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80 Years Since the Holocaust Began: Can We Stop Fascism Today?


80 Years Since the Holocaust Began: Can We Stop Fascism Today?

Martin Winiecki

"November 9 this year marks the 80th anniversary of what went down in history as “Kristallnacht” or the “Night of Broken Glass.” On the night of November 9, 1938, the Nazis burned down 1000 synagogues and 7000 Jewish businesses all over Germany. This orchestrated attack marked the beginning of the Holocaust, resulting in six million Jews killed in less than seven years.


Seems to me it’s sort of implied here that sexual repression is behind the urge toward fascism. Perhaps that was true in the 1930s, but I don’t find it credible that it could be true in the US or Brazil today. I think we have inherited from 95% of human history, though, an expectation of being party of a tribe. When a fascist mob tears through a city in an orgy of violence, if they feel ecstasy it’s because at last they have that feeling of being part of a genuine tribe, a smallish group. We have no tribes today. Online groups of like-minded people we don’t see in person will not do. Nations are too big and diverse and vague–fascists tend to be nationalists because the nation state offers itself as a substitute tribe. Fifty years ago we at least had neighborhoods and clubs and such, but now most people have only a tiny nuclear family to which they really belong. There is a HUNGER for community, which people are not conscious of, Likely this a reason for the racism too, as a genuine tribe would not have people of varying race, religion, language. If we could somehow give people such communities to belong to, I think they would feel more like opening up to a more diverse larger community. Not that this is the whole story–the rage at being economically deprived, the sense of inferiority that passionately embraces the strongman who tells them “Actually YOU are the good people, the Master Race, the wronged ones who should be in charge…” And the temptation to join the group that blames some weak brother rather than the all-powerful father (our corporate rulers) who just can’t be taken down, unlike the scapegoat…and I suspect some expert, professional, psychological manipulation via media is involved as well.


Fascism can thrive when there is great cynicism about the government and the press. To fight fascism citizens must have a certain about of trust in the people who are elected and trust that the press is trying to provide valid information to the public. Fascism has to create a fictional political world and has to convince people that truth is relative and meaningless. It also needs a group or groups to hate and blame for all the problems of society. In the US fascism thrives on hate of African Americans. That is the core of fascism here. Secondary groups to hate are non-white Hispanics and Muslims. Fascism also includes anti-intellectualism and anti-semitism. Unlike Brazil the US has a long history of democracy and powerful democratic institutions. It appears here that the strategy of the fascists (Trump and the Republican Party) is to move toward fascism very slowly so that it is hard to detect the change. This is what is occurring in Hungary. The changes have been so gradual that many people in that country still believe they are living in a democracy. Among all the fascist states it looks like Hungary is the model that the fascists are trying to achieve here. Since the Democratic Party has more popular support than the Republican Party and since about 60% of the US population lives in relatively large metropolitan areas where fascism has not taken hold it would appear the fascists would have to rig the electoral system which they doing and pack the courts with right wing extremists which they are doing. I think right now it is unclear whether democracy or fascism will win out in the US.


The three suggested responses might be nice for the Palestinian situation.


If, We the People, believe that We cannot stop Trump and his Facsist, authoritarian actions, We will not stop him.

I for one believe We could throw him out of the White House in less than a week.

It would require a commitment from 3 to 5 million brave Americans, who could be relieved by others on a daily basis.

I know many retired military that would be glad to commit to this endeavour.


I guess the older genocides against the “savages” by the colonists in various “discovered” parts of world are not worthy of being pondered on, and perpetrators of such activities need not be labeled as “fascists” or similar pejoratives even as such atrocities continue to this day. (End sarcasm).





Fascists aren’t morally repressed, the Nazis made use of Neitzchean ideology about throwing off moral shackles that protect the weak etc. High moral ideals potentially creating repression, puritan political correctness, are more the mindset of the anti-fascist which, according to this theory would make them prone to fascism. Psychobabble, but with some good insights about the alienating nature of modern society and how it generates anger.


I suppose I’m the last horse to the trough, but there is some satisfaction in having the thought that I might have figured this a bit on my own. This fascist things seems to need one of two major components. Bucks or bullets. Or preferably both. But once a unit has both, you need a stronger unit to conquer or undo the first.
This was already compliant as far as the citizenry was concerned, the military was in place, and just needed a boost and got it with the last military budget. On the civilian side bank regulations have been lifted, money has been hoarded, corporations have been protected, and the tax cut took as much from the treasury that dare take without filing bankruptcy.


Maybe the author didn’t come up with the headline, but fascism survives because it provides a solution to capitalism in crisis. (The other solution is a socialist revolution, that’s something the capitalists would prefer genocide to.) As long as we have capitalism, the threat of fascism will remain. It has nothing to do with “human nature.”


This is a very important article.
Who is ready to write the standards for what currently works?
So war can be prevented and the next generation can further build on it?



And the U.S. is no different except it is what Sheldon Wolin called: " inverted totalitarianism" .

The American fascist would prefer not to use domestic,violence against it’s people unless it is forced to, to maintain it’s political power. No, the American fascist’s method is to poison the channels of public information with people like Rush Limbaugh and Fox News.