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80+ Lawmakers Demand Trump Rescind 'Cruel, Senseless' Plan to Force International Students Out of US

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/10/80-lawmakers-demand-trump-rescind-cruel-senseless-plan-force-international-students

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With firm grip on my Louisville Slugger–pow–“Mission Accomplished”–a fellow can dream now and again now, can’t he?


“Cruel and Senseless” is what the Trump crowd does.

Hell they are just as cruel and senseless about American kids - forcing them back into petri dish classrooms or lose funding. Non-partisan psychopathy


This looks like a ploy to threaten millions of dollars of revenue for universities to get them to revert to in-person classes and away from online classes. It also helps satisfy the xenophobic base to show them, yet again, how we can’t tolerate foreigners (non-whites). Not to mention, another blow against higher education, which Trump’s base despises: education=bad, ignorant dumbass=good. I wonder how many of the education hating right wingers would, should they need brain surgery, opt for not having the surgery performed by a surgeon educated in a prestigious college and instead have Barney, who dropped out of high school and works at the meat processing plant, perform the surgery because he’s good with a cleaver?


This idiot doesn’t realize that American universities rely on foreign students for much of their revenye (in a highly competitive field. If international students sour on US universities, they will just flock to the UK Australia and new Zealand…and the US will be the loser. Secondly, much of the talent that makes the US exceptional in many fields like research, software, entrepreneurship, etc. comes from foreign students. For proof, all one has to do is look at NASA, university research programs, Silicon Valley, university faculty, etc. It is really short-sighted and stupid on the part of the Trump Administration to play politics with this issue. His MAGATs will never be able to replace these highly-qualified and highly-talented foreign students who go on to do America proud in their respective fields.


That makes perfect sense if your an elitist supporting an elitist agenda.

If the international student has just one college class where they attend in person, they are safe to stay in USA. Paying Harvard $50,000 per year for e-learning only is hilarious. The smart students all over the world will simply hack on in.
“Risks the health of students, faculty and staff”. This refers to having in person classes. Not exporting the students. Yes, if staff and faculty are older peoples.

Think long term. 30 more months or even more.

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He realizes most of his mess, he just doesn’t care. Most trump policy hinges on pay back, revenge, and preemptive pain giving.
The press has to designate at least one person to respond to trump’s press shows with indignant laughter for his absurd lies.
He’s become hardened by now, so that might not work anymore.

It is a racket, they use to do this to the spouses of the military, I don’t know they maybe they still do. (out of state tuition) Trump just raises the ante. Not to mention the poor celebrities that are having to pay hundreds if thousands of dollars to get their kids into the right college if you think of it that way.