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8 in 10 People Worldwide Fear 'Catastrophic' Climate Change: Poll


8 in 10 People Worldwide Fear 'Catastrophic' Climate Change: Poll

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A majority of people in eight countries say they are ready to change their lifestyles if it would prevent climate catastrophe, a survey on global threats released Wednesday found.

The poll of 8,000 people in eight countries—the U.S., China, India, Britain, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, and Germany—found that 84 percent of people now see climate change a "global catastrophic risk."


IMO: more criminal than “colluding with Russians” are those who deny the destructive impact of humans on the biosphere by denying the science and the human induced sixth extinction event.

These are crimes against not only humanity but all life forms on earth.

Human induced catastrophe is here now and it is not just related to the climate:


Hollywood can’t even do a movie about the real, likely catastrophe. “The Day After Tomorrow” was a very optimistic, upbeat prediction. And that movie is old.


This is somewhat reassuring. But it is also alarming that people - especially people in rich countries - don’t realize that the catastrophic change is happening right now. Areas from Northern Nigeria all the way to Afghanistan are becoming largely hostile for growing food crops and herding. ‘Civilization’ presupposes food and water security. Drought and melting glaciers destroy that security. This is a key source of mass migration, the growth of right wing populism (sometimes known around these parts as jihadism), and the collapse of states.

At the rate we’re going - and with the global leadership we have - we will likely have largely killed ourselves off before the planet becomes uninhabitable directly due to climate.


You know that Hollywood studios must have been receiving numerous screenplays about global warming and catatrophic climate change over the last twenty years yet none are produced. Given the worldwide interest in the subject, a ready market already exists for a $$$billion blockbuster film on the coming climate chaos!

It is long past and way beyond logic that this subject is ignored!


Now is the time to insist on population control, female empowerment, veganism, and the protection of half the world as carbon sinks and protections for biodiversity.


Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” (2006) mapped out climate change/global warming in such a way that even a seven-year-old could understand it. When I saw it in a movie theater, there were maybe a dozen other viewers, which speaks volumes about the unwillingness of too many people to step out of their insular lives to face the reality of the destruction of our planet and all life on it. The adjective “inconvenient” captures that refusal to recognize the irrefutable evidence. I cried and was enraged at the same time…and it took days to recover but I have watched it again and again. One does not have to be a “rocket scientist” to see the changes in our oceans, climate, and the adverse effects human-caused pollution has had on all life: plant, human, bugs, and animal.


I was talking about a dystopian movie not a documentary. Heck they have meteor strikes and volcanoes erupting and various and sundry disaster films but with global warming they stay silent. No films are made even though the world is well aware of the term global warming! What we need is a blockbuster epic depicting climate chaos - sea level rise, massive storms every year, gigantic tornadoes ripping up cities, killer heat in summer, forest fires of immense size and famine due to drought etc.

Put all that in a future scenario on film and people would start screaming bloody murder to get their governments to do something about global warming. It is significant that Hollywood has avoided dealing with the subject in ant significant way. Imagine a movie like ‘Titanic’ or some other blockbuster showing what climate change will be like in 25 years.

They’d have an instant hit yet they avoid the subject entirely.

They know what a big Hollywood movie would do to people’s attitudes towards climate change and are avoiding doing so.


Strange. I was thinking the same thing not 1 hour ago before online. Where are the big movies? I think it is because they perceive it as too harsh a reality. You point global warming out to people, and they say, “Sure it’s true, but who wants to talk about that depressing topic? Let’s get back to People Magazine, yearning to live in a gated community, and baseball games.”


