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80,000 in United Kingdom Demand Netanyahu Arrest


80,000 in United Kingdom Demand Netanyahu Arrest

Ali Abunimah

Almost 80,000 people have signed a petition at the UK Parliament’s website calling for the arrest of the Israeli prime minister when he comes to London for a planned visit next month.

If the number of signatures reaches 100,000, then the matter will be debated in parliament, according to the petitions procedure.


From the article:

“However the prime minister was clear on the UK’s recognition of Israel’s right to take proportionate action to defend itself, within the boundaries of international humanitarian law.”

What this is really about is warriors protecting warriors. How could any N.A.T.O nation, or one that actively took part in the Wars of Aggression let loose upon Iraq, Afghanistan, and spreading into Syria, Yemen, and Pakistan... lecture ONE of their own?

In the same way that the cops gather--sworn to protect other brothers in blue--to close ranks around a cop who unleashes his sadism against an unarmed Black kid, or the way the military top-dogs protect their grunts against insanely bloody massacres unleashed against civilians... U.K's elite protecting Netanyahu is a symptom of the same thing.

It's all about Mars Rules. To the victor, goes not just the spoils but also:

  1. The "right" to control the Official Narrative (and/or voice of history in the making)
  2. The "right" to invert Truth in order to make naked aggression appear as responses to outside "terrorism," or the possibility of FUTURE attacks
  3. The "right" to commandeer all precious resources
  4. The "right" to try out new weapons many of which leave deadly-to-genetic trails in their wake (radiation being one of those factors)

Until MILITARISM and this idea that aggressive acts that "win" battles is a good thing are deconstructed and exposed for what they are, then while the world badly requires DEFENSE in the form of rebuilding infrastructure to stand up to increasing acts of climate chaos... the manpower and financial resources mandatory for addressing this real threat instead goes to a bunch of male baboons who have dreams of martial glory as they light fuse after fuse in conflict after conflict and like sportscasters, cast the entire debacle like some kind of great game. The insanity has gone on too long!

This is the most primitive and defunct part of human evolution. It must be shed... for centuries, this habit for war has served as a cul de sac RETARDING mankind's progress. And this is about MAN-kind in that disproportionate clubs of males-only design the course and define the policies that seem to make war inevitable.


True, true and true,


Mostly black and brown folks are dragged up before the ICC.


Petition? A referendum would be better.


It is patently clear by this time that Israel under Netanyahu is guilty of continuing war crimes
against humanity as an ongoing process of genocide. The UK should not allow this criminal
on their island. Cancel the visit.


Very cogent and articulate post, Sioux. Thank you! Too bad we're all preaching to our own choir here.


Precisely! Bravo to you. I do not know whether "international law" in fact grants immunity from legal process to war criminals on the grounds that they are heads of state, but assume it's so -- I hope to heaven that the Brits will put up another petition saying, Do not let Netanyahu's plane land in the home island,


Jullian Assange languishes away in the Equadoran Embassy for exposing Naked Emperors for banging the hell out of Justice and Liberty while the Genocidal Thug Murderer of countless people-the weapons of war developer, experimenter and profiteer gets A ticket to ride-
What A fkd up World we live in-


Cut out the sexism and more people might agree with you.


Clearly, Adolf Hitler would have had the right to defend Germany against Polish aggression had Cameron then been Prime Minister of the UK.

Readers of CD should not ignore the fact that the geological entity, the Levant Basin, offshore of Israel, Lebanon and Gaza is now seen as another Saudi Arabia in its potential for oil. Lebanon has already been threatened with violence by the Israeli government should it pursue its potential claims, and as for Ghaza........It's all there in Wikipedia. The Levant Basin extends down to offshore of the Nile delta and possible even onshore touching Egypt.


No, HODs can be prosecuted for war crimes. No problem, other than physically administering international law.


Cameron and his government are grotesque hypocrites. The idea that he can baldy state lies and expect the people to believe him is in itself unbelievable! We live in the age of instant communications and despotic government after despotic government just can't understand that the people will hear the truth no matter what barriers they throw up against it. Cameron is lying through his teeth. He and Blair deserve to be in a nice dark cell together for a very long period of time. How disgusting this perverse caricature of a prime minister is!


I am trying to get something happening on You Tube while there is still time. Who knows if climate/fiscal or martial instability will be used as pretexts to tighten control of "the information highway."

I will bring these points up in that venue. My plan is to tie what I see to astrological cycles, and what's happening now in many ways IS a planetary replication (via specific cycles) of the l930s.

Yesterday I tuned into Gerald Celenti. He's hardly a Progressive but he speaks openly about the wastes of the public's money on wars and that prosperity can only be found through peace. He also pointed out the historical pattern of currency wars causing trade wars that eventuate in actual wars. That when things get bad for too many persons, the elites typically pull the war trigger.

I have an in-depth article that specifies these cyclic parallels here: www.astro.com

Thank you for the kind compliments.


A Black person who speaks to the culture that White Domination built is not racist.

A woman who speaks to the disproportionate emphasis on Yang-male-aggression in all aspects of life within a paradigm that patriarchy built is not sexist.

Your lack of understanding along with the state of a rather fragile male ego abort your capacity to see past your own privileges.

I get to the heart of issues. You just don't like what that both indicates and implicates.


Truth isn't sexist. Do you know of any major government that isn't dominated by men?


Alas but SR-2, the person who refuses the generic WE when it comes to blame, always uses the generic MEN on which to blame the world's ills. That attitude is sexist.She presents the type of Orwellian Mantra of "2 legs good, 4 legs bad" coupled with classic Venusian vitriol for anyone who questions her Wisdom. Apart from that she has her heart in the right place in many respects. Yes, a number of men have done vile things. So have a lesser number of women. But those women 's actions are always blamed on what SR-2 regards as a male paradigm. I view that blame game as sexist. And to constantly blame we whities solely for the world's ills is also racist. Ghengis Khan was not a white Caucasian, nor was Idi Amin and nor was Madam Mao of the infamous Gang of Four. Among many others.


You didn't answer my question. Do you know of any major government that isn't dominated by men?


Your question does not address my initial comment. I have explained my thoughts on the issue.


Either you're too stupid to see the connection or you're avoiding addressing it because it shows your point is bs.

At this point I really don't care which.