, and new jobs building concrete and steel infrastructure … psst you can not say you believe Climate change is greatest threat to humankind, next breath say you want to put everyone to work $15 an hour building new infrastructure, since we know new infrastructure is a HUGE contributor to carbon pollution/habitat destruction/murder of natural life. Humans are facing risk in short term of collapse of the biosphere due to pollution, habitat destruction, over population, killing of life caused by capitalism and its facilitator, war. Any path forward where global capitalism is the economic baseline is ecocide. The 18th century 1% property protection plan, the over hyped US Constitution, is useless addressing the complex issues we face today. The political mantra of economy and jobs has to be replaced with ecology, conservation, restoration, protection of life/earth


Can I color outside the lines?
" Some people would complain if they were hung with a brand new rope ".
" It takes a mighty big dog to weigh 100 lbs. ".
How are you looking so far, Crayon Guy?


Good points. Were you the screenwriter for The Jetsons, perhaps?
Your assessments of the near future is making me order my first electric flying car. It will be hauled on the first electric powered auto transporter. I’ll get it in about 2040-ish. Would like to order one, as well?


Goodness me, mrsann.

Is that memory of yours forgetting that only a moron of Trumpian proportion could temporarily rehab your party?

Hold your nose, it’s time vote D.


I see the Greens won big in Montana yesterday. They’re now in charge of varmint catching for all of Greater Missoula, Montana.
Good job and well played, sir!


Ignorance is bliss


A clear victory for progressive Democrats and a huge defeat for neoliberal DNC Democrats.


We get it, stay the course and hold that nose.

Tom Perez won’t take a smart person like mrsann for granted. No way.

You write that check to the party yet?


Here’s a suggestion for the next round – this brave Lady needs a new job, and AMERICA needs HER
Juli Briskman for Congress, 2018!!

Any chance she could move to Texas and replace Lyin’ Ted in the Senate?

If “varmint catching” includes eradication thereof, let’s hope the consarned varmint currently occupying the White House visits Missoula soon . . .


Oh. My. Effing. God.

Congratulations to all of them but…this is what we point to when we try to convince others (or ourselves, really) that we’re close to turning a corner? Eight progressives elected from already left-leaning jurisdictions throughout the entire country, of the thousands of people who were elected yesterday? Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

Do you not realize that these eight are so overwhelming overshadowed by those who are part of the cabal that the impact they will be able to make is negligible? I’m all for giving credit where credit is due, but not at the expense of distorting the enormity of what we are facing.


Good for all who won but now it is important to document just how much support these winning candidates got from the DNC, DCCC, DSCC etc.: not just monetarily but recognition that they were even running as well.


You’d probably know a lot more about bliss than I do. I’m still working on self-reliance, unlike the Greens.


No, this month it goes to St. Francis parish. About $25-30 bucks feeds a deserving family for Turkey Daze.
Plus, I’m not a registered Democrat, anymore. Like Bernie, I wouldn’t want to be a member of a organization, that would allow me as a member. Like Marx, I mean.


I hope greens will be focused on Calif with its open primary???
The Clinton dem will see this round as a win,it is so important to get rid of these republican light Clinton democrats.

The number one issue of concern is healthcare from polling in Virginia.