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84 Percent of Canadians Want War Crimes Probe Into Israel

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/18/84-percent-canadians-want-war-crimes-probe-israel


Since when did what ordinary citizens think matter?

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Earlier this week CBC noted that 90% of Canadians approve of keeping the US/Canadian border closed to non-commercial traffic indefinitely.


An example of why Canada not a Democracy. The ruling parties , be they Liberal or Conservative act against the desires of Canadian Citizen. This very much in line with the old Family Compact (an early political party) nonsense that only the “Elite” should have a say as to how a Country run as they the only ones who were smart enough to understand all the nuances of a given policy.


Yet another example of Israeli state subversion of governments and nations by Israeli Fifth Columnist lobbyists and propagandists.
The war crimes are many and a pattern over decades; the subversion includes media, national politics, and sovereignty, also over many decades to influence foreign policy, international relations, war, “sanctions” instigated against nations that victimize civilians, especially children, and institutionalizes contempt for International law, UN Charter, The ICJ, The Fourth Geneva Convention, IHRL, and much more.
Canada is no less a victim of Israeli sabotage and national subversion than the US. One can only hope the realization of the treason and manipulations, and clandestine or covered-up attacks (read USS Liberty, eg) will be realized before any more wars for israeli goals and agenda are created.


At least neither Israel nor its lobby interferes in American politics and elections, like Russia.


always knew our neighbor to the north was way ahead of us in so many areas. another reason so many of us should have moved north when we still could. GO CANADA, THE PEOPLE NEVER THOSE GOVERNING. What’s new.


Canadians had best be careful. Any country that opposes the behaviors of Satan’s “chosen” master race is attacked by Washington.


Now, that is one of the most imbecilic comments I’ve read this year. The Judeo-Nazis CONTROL US politics.

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Not much appreciation for political satire, eh Tapatio? You wouldn’t have a closet full of Nazi regalia at home, now would ya?

Cuz, if ya do, explain to the rest of U.S. how the American Nazi Party could be backing Trump with his Uber Zionist son-in-law, daughter who converted so she could raise their child within the faith. While overlooking so many of Trump’s Jewish (if creepy) mentors like Roy Cohn ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roy_Cohn, Vulture Financier Carl Icahn ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carl_Icahn and Russian Jewish emigre Mafiosi like Felix Sater ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Felix_Sater?

These are precisely the shameful opportunists and card-carrying members of the trans national Corporate Caliphate, like GOP and in Israel Bibi bank-roller and state news media and finance sector corrupter and de-regulator Shelly Adelson that most of U.S. Hebes are genuinely ashamed of foisting on our media, national and political culture. ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheldon_Adelson

Yet the Falwell Moral Majority\Religious Right aligned evangelicals and the Rapture Waiters, Nazis and crypto-fascists along with the better educated if shrinking Alt White Right supremacist constituency were all prepared to look the other way as young Trump heir, after paying for his substitute test-taker (Jewish too?) graduation from Ivy League Penn’s Wharton School of Bid-Net spent a small pinch of his inheritance on the race-mixing disco days and nights of his 1970’s and 80’s NYC Democratic Political Machine youth.

Evangelicals, Nazis, cultic crypto-fascists like LaRouchies and playing and partying in his own sober, coke-avoiding bid-net way with African-Americans he and his father Fred Trump had been excluding from living in all that Washington subsidized low-income housing his family was building and getting to own along with setting up shell companies to also own the continuing revenue streams of laundry, trash removal, plumbing and water services through the forbearance of U.S. and NY State tax franchise boards.

The Trump family biz LLP got so rich building these Neo-Liberal E-CONomic Public\Private corporate give-aways back when our government was spending on alternatives to the big bad inner city housing projects. Before the switch to GOP demonizing white wine liberals along with Big Government and The Nanny State big ‘L’ Liberals. Even demonizing the elite Golden Passport Liberal Educations they were paying to test out of like Donald Trump did according to family members.

Back when after WW II real working class heroes like formerly homeless and employed Truman were building Public\Private partnerships and subsidizing (only white folks it turned out) working people’s housing in the outer boroughs as Fred Trump effectively if racialistically contracted to build low-income qualifying and federally subsidized housing that unlike Public Housing projects actually appreciated in value over time.

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Atonement Seekers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
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The same CBC apologized on air for using the word “Palestine”
and then deleted it from its website. Cowards.

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Sadly, the centre-left New Democratic Party is little better.
Its current leader has yet to break with the openly zionist line
of his Israel-right-or-wrong predecessor.

However, there is hope in the current leadership contest
of Canada’s Green Party. Contender Dimitri Lascaris is
an open, informed and articulate critic of Israel’s war crimes.
Results of the race are to be announced on October 3.


Sarcasm appreciated, jolly Swagman.   Perhaps you should change your name to ‘Snarkman’ so it’s a bit more obvious . . .

Agreed. I am in the Green Party and Dimitri was my choice. Their take on foreign policy has always been of concern to me given the NDP has also abandoned fairness so as to take a pro Israel approach.