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9 Reasons to March for Science This Earth Day

9 Reasons to March for Science This Earth Day

Tim Donaghy

This Earth Day, April 22, Marches for Science will take place in DC and countless cities across the country. Here are some reasons to grab a sharpie, make a sign, and show up at your local march.

Trump lies (item #3) because many of his supporters have been liars most or all of their lives and appreciate his ability to continue to serially get away with lying and blaming others for his misdeeds just as they have always done…

Trump has included evidence, science and scientists on his ever growing list of contrived enemies that only he can protect his followers from.

The march for science will influence some undecided voters but will not break loose any of Trump’s hard core base…they will dig in deeper than ever in supporting and defending Trump.

Trump is providing the Best Science Deniers and Disinformation, that Money can Buy.

I Marched ‘for’ Science in Portland Maine, with my “Political Revolution against EMPIRE” sign because Science can’t survive under an EMPIRE — just ask Galileo.

Dump the Trump Empire and Emperor Trump’s War on Science.

BTW, I just bought Shawn Otto’s fabulous new book, “The War on Science”, in which he excoriates Empires for being the Enemy of Science and points out how Empires always try to dominate honest Science into building advanced weapons systems for the “Merchants of Death”, and using AI systems for immoral and inhuman purposes.

BTW2, Empire is the meta-cause behind all ‘identity issues’, larger ‘symptom problems’, and our entire “ailing social order” [Zygmunt Bauman]