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81 Senators Vote to Override Trump Veto of NDAA as GOP Continues to Block $2,000 Relief Checks

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/01/81-senators-vote-override-trump-veto-ndaa-gop-continues-block-2000-relief-checks


What a cesspool.


I think what we may be witnessing are the last gasps of the American republic.
Let’s hope we can all make something better in its place.


Heck, this time I was WATCHING it on C-Span. Why does CommonDreams SPIN stories out of all semblance of fact? I’m frankly delighted, when moderaters notice, even read links we’ve posted. But, even with yesterday’s tweets, this is a bit more than sugar-coating, little white lie or think-tank dissemblance, due to perspective. Our troll , should simply STFU? This it ALL actually happening, exactly as we’d predicted, repeatedly! Calling actual Democrats, “leftists,” “radicals” or “Socialist” is simple straightforward bullshit. Sneering liberals bitching about their DoorDash “essentials” as hundreds-of-thousands die, while our side silence journalists, arrest whistleblowers…

~https://www.dailyposter.com/p/schumer-begins-2021-promising-to (like Cuomo in NY, Chuck’s KILLING essentials)





At a time when so many Americans are facing economic desperation," said Sen. Bernie Sanders, “it is tragic that the R̶e̶p̶u̶b̶l̶i̶c̶a̶n̶ Republican and Democratic misleadership has turned their backs on the working families of this country.”

Fixed it for Senator Sellout (D/I/LMT), VT.


I’ve come to the unfortunate conclusion that there’s a segment of leftist social media that is similar to the right: interested in grifting from outrage. In this world, Democrats or progressives that don’t hew to the fantastical dictums of social media personalities are sellouts. This is why I quoted Sanders in a comment yesterday, who was explicit that his point was to make Senators stay through New Years, not block the defense bill, which includes pay raises scheduled to go into effect today, forever. Georgia has a large military voting block and a big chunk went to Biden. If you are planning to take the Senate, it’s a good idea to keep those voters on your side. Of course, if you want social media attention, you find ways to blame Democrats for what McConnell is doing and ignore what the headlines would be if the defense bill isn’t passed before the current term expires.


It’s worst than that.
It’s a cesspool built on top of a swamp.


Cesspool it may be, but Democrats got a provision into the bill that regulates shell companies, requiring individual ownership disclosure to the Financial Crimes Unit at Treasury and IRS. The legislation, first introduced by Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), is a step towards more corporate transparency. It’s also highly unlikely the president wanted that in the bill.


National Defense from whom? Russia and China are both forced by the US weapons makers to play catch trying to counter the US threat. So NDAA is and always has been a total multi trillion dollar wasteful horse shit. It only benefits the ultra wealthy elites.


Good - at least one function of Congress is still working - I’ll take it.

It is pointless, futile and ridiculous to tie this bill and the two thousand dollar political gimmick together - like comparing the proverbial apples and oranges.

Right now a powder keg has been set up in DC on January 6, with Trump calling in his goons for what he twittered a “wild time”.

This will take place as the GOP minions of Trump attempt to subvert the election, and all this will occur the day after the vote in Georgia, which will serve to stoke the fire that Trump may use to light that powder keg, setting the stage for martial law.

So you just keep your minds on those little beans while the criminal syndicate that is the GOP attempts to steal the election, or as its fall back plan B - to further weaken the country.


If the country was any weaker or more unbalanced it would fall on its collective face.
But, given more time and " dope " from the PTB, eventually that’s where we’re all headed.
Watch us fall: faceplanted into the political morgue of stupidity and vapidity which we call The Washington Consensus.
The vote to go there will be around 80-20, more or less.


Good point. This guy will do anything to stay in power, and something is cooking.


People will receive the $600 and forget about the other $1400, since most have very short memories, and will no longer complain; they will accept the shaft of austerity and, like in the movie Animal House, say, “may I have another, please?” That is, if the pangs of hunger and the cold doesn’t get them first. Those in power are playing a dangerous game.


yeah, that was hugely dishonest on both Sanders’ part as well as these liberal sites still trying to paper over the reality of what the Democratic party actually is.

Neither party wanted these checks other than as grist for a runoff joust.

When push came to shove, all obeyed their masters bellowing on cue.

The lying out there–the sheer media dishonesty in the vehicles for both of these parties is a rancid stain on decency.


Damn right he will, has - and is about to.

To me - DC is off limits on Jan 6. You walk in there with a gun or body armor, I want the FBI to arrest you, right now.


It’s just in the open now - a good thing.

The Civil War never ended.


“81 Senators Vote to Override Trump Veto of NDAA after 41 Democratic Senators Block Sanders’ Attempt to Force Clean Vote on $2,000 Survival Checks.” Fixed it for you.

" Schumer and most Senate Democrats surrendered — live on C-Span for everyone to see, they obediently voted for McConnell’s motion to move forward the defense bill for final passage, so that the Senate can close down without any vote on the $2,000 checks. Most Democrats then voted for final passage as well." Put another way: Schumer tweeted out his promise to fight for starving Americans, while knowing that moments later he would be on live television surrendering to Republicans." xhttps://www.dailyposter.com/p/schumer-begins-2021-promising-to

I expect gaslighting from corporate media, not from CommonDreams.


Kinda like scripted “news” or “interview” reality infomercials. Perhaps, if they’d actually have to hold their K Street talking point scripts, instead of obvious teleprompters or Bluetooth earphones, they’d be reciting each other’s tropes somewhat less frequently… OK, DNC trolls, your turn to spew what wild-eyed anarchists we are, for wishing a few thousand poor people wouldn’t be forced to die, unnecessarily, each week?


One needs to be properly motivated … there is no campaign loot
in caring for the little people.


Wait. Democrats didn’t want the checks because McConnell blocked a floor vote on the House resolution? So Sanders, who never promised, ever, to filibuster the defense bill indefinitely, a bill that included military pay raises and an important provision requiring shell companies to give the names of their actual owners to Treasury and IRS, was lying? And Democrats would be better off in Georgia, which features a large military vote, forcing Congress to write a new bill next session and delaying those raises for months? Seems like rather than lying, Sanders would’ve been better off letting McConnell adjourn.