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92-Year-Old Texas Woman Jailed for Protesting Pro-Fracking State Law


92-Year-Old Texas Woman Jailed for Protesting Pro-Fracking State Law

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

92-year-old Violet Palmer of Denton, Texas said she was moved to act after the state, overriding the will of the people, passed a law forbidding municipalities from enacting fracking bans.


Well done you, Ms Palmer! I hope I’m as tough as you 17 years from now.


Geez I have 35 to go… I have doubts that the world itself will make that…


Heroes come in all sizes, shapes, and ages . I salute you, Violet!!!


Well, if God were to give the world an enema, I have a pretty good idea where the tube would be inserted.


I lived there for 27 years and I assure you it is that and more.


I wonder if the people in Denton, if state officials, have seen the streets of Arlington, Texas today, where 42,800 gallons of fracking fluid — boiling up from thousands of feet underground — spewed into the streets and into Arlington storm sewers and streams.


This stinks of payola!


The municipality should have stuck to its guns, after all Texas is nothing without its guns! The will of the people was thwarted by the state legislature but a show of resistance would have served as a foundation for a fight against the destruction of the environment for money.


Well done and a pox on your local govt., being too scared to stand up to your legislature. Canada is going the same way too. We have a newly passed Federal bill that says we can be classed as terrorists for protesting. Protesting anything. WE WILL protest fracking. We will protest water misuse, wastage and pollution. We will protest continuing ruining of our wilderness.

Ginny in Canada


Jesus H., I didn’t know that. Thanks for posting it. Palmer is a hero. What has happened to people that they drop like flies and let oldsters be arrested for civil disobedience…and sent to jail/prison?