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99% Party: Sanders Supporters Shower Clinton Motorcade with 1000 Dollar Bills


99% Party: Sanders Supporters Shower Clinton Motorcade with 1000 Dollar Bills

- Common Dreams staff

Actor George Clooney hosted a couple of obcenely expensive fundraising events for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign on Friday and Saturday nights. 1%er couples needed to pony up $353,400 to buy access. Saturday's event was at Clooney's home at 7:00 pm.

At the same time, Howard Gold, a next-door neighbor of Clooney, hosted a $27 per person fundraiser in support of Bernie Sanders, Clinton's rival for the Democratic nomination, according to The Hill.


One is almost as obscene as the other


I believe the Dem establishment sellouts, Clinton & Co, talking-head whores, and pollsters are seriously underestimating Bernie’s support everywhere - including NY!
Monday update - Typical of pro-Clinton WNYC, Bernie’s Prospect Park rally was said to have had “over 10,000” - when a record 28,000 plus attended for Bernie!!

This is our time - the time for a true moral economy and government, dedicated to and working for the 99% and common good, not corruption & common greed!!
If only the Kool-Aid drinkers - some older and black folks, women who will just vote for a woman, Dems in thrall to party politics and the Clinton Con - if they will just look at the record in public office - who screwed them, and who will actually represent their interests instead of just using them for votes speaking with forked-tongue!



Hillarious! Gotta love the SF vibe on this, seriously tho, I would be scooping up some of those 1s after the motorcade went by…


Ah the MSM and the polls claiming the elderly, Afro-Americans and women are out there supporting Hillary. Didn’t last time and won’t again even age 80, a life-long registered Democrat and female. Still trying to contact someone from a Sanders campaign here in Sacramento so I can get and put up where all in this senior complex where I reside can see and hopefully influence others to vote for the candidate who is the very best on every issue important to all. Family members all located in other states are also not only supporting Bernie, but also contributing. btw one more reason other than being old and like many have an income that allows survival, but to also continue to make purchases at the 99 Cents Only


This Gold gentleman has great marketing skills. He’s getting free publicity for his stores, taking a warranted jab at all the Mr. & Mrs. War Bucks ( never out of style in American politics ), creating entertaining street theatre and juxtaposing the thing Hillary and Bernie most fundamentally disagree on. Which is, of course: Hillary has no qualms creating conditions for misery, mayhem and murder to advance the goals of financial elites, the deep state, meddling corporations and religiously insane foreigners. Bernie just doesn’t see the world that way at all, isn’t jaded after 35 years of quality public service and knows Hillary’s world view is naturally dystopian, for all but a few. That possibly explains why MSNBC would pull out ( from under his rock ) Lanny Davis, on a Sunday morning, to speak of " rebuilding party unity after the primary " . You just can’t make this shit up. A war criminal defends a war criminal and calls for unity, right? As Bernie said to Hillary and her Goldman Sachs payoffs, " No thanks, count me out! ". I’m not sure who’s going down with the captain, and his ship on this deal, but anyone who thinks Sander’s supporters want to be in the same room with Lanny Davis is insane or willfully ignorant of what’s at stake here. Did the Congressional Black Caucus sign on to this blind support, really? How can they expect black lives to matter in the U.S. when they support bloody " regime change " against duly elected officials who represent people of color, in neighborly ( neighboring ) foreign countries? Can’t they see that " blowback " begins domestically ( in policy making ) and spreads like cancer through the entire world? Again, how deep in the guano do the 99s have to go to end this craziness of Clinton & Co.?


Matt Damon??? OMG how far one of my idols has fallen! Noooooooooo!

The Cs have been kissing up to Hollyweird for years. Looks like it paid off. Just can’t tell your “good friend” NO, eh, people?

SHAME on you, Matt, George, Amal, George. Shame!


I hate this fund raising but most of the money will go congressional races and state races. If Bernie wins he should benefit from more Democrats in office particularly if the Democrats can take the Senate and approve a Supreme Court nominee who will vote to overturn Citizens United. The reality is the situation for the Democratic Party nationally is rather poor. The Republicans control the Senate and the House, they have 30 governors, and they control many state legislatures. As far as I know Sanders is only raising money for three candidates in Congress. Needless to say they in inadequate to move forward on a progressive agenda. Fortunately, Clinton, Clooney and a lot other people are doing what needs to be done to raise money for all of these federal and state political contests that are coming up. Sure it would be better if we had political races that were paid for by taxpayers but the Republicans will not support that so we don’t. The Democrats are involved in many hundreds of political contests, not just the contest to be the next US president. Unfortunately money is needed for all these candidates who are willing to serve.


" Matt Damon, Ban Ki Moon … - support destroyer and ultra neoliberal Jeffrey Sachs."

The above statement by “Arby” is at best a misstatement.

“Arby” condemned Damon for “support(ing) destroyer and ultra neoliberal Jeffrey Sachs.”

If so, Sanders too must be condemned, for according to another article here in CD Jeffrey Sachs is now advising the Sanders campaign. I’m quite aware of Sachs’ role in the destruction of Yeltsin’s Russia, but since then, Sachs’ writings had been on the side of poor peoples and nations. So to condemn Damon for supporting Sachs is quite unjust. Damon had been involved in teachers’ strikes for better work conditions, and his documentary “Inside Job” was clearly against the fraudulent and illegal practices of Wall Street.


Every time I see this George Clooney news, I think of George Carlin’s immortal comic punchline: “It’s a big club, and you’re not in it!” HRC and Clooneys and their rich friends run this club, and the rest of us are outside; but hey, who doesn’t feel the Bern?!


This story cracked me up. Showering them with one dollar bills was priceless. The obscene amount of money she and others raise for her is wasted on misleading or lying ads and talks. The rest will go into her coffers like the speech money.
Don’t let her off the hook on releasing those speeches. They are her undoing.


Boy, that sure says a lot about Clooney and his wife. Such a waste. They could have supported real change for humanity and the planet with all their power and money and comfortable protected lifestyle.

What a disappointing and short sighted waste.


Dan Merica is a CNN political coverage PRODUCER, and his Twitter account is totally pro-Hillary, almost to the point of nastiness. Does anybody else see anything wrong with a major “producer/reporter” on politics for CNN taking such a hugely partisan stand? How is he different from Bill O’Reilly?

I know, what a quaint idea, that reporters should investigate and report, not try to make the news, right? At least recent polls indicate most Americans don’t trust the media. Smart move. I know I refuse to even subscribe to these “cable networks”, one reason this still surprises me …


hell yes. that there’s meds for 4 months!


“How is he different from Bill O’Reilly?”

He’s not, And CNN is no different from Fox.


not exactly. much of this money will go to candidates reflecting Clinonian and DNC values. That’s not the same thing.
You may have noticed Sanders supporting a few populist candidates in the last week or so. I guarantee you none of them will see a nickel of this cash.


I guess Matt is ok with invading other countries and slaughtering thousands of people.


Wait a minute, Sachs was with Sanders in Rome …

I see he was a Chicago School ideologue, but something different seems to be going on with him now (?)


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poor old George is delusional, and his wife is a humanrights lawyer, really! Wonder if she heard about Hillary’s and Obama’s support for the Honduran Coup.