For the main cause of climate change Google ‘Pole Shift’ . Also check out the huge increase in earthquakes on the USGS web Site and Google for the huge increase in volcanic eruptions. Then see You Tube for salt water rising up the streets of Miami.
Higher temperature around the tropics = more moisture evaporated from the oceans producing much warmer denser and increased cloud production (hence more flooding in tropics where trees cover is reduced)…then more and denser ‘tropical rainforest clouds’ carrying more moisture escape the tropics as intense heat on cleared land creates lift to allow these clouds to escape the tropics on trade winds…hence cooling effect away from the tropics as cloud cover increases and increased rain and snow fall away from the tropics, whilst extra cloud cover also traps the extra heat travelling up from the tropics…Less trees in the tropics each year = less biomass to sequester the CO2’…As the ocean warms, the warmer seas travel north to the Arctic and south to the Antarctic…as warmer air from the tropics travels north and south, air is warmer in the Arctic and in the Antarctic…simples!’ The warmer air and seas distorts the position of the jet stream pushing it north towards west Canada and north towards the UK but there is a counteractive force pushing the jet stream south at these points as a result of the increase in cloud cover escaping the Tropics which cools the ocean through reduced radiation from the sun.


That’s true, and when I refer to climate catastrophe I say “and the larger ecological crisis”. Many of the solutions to the climate crisis are also solutions to other aspects of not just the ecological crisis but the eco-socio-political psychological crisis, because in the end it’s all caused by our problems with relationships. Reducing fossil fuel use will increase equality, democracy, empowerment of all, peace, and the health of the entire biosphere including humans. Other crucial solutions to climate chaos are to sequester carbon by reforesting (especially with edible forest gardens, and by returning control of forests to indigenous people) and regrasslanding, and to transform chemical industrial agriculture to small-scale low-meat organic permaculture. Those too, will help equalize and with other solutions.

We need to equalize politically and economically, ensure empowerment and education for all, especially women, and ensure security in sickness, old age and hard times. Without reducing the riches of the richest and their effect, we can’t avoid climate catastrophe, and that’s at the top of the list because as the article you linked to says, it’s most urgent and almost completely underestimated in speed and direness. We have to reduce fossil fuel use by at least 90% in the next 5-8 years or we face exponentially rising risk of utter collapse. If we don’t do that civilization won’t survive long enough to solve its other problems.


You leave out of the picture the fact that film studios are businesses - so films ae made for profits. That limits the subjects they are likely to tackle.
The recent successful film about poverty and the nasty state ‘welfare’ system, “I Daniel Blake” by the English director Ken Loach would never have found a Hollywood studio backing it… Instead Hollywood gave us “La La Land”!Natch!


Word goes the Trumpists are removing scientists’ articles and other useful info and data from US government websites.(see article by Rebecca Gordon on TomDispatch.com).

In a few years we may know very little about this vitally important stuff - unless Google, Wikipedia etc can keep a live archive going, and scientists and their research institutes can keep their work going.

All because of this idiot in the WH with his flat-earther backers!


Well said J4zonian----thanks for taking the time to write this response


Actually it is the opportunities for profit which call attention to the fact that a ‘hot topic’ such as catastrophic climate change is being ignored. The whole world is aware of the issue and a big studio seems ready to score a big blockbuster with a movie showing global warming etc. Disaster films are always popular (at least with studios) yet this ready made theme of sea level rise, massive storms or even killer heat and drought is never brought to the screen. Too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence if you ask me!


The prototype for every disaster movie is the Iliad. Cassandra warns, but Apollo had blessed her with foresight to seduce her, then out of revenge for her refusal he cursed her with not being believed. So Helen is taken anyway and it leads to the disaster Cassandra foretold. In recent versions, especially the Brad Pitt one, instead of possession of women, greed is the reason for the invasion and Helen is the excuse, in keeping with our way of operating (Iraq, etc.) and our beliefs about what motivates people.

