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8 Things You Need to Know About Hillary Clinton and Climate Change


8 Things You Need to Know About Hillary Clinton and Climate Change

Ben Adler

It’s strange to remember how bitterly divisive the 2008 Democratic presidential primary battle was. Hillary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s platforms and ideological positioning were awfully similar. And on the chief difference between them — Obama’s less hawkish foreign policy — the victor wiped away that distinction by appointing Clinton as secretary of state.


Adler has done too much fawning here for my taste – I nearly sicked up on my keyboard.

Hillary would be a disaster, easily as bad as any GOP candidate. We know this because she is a virtual GOP candidate, as she and her husband have shown many times since he was installed in office.


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Yep. Let the fawning and willful denial begin. We are about to be deluged with articles suggesting why we should support this war-mongering sociopath as the “lesser-of-two-evils” candidate because she is willing to lie to us and pretend she is a populist just long enough to get elected.

I would say, “Welcome to Barack Obama 2.0,” except I believe the death and destruction Killary will unleash on the planet will make Obomber look like Eugene McCarthy.

What a disgusting society we are. This is a person who should be on trial in the Hague, not being touted as a “progressive” or “populist” anything.


Quite right there.


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Bill Clinton and Obama are good at delivering serial populist platitudes while they serially deliver for the 1% at the expense of the 99%. Hillary is more like Rahm Emmanual, skipping the platitudes and telling us to vote GOP if we don’t like her regressive actions…


Clinton may get the science but she doesn’t get the math (350.org do the math tour). That is clear from her (and Obama’s) all of the above energy policy, which really means oil, gas, and nuclear.


That is one gem of a sentence. Thanks.


Hillary isn’t a sociopath. She assumes any position she and her advisors deems necessary in order for her to get elected. Sociopaths do whatever they feel like doing, no matter the consequences to society. Hillary does whatever she needs to do to get elected–there is a difference.

With regard to her position(s) on foreign policy: she took a hardline approach in 2008 because the American electorate did not want to elect what they might regard as a female wuss when it comes to making war and “defending” the United States. For that reason, she pretended to be Margaret Thatcher. The point is that she has no positions on any issue–it all amounts to what is expedient.


I don’t see her as that flexible even with her corporate overlords calling the shots. I think she likes being ‘tough’. Some who appear strong and hard on the surface are over-compensating for a wuss-y interior (B.O.), but I suspect she’s actually mean through and through.


Actually, that kind of no-brakes opportunism is a pretty good scratch description of a psychopath. They do whatever will get them what they want, unrestricted by conscience or your rights (which they do perceive, but don’t care about). They’ll lie to you endlessly, switch to threatening you when the lies stop working (and then lie about having threatend you), and commit violence on you, which they’ll deny having done, when the threats stop working. They’re heartless, conscienceless predators, crocodiles in human form.