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8 Men Now Own the Same as the Poorest Half of the World


8 Men Now Own the Same as the Poorest Half of the World

Duncan Green

It’s Davos this week, which means it’s time for Oxfam’s latest global ‘killer fact’ on extreme inequality. Since our first calculation in 2014, these have helped get inequality onto the agenda of the global leaders assembled in Switzerland.


Do these eight men have names, Mr Green?


I am reminded of the concept of the planet as organism and propensity for holistic integrated dynamics as exemplified in the murmuration of starlings.

Our problem, I would submit, is that a number of these dynamics (and they are literally countless and constantly evolving, which is good for the root of reality) have been hacked for over a century by a cancerous growth today frequently referred to as exclusionary/extractive/predatory capitalism. We are literally being killed off by the cancerous growth of Freudian neuroses morphed into psychoses thanks to the Bernaysian dissociative premises of marketing. The monstrosity has now flung itself into a micro version having fully infected the "market" in parasitic predation via computerized high-speed speculation and the spectrum of consequences implicit in the sick dynamic constantly dumping dysfunctional mythologies into mass communications.

Based on the linear and mortally narrow premises of the legacy on which Descartes (informed in a dream by an angel no less) spread the deck for the 20th century spin down drain at the same time that it has been sucking the components to do so. The tragic horizon being that possibly for the first time in human history the sheer momentum of predation crowds out the perception of the clear and present danger in incapacity to recognize the overwhelming wisdom in the ancient maxim in the first law of holes: STOP DIGGING!


We live in a world in which children are literally living on garbage dumps. Do a web search for 'children living on garbage dumps.' Plenty of results, plenty of pictures. It's not a secret. It's been covered in the press.

I try to remember this often.

Inequality is all around us. Genuine horror and tragedy is all around us. We get used to it. It's good that headlines like this make us pause and remember just what this is all about.


Port_Lookout, Here are those names...Bill Gates, Amancio-Ortega, Warren Buffet, Carlos Slim, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison, and Michael Bloomberg. Aren't all of these guys from, 'New Money'? It would be nice to see the names of the 'Old Money' billionaires.


Thanks PonyBoy


One more and they could be the Nazgul , all bound by the darkness that is money.


While those listed are obscenely rich, It my belief that the people with the real wealth have even more then those listed publicly.


"When the people shall have nothing more to eat, they will eat the rich." - Jean-Jacques Rousseau


The current monetary system is unethical, illegal and immoral.
Lets Shed and Shred it.


The Oxfam Census Worker Makes a List

Three pairs of rubber slippers, two repaired
One shirt one long pants, male
One dress
Two clay pots, one empty, one with water, covered
One plastic cup
Five aluminum spoons, dented
One mayonnaise jar, empty
One rubber bucket
One stick broom
One comb, several tines missing
Three pieces of cardboard, two blankets
Seven coins, seventeen equivalent cents
One doll, naked
One plastic car, no wheels
One ball somewhat deflated, orange sized, blue
One plastic Durga statue with jasmine garland
One oil lamp, clay
One pile of flower petals, various


Did you ever wonder what it was like to be a Pharaoh back in biblical times. For one person to have such immense wealth that it was literally beyond imagining? Beyond calculation?

Meanwhile back then as now, the numbers of the poor and starving were equally beyond calculation!

Oddly enough... they balanced the scale. The numbers of the extremly poor and the sheer wealth of the obscenely rich, pretty much balance each other out

... and always did.


I sometimes fantasize that a delegation of slaves and workers approach Pharaoh with a petition. They are asking for a raise, or in the case of the slaves, anything at all! Pharaoh calls for the sacred accountant to bring forth the books. They show that he is actually quite broke. As he says plaintively, "All this gold, brocade, and all these jewels you see are all in hock! I'd love to pay you guys more but I just don't have anything. I'm broke too!" After they leave dejectedly, Pharaoh turns to his main advisor and instructs him to make sure the delegation is murdered before they can return home. He congratulates the accountant for the complexity and apparent authenticity of the completely phony set of books he has devised for just such occasions. They all retire to the royal lounge for the weekly orgy. The delegation is never seen again.


The Koch brothers aren't on the list? Really?


Some of my former high school classmates, who can now count themselves in the billionaire class, have told me as much in social gatherings within the past year.


Do we need anymore evidence than this that capitalism is the enemy of civilization?


Exactly. Capitalism is nothing more than the systematic legitimization of greed and theft, the sublimation of the law of the jungle.

Herbert Spencer may have misused Darwinism to justify capitalist oppression, but in a sense he was honest.


"The Choice is Ours" helps explain what is possible for everyone. Watch


And every time folks use Amazon and FB, Bezos and Zuckerberg get richer ...


Hmm - none of them look very tasty to me ...