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94-Year-Old Fights City Officials to Keep Her Massive 'Impeach President Trump Now!' Lawn Sign


94-Year-Old Fights City Officials to Keep Her Massive 'Impeach President Trump Now!' Lawn Sign

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"I can't march anymore, and I can't protest anymore, but I can put up a sign," said 94-year-old Myra Becker, who plans to appeal attempts by local officials to force her to take down her massive "Impeach President Trump Now!" lawn sign.


The local officials may be telling the truth about their concern being limited to the size of the signs, but I’ll bet my hat that the neighbor who called in the complaint was motivated solely by its content—so now who’s the “snowflake?”


Don’t back down from these ‘simpletons’, they have “brain runs”.


Is there a limit to the number of signs? Putting out a few dozen 3 sq ft signs might be way more eye catching than one larger sign.


Great idea, do a set-up like along Rt. 66 where you read the message, one word at a time, as you drive by. In fact, get the whole neighborhood involved.


This lovely lady has more courage than the entire Democratic Party.


Be careful what you ask for.

Nobody will be happier to see Trump impeached than theocrat VP Pence and his Christian crusader base.


Give me her address and I will gladly mail her a check to cover the $50 fine. Bring it! Fascism is afoot!


Could she put out Christmas lights in her front window that spell" Impeach Trump…" but they would be inside the house. Could she put out an American flag with 2 side flags ---- one side saying “Impeach, " and the other side flag saying " Trump”?
Could she paint it on her driveway? Can she leave her walker out front with a sign on it? I don’t know if she’s ready for an arm tattoo----but personal t-shirts would work . Good luck , inspiring Patriot Lady !


Total control of the message. Silence dissent. Gently encourage self-policing. Worked for Goebels!


Someone should get her one of those laser light projectors to light up the message on her garage door at night, as big as possible. It’s only light, not really a sign.


Fascists deserve eradication.


Last week I saw an old man standing on a rural street corner yelling, “fuck Trump” at passing cars. Eventually a woman came out of the house near the corner and asked him to shut up because her kids could hear him. If only we could organize all this passion into something effective.


Great idea.
Or simply cut the existing 3’ x 4’ sign into four vertical 3’ x 1’ signs placed next to each other. The slight imperfections in alignment would also send a message about government control of free speech.


Yeah, that can work both ways, my friends that are gay use to drive down the rural street where they live with signs on both sides of the street saying vote no for bill XXX, the bill that legalized gay marriage. Ultimately it didn’t work but it was a little weird.




As Granny D said, you are never too old to raise a little hell.


yea, wish I had one of those signs. the bigger the better


Impeach Trump Now.

That felt good.


Agreed, great idea. The first one should have little hand prints along one edge and should read, “Trump, size does matter.”