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8 Reasons The Senate Must Reject Jeff Sessions


8 Reasons The Senate Must Reject Jeff Sessions

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II

On Capitol Hill this week, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hold confirmation hearings to consider the first of Donald Trump’s cabinet nominations, Sen. Jefferson B. Sessions of Alabama. 26 years ago, this same committee denied Sessions a recommendation for the federal bench. “Most of Reagan’s judicial appointments have been people with impressive credentials regardless of their ideologies,” the editors of the LA Times wrote. “Sessions is a different story.”


The Senate Judiciary Committee primary concern is whether Sessions has been a loyal, corporate sycophant. Each member of the Senate Judiciary Committee after all has been wholly dependent on corporate "assistance" to retain their jobs. So while there may be some lip service paid to angry progressives out there who recognize the irony of making Jeff Sessions the Attorney General, the real question is how he will serve the special interests that need a compliant attorney general to advance their agenda.
From the perspective of Sessions being a loyal corporate sycophant though, I'm sure that Sessions has proved himself beyond a reasonable doubt that he will always serve the special interests that butter his bread. This will be the ultimate litmus test provided that the corporate media can downplay his racist views and ugly past.
If by some chance most of the Senate finds Sessions to be incompatible with leading the Justice Department for the next four years, Trump will shame those members while the CEO's send out memos to all of their loyal servants that they better accept the next choice of Trump for Attorney General or else face the consequences.
The MSM has two ways they can play this. They can either ignore the entire proceedings and instead focus on the 'infotainment du jour' or they can demonize the protesters and praise the nomination of Sessions as a victory over the liberal conspiracy that tries to block politically incorrect politicians because of some minor transgressions in the past. As the MSM has shown with their "normalization" of Trump, if Sessions is chosen as AG, they won't cry foul... just whisper foul at best.


"America’s shared values of love, justice and mercy..." In what universe? Has the writer ever even set foot in Sessions' home state? Or noticed the rampage of (white) cop lynching of black men and women over the last couple of years? Almost all unpunished of course. Or and or and or and or:rage:


should give Franken the job, he made sessions cringe and turn red, but not from shame...


Did anyone think trump would be elected prez?