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9 Ways to Stay Sane During the Primaries

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/29/9-ways-stay-sane-during-primaries

In other words: VOTE BERNIE!!!


Reich, as usual, overlooked the best way to deal with the situation:

Avoid T-V “news”, Twitter and Facebook!

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Here’s why people go a bit crazy during the primaries:

Unfortunately, those who need to follow your proposal are firmly ensconced in all three. (I am, proudly, involved in NONE of them!) I would also posit that all three are addictions. You could have also added cell phone abuse, Unc.

Those who still think that the damnocrats are the “opposition party” needs to get their fucking heads examined!!!

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Reich sez:
“ 3. … Avoid political labels, and talk kitchen table issues like the rising cost of health care, housing and education.”

This could get tricky. We’re tentatively scheduled to travel from Canada next summer for a big quadrennial family reunion. The family is mostly hard-right, and we’ll be on their solid red-state turf.
Last trip, I was trying to explain B.C.’s single-payer healthcare system to several of them when a 20-something nephew (who’s never so much as visited Canada) flatly denied my account and told me exactly how it was in this socialist den of iniquity. When I saw some of the others begin to nod in tentative agreement with the lad, I switched to a policy of discussing only sports and grandkids.

I totally agree, but the DNC (through their propaganda agencies MSNBC et al) are now pushing Warren as being in second place after their limp windsock Joe.  IMHO, this is a clear attempt to split up the pro­gressive vote between Bernie and Liz so that the stupor-delegates can give the nomination to Biden & Harris.


I agree about the plot to split the vote, Unc. However, there has been a LOT of rumblings over Warren’s cronyism and we need to get more of that TRUTH out there. Do you follow any REAL progressive sites on youtube? That is where I find most of the bullshit exposed and FACTS put out. Here are some of my favorites: Jimmy Dore; Secular Talk; The Humanist Report; Tim Black; Kim Iverson; Status Coup; the Rational National. There are more but those are my “Go-To” people for the diluting of corporate news bullshit.

Here’s an example or two:

Of course they are the opposition party, they oppose democracy, progress, and in general any and all who do not submit to their dictates, just like their bedmates the Republicons.


While I occasion many of these same venues and many more across a broad spectrum (I’m surprised that you left off “Real Progressives”), it is important to realize and accept that these places are opinion expressions, and should always be taken with varying measures of salt (from grain to dump truck). As a general rule, social media is fine for scanning the headlines and taking the pulse of groups, for actual hard core research and understanding, however, it is better to avoid social media and stick to the active-reading websites. The main thing is always do your most careful research regarding the perspectives of the author/website you are watching or reading and adjust your acceptance and credulity appropriately.

Not entirely true. Clips are shown that debunk the corporate media bullshit on a regular basis.

By the way, I do not consider the sites I mention, or youtube for that matter, “social media”. To me social media is Facebook, Twitter, etc.

I’m just offering you and others my considerations and analyses as they are reflective of my experiences and opinions on this place (and others) which you do not consider social media. I encourage you and others to take this and all such considerations by myself, and all others, with varying levels of salt intake and reflective critical self-assessment.