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80,000 March in Raleigh for Voting Rghts, Democracy & #MoralResistance


80,000 March in Raleigh for Voting Rghts, Democracy & #MoralResistance

Common Dreams staff

Outrage over the Trump administration helped bring tens of thousands of marchers to downtown Raleigh, North Carolina on Saturday.

Trump and the policies he will try to enact with the GOP-led Congress on immigration, health care and civil rights motivated many at Saturday’s march.


"...[but] let the Russians in." He was going strong before stooping to a bit of mindless, Russophobic, fear-mongering (bipartisan) propaganda of his own.


You're picking nits. Who do you think would have better fit his rhetorical pattern?


Maybe he meant that in the sense that the Russian rulers are likewise anti-LBGT and anti-Muslim. Trump and Putin
do share many things in common, you know.


"and we know how to win"

By making sure the DNC leadership stays of of it?


This is the site for putinists. Any suggestion of criticism of putin brings out the defenders. As during the election, any negative article on Trump brought a hale of abuse that CD was backing Clinton. I'll put my confidence in the people of NC. Russophobe that I am.


No more pipelines near a body of water .

Say to:
Commander, Colonel Kevin P. Landers, Sr.
Deputy Commander, Lt. Col. J. J. Johnston
Wilmington District
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
69 Darlington Avenue
Wilmington, NC 28403

United States Army Corps of Engineers

No more pipelines near a body of water .


Also, I'm fairly certain that Rev. Barber knows in his his heart that the people in the top tier of this administration probably prefer
white Russians to Black/Brown Americans! I have a great admiration for the Russian people. More than any other nation, they
decimated the Nazi military. But I believe Rev. Barber is right about the commonalities between our political "leadership" and theirs.


North Carolina seems to be going in reverse from the New South to the Old South. Outside of the Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh Research Triangle it seems to be all conservative and pro-Trump. The state legislature took away many powers from a Democratic governor. North Carolina appears to be leading a number of states into a white nationalist future. The people in the streets seem to represent a minority in a state that ultimately Trump won. It is a state where fear and hate of minorities and deniers of climate change appear to have the upper hand. The Research Triangle in a liberal island in a sea of red. I really hope the situation in North Carolina turns around because right now it looks like a harbinger for bad things to come.


But remember, the same election that gave djt NC's electoral votes ousted the bathroom governor and put that Democrat in office, the fear of justice (and Rev. Barber) in those legislators.

Also remember the existence of Asheville.


While I'm not in a position to refute your assertions, I am skeptical. I believe a large part of the reason North Carolina seems so red is because of severe gerrymandering (which has been overturned by the courts), so the actual populace may be more progressive than what one might conclude from the extremes of its legislature. See here and here for more on NC's sordid voter suppression and gerrymandering practices.


I think you could say the same about several states. My understanding is that in 2012, Wisconsin went for Democrats by well over 50% of the vote, but Republicans retained a large portion of the legislative seats. Things have been so well gerrymandered, that the Right's coalition is structurally much stronger than the Left's. If progressives disburse their votes among third parties and Democrats, there's literally no chance of taking back a legislature. Hence Republican donors investing in the Green party in some areas. The problem of it is that even with a unified vote, it's unclear the gerrymander can be undone without Republican votes shifting too. That's a tall order, needless-to-say.


We need to keep this momentum going and develop it into political power. I don't know if we need to reform the Democratic Party, or just go for a new one, but we can't let the corporate Democrats subvert this movement by co-opting it. They fear the people more than they do anything else, including Trump.


Lots of work to do. A new authoritarian age is upon us and every conservative is his own Caesar. The Giving Tree of the 14th Amendment and the New Deal framework is now just a stump.


Loved seeing the tens of thousands march for people power and may the crowds grow to millions soon. Yes, but what was that "russian" thing reverend?


Not really, Trump is a psychotic used car salesman where as Putin is a generous statesman. Putin wants to make business deals with the US companies whereby all will benefit. Being a used car salesman with an attitude Trump also knows the benefits of partnering with Russia to take advantage of her vast natural resources.


Voter suppression was a big reason for Trumps win there. Lot of votes came from people who just could not bear the thought of HC in office




Tell it to the Ukrainians.


Actually, what Rev. Barber is talking about a very real issue of immigration-racism regarding the disparate treatment between the large number of undocumented or dubiously documented light-complected Russian and other Slavic immigrants, and the Latinx's - NOT that "The Russians are coming" crap of the Hillary campaign.

Pittsburgh has seen a big influx of Russians and east Europeans who are either undocumented or have some peculiarly expedited means of getting green cards. Our Jewish neighborhood of Squirrel Hill is turning into a "little Moscow" in the same manner that formerly Jewish Brighton Beach in New York is now called "Little Odessa". The Russians work non-union low wage construction jobs and drive long haul trucks. Monitor CB radio chat along an Interstate highway these days and on some channels you will hear Russian, not southern-US English.

But meanwhile, our tiny Latino community in Beechview and Brookline is being broken up, arrested and deported. The ones here legally have seen their shops vandalized with racist graffiti.

Why the disparate treatment? The usual culprit - one of them has too much melanin, the other the whitest of the white people.