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9 Reasons To Stop The GOP’s Giant Tax Gift Bucket


9 Reasons To Stop The GOP’s Giant Tax Gift Bucket

Isaiah Poole

Read this and then pick up the phone and call your member of Congress to say "Enough."


“…I’d much rather be forever in blue jeans.”


This effectively amounts to a transfer of a huge chunk of liability for the $20T national debt and all future government expenditures, from corporations and the wealthy to the masses. Why? Because the proportion of future taxes payable by the masses is increased as the proportion payable by corporations and the wealthy is reduced. It’s a gigantic and over time a ruinous fraud on the masses.

Kill this proposal or look forward to your descendants being serfs serving a tiny minority at the top. Just like old times, before independence, in good old England.


I have emailed my govt senators and representative and signed countless petitions for the, ahem, tax reform, I mean, give away to the wealthy and how it will finish this county off. Really, it’s that bad. 9 reasons, I can think of thousands. Reform should mean REAL F**KING REFORM, i.e. tax the wealthy, make corporations accountable, regulate, regulate, regulate, tax, give us poor folk some relief, drop the neoliberal bullshit and help move forward. And stop the damn warring. like kids in the nursery school sandbox. We can do better but won’t, sorry.


This would cement the Lurch Backwards to a Second Gilded Age. In fact, a redux of the Ancien Regime becomes more likely.


The GOP wants to slash corporate taxes and says corporations will pass their savings on in the form of higher wages to employees. More people believe in the tooth fairy.

How about this? Give a large corporate tax break or %rebate on all increases for non-executive wage increases for US workers.
That way everybody wins, corporations AND workers, no funny business and focuses the benefit on US jobs! What could be more elegant and direct? Might even make Trump genuinely popular