There’s a lot of denial about climate catastrophe and the larger ecological crisis, and Hollywood investors are not likely to be the ones to break through it. There have been a bunch of movies made about climate catastrophe, for decades; they just weren’t about it consciously. BigAss Teroid (BAT) movies like Armageddon, Deep Impact, etc. are about climate by unconscious misdirection, as are many other disaster movies–2012, The Day After Tomorrow… In the same way 1950s movies like “Them” were about nuclear fear and guilt in the face of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Project Plowshare-like reactors and the USSR and China making nukes. (China Syndrome continued that, and Cassandra-like, came true only 12 days after the movie was released.) The incredible Shrinking Man was about both nuclear and mechanization fears, including the mechanization of humans–harkening back to 1926’s Metropolis. And 1960s and 70s movies, in the face of a rising ecological awareness, were about revenge of nature for human hubris–so-called “killer bees”, fires, airplanes and building collapses, Jaws. Most of the disaster movies since have also been about the ecological crisis, unconsciously.

Most of the movies we think of as disaster movies follow the Iliad pattern: scientists warn about an imminent disaster (Jaws, BATs, Mad Maxes, Volcano, Dante’s Peak, and most others…) but are ignored, usually because of greed. In Hollywood, the greedy ignorers usually pay by dying. In real life, not so much.

It’s impossible to say for sure whether the people who made all these movies knew what they were about, but I’d guess not, mostly.

Oddly enough, in The Arrival and The Arrival II, 2 of only 4 fictional movies I know of to relatively accurately portray global warming, it’s caused by aliens from space, masquerading as humans and de-terraforming the planet. The only other theatrical movie is the documentary-within-a-fictional-movie The Age of Stupid (2009, Pete Postlethwaite). The TV movie The Fire Next Time (1993, Craig T. Nelson, Bonnie Bedelia) also shows life with climate catastrophe more or less accurately. It’s set in 2017.

Recently there have been more movies sort of about climate change, but fears are probably too strong for people to want to go en masse the way it’s necessary for a movie of the necessary scale to make money. Seeking A Friend for the End of the World is one example of a slightly smaller one that shows how a climate movie could be done, but it’s very hard for Hollywood to confront big events like current wars, or public figures like MLK in any but jingoistic or hagiographic terms–bad movies that few would go to. I’d love to see a good, meaningful climate movie; even more I’d love to write one. But nothing’s occurred to me yet.


First of all, the eight in ten number alleged in this article is clearly based on a biased study. Most other polls reveal far more of an even worldwide divide in opinion on this topic, with China and the Middle East especially perceiving it as ridiculous, and the small majority of Americans not perceiving it as a modern threat. Secondly, even if this were true, (which it isn’t), it wasn’t that long ago the majority of the world believed the world was flat, and the Earth was the center of the universe, anyone disputing the later faced the possibility of execution. Propaganda, and the hostile expressions of left-wing politicians towards anyone who doesn’t support their views, or to any former supporters who decide they want to begin thinking for themselves, and ultimately brake away from their left-wing “gang,” can brain-wash a lot of people. Look what Hitler accomplished in Germany. The truth is there’s only one indisputable fact that determines whether or not the world really is at threat from global warming, and that’s the sea levels. Even global warming activists can’t deny that the sea levels have only been rising the width of a toothpick annually throughout recent years, a far less threatening rate than they were rising after the last ice age, which was long before any CO2 producing industry ever emerged. And we’re supposed to support the spending of hundreds of billions of dollars over this, (the width of a toothpick). Left-wing politicians will call you evil for not supporting it, much like folks were threatened with execution for not believing the world was the center of the universe years ago, but use your brains. If these politicians didn’t exist, and all you had were your own thoughts, would you really think there’s a threat of global warming? I’ve been hearing this nonsense in my home state of Minnesota as far back as my memory goes, and in the forty years since then I’ve never seen any change in climate here whatsoever. And meteorologists are still as inaccurate in their long-term forecasts as they were when I was a kid. But we’re supposed to believe they can accurately predict the next hundred years. Use your brains. No one would believe this if not for politicians. It’s a political, and not an environmental topic, without question. Don’t let gangster left-wing politicians, and their disciples, AKA the wealthy and profit driven media, control your thinking. There will be environmental concerns in the future, but if you let yourself become enslaved to the left, there won’t be much of a future to enjoy, except for the wealthy elite, (who you put your trust